Opposing Views – January 9, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
(The Stupid Idiot Edition)
January 9, 2018

Welcome my friends to a very special edition of “Opposing Views”. Opposing Views is the once-a-week column where I talk the talk and walk the walk in the world of politics as I take politically orientated questions from the Facebook page of a group from California called “Opposing Views” and give my take and opinion as I answer each question. And it’s a very special edition, the “Stupid Idiot” edition, because I plan on finding a way to use the term “stupid idiot” in every single answer. “Why?”, you ask. Because I can. Now, let’s get busy and do this…

Use ONE WORD to describe the Trumps.

Unified. They stick together, are loyal to each other and are unified in what they say, do and the image they present to the public. People may not like the Trumps, but no one, except for maybe a stupid idiot, can deny that the non-drinking, non-drug using Presidential family are a unified team that only gets stronger as the adversity increases and they draw upon each other for strength.

Jimmy Carter says the media is way harder on Trump than it was on past presidents. Do you agree?

I never thought I’d agree with Jimmy Carter, but he is absolutely correct in that the media, a bunch of stupid idiots, are less than professional and have made it a personal mission, ethics and truth and fair journalism be damned, in their hatred and efforts to unseat and go after the President. No President or political person in history has ever been such a target of media hatred as Trump has had to endure and I’m glad that Carter at least, has the guts to call them out on it.

Who would you vote for if Michelle Obama ran against Trump in 2020?

An unqualified, racist she-male who was was stripped of her license to practice law and has never held any kind of job or position of leadership or public service and is about as qualified to be President as the melting lump of ice and snow in my yard or the billionaire businessman who has done a great job so far and is actually trying to keep his promises to the American public and make America strong again? I think my choice is pretty obvious as it should also be for anyone who is not a total stupid idiot.

Agree or disagree: Trump will never win a second term as president.

If Trump is healthy and willing to run for a second term, he would be a stupid idiot not to run because I believe he would win.

Who is more corrupt: Trump or Hillary?

It’s like comparing Apples to oranges. While I’m not saying that Trump isn’t above bending the rules and being a cold-hearted ass at times (he was a real-estate developer from New York after all), the crookedness and evil heart that is Hillary Clinton is obvious to anyone who isn’t a total stupid idiot. Trump isn’t an angel, but Hillary is as close to Satan on earth as there is can be. And she smells bad too.

Rioters who destroy property should be forced to pay for the damages. Agree or disagree?

If I broke something that belongs to someone else, I’d be expected to replace or repair. It’s common sense and good manners. And if a stupid idiot is “rioting” and causes property damage, they should be expected to do the same. Nothing gives someone the right to damage or destroy items or property that belongs to someone else, regardless of the cause or their “anger”. If they break it, they should fix or replace it… period.

Do you think Americans need to give Trump a chance to be successful as our president?

Don’t these stupid idiots realize that if Trump is successful, then it’s better for all of us and our country. And if Trump fails as President, it makes our country weaker and harms our nation. You don’t have to like Trump or whoever the President is to be supportive and wish them success. If they do well, we do well and if they don’t do well, we all suffer. Any stupid idiot should be able to see that.

Do you think Obama’s presidency was good for America?

He almost doubled our national debt, presided over a weak economy that he couldn’t find ways to grow or stimulate, promoted the racial divide among our people and made us look like a weak bunch of stupid idiots in the eyes of the world. Obama’s presidency set our nation back and hurt America in many, many ways. So was it good? Only a stupid idiot would say so.

Use one word to describe the Obamas.

Does “Stupid idiot” count as one word? Actually that describes their supporters more than the Obama’s themselves. I’ll go with “opportunists”.

Are you proud or embarrassed to have Trump as America’s president?

I don’t support everything he says or does and I wish he’d learn to control his Twitter impulses and maybe think sometimes before he talks, but compared to the previous administration, I’d have to be a total stupid idiot to not prefer “the Donald” as our leader. He wasn’t my first choice and I’ll never be a big fan of his mannerisms and ways, but I think Trump does have the best interests of America at heart and is on the right track towards making America great again.

Do you support drug testing Congressmen and women?

I think that the laws that apply to all of us regular citizens should be applied equally to members of Congress and the Government as well. That includes the insurance plans, the airport security stuff and yes, drug testing. They’re not special and there should be no special exceptions to law or rules for anyone just because of their role as an elected official, be they Congressman, Senator or just regular stupid idiot off the street.

Do you think people need to accept that Trump is president and give him a chance to succeed?

I answered this earlier and as I said then, if he succeeds as President, we all do better. If he fails as President, we don’t do as well. We should all want to do well and succeed and for our nation to be better, improve and succeed. Anyone who thinks differently is either a traitor, a nut-case or even a stupid idiot.

Some people say Michelle Obama is way classier than Melania Trump. Are they RIGHT or WRONG?

Look at Michelle. Then look at Melania. Look at Michelle again. Then Melania. Is it even close. Melania is a beautiful, intelligent and a role model for young girls to look up to and she radiates class. Michelle looks like a… well, I can’t say what I was thinking, but it’s not particularly classy or respectful. Well, actually I like drag queens so it’s not all that bad, but Michelle is not Melania. Melania appeals to the masses and Michelle, she’s more the favorite of… what’s the word I’m trying to find? Oh yeah, how about stupid idiots?

Do you think Trump needs to spend less time tweeting and more time governing?

I will admit that when Trump tweets, I cringe and am almost scared to see what he’s saying next. He’s a good leader and is on the right track in so many ways towards making America strong and great again, but when he tweets without thinking it out first, he comes across at times like a stupid idiot. He needs to work on that.

Do you think Mike Pence is a good leader for our country?

I’ll admit that I’m kind of split on Mike Pence. He’s not a total-crazy and I think honest, competent and has good intentions for the most part, but on some topics, I look and listen to him and see a stupid idiot standing there. I don’t think I’d be a big Pence supporter or voter in most elections, but that would depend more upon who the opposition is and what their agenda is than anything Pence says or does. Pence is okay. Not great and he has a lot of issues that I don’t like or agree with, but he’s not total bad. Hes not Schumer or Obama or Franken or anyone like that, thank goodness.

And now, that brings this to an end. Thank you for reading. All comments, thoughts, questions and feedback is welcome and appreciated. Just don’t be a stupid idiot with your remarks. Just kidding. Bring it on, my friends. I know that I’m not always politically correct about everything and people may not always agree. Let’s talk it out and debate. Talk to me. And now, I’m down and gone. I have things to do and a nap to take. Take it easy and stay warm and safe. Love you – mean it.


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