Wrestling Fact or Fiction – January 14, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
January14, 2018

Happy Sunday morning to each and every one of you. It’s far too early to be awake and out of bed, especially on a rare day off from both jobs, but here I am, sitting at my computer, wiping the sleep from my eyes and contemplating what to have for breakfast. Should I fix spaghetti or cook a TV dinner? The life of a single man. Gotta love it!

But while I decide that, I’ll also prove to the world that I can multitask with the best of them and do that Sunday thing with the Fact or Fiction column, wrestling style. The statements and questions come from my good friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling. And the rest is just little ol’ me. Let’s do this…

1. Neville Will Not Return to WWE in 2018.

FICTION: He’s still under contract to the WWE and they haven’t gone out of their way to bury him yet so there is still hope that he and the WWE powers that be will reach an agreement and Neville will rightfully return to his spot on top of the 205 Live Universe, challenging Enzo and helping to keep that division rolling alone. While there is money to be made outside the WWE, Neville is NOT Cody Rhodes and while he would have some success I’m sure, it won’t be at the level he’s probably hoping for. Neville is best for now to remain with WWE and I think he’ll realize that before all is said and done.

2. What is your excitement level for WWE Mixed Match Challenge?

Maybe a “5” right now. It’s an interesting concept and I love tournaments so it’s growing on me as time goes on. I probably won’t watch it on Facebook because time is limited for me as it is so I’ll just have to depend upon the wrestling media for results and then catch the matches when I can, but it sounds as if it could really be fun to see.

3. Daniel Bryan will not return to the ring for WWE.

FICTION: All of this stuff with Shane has to be leading somewhere and WWE will need to have an eventual payoff that will most likely involve Bryan back inside that ring. WWE let Kurt Angle get back into the ring several times this past year and we all know his medical history with the neck injuries. They also let Bret Hart “wrestle” Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania a few years ago and that was after Bret had suffered career ending injuries and a stroke so if they don’t allow Bryan, if he continues to pass all their medical exams and requirements, the same opportunity, it makes the WWE look like total hypocrites. Damiel wants to wrestle and when his contract expires, if they don’t give in, he’s gone from the WWE and then, nobody wins. Use a lot of smoke and mirrors and allow Bryan to wrestle a “safe match” (no head shots, safe worker) with a lot of smoke & mirrors if need be, but he’s going to end up back in the ring eventually. Best to be as part of the WWE where he can be protected from himself and give the fans what they want than anywhere else. I think it will happen.

4. Who is your pick, as of today, to win the men’s Royal Rumble?

I don’t think it will be Roman since he’s already penciled in to wrestle Brock, as we keep hearing and has no need to win it. John Cena is a possibility, but I don’t think the fans of 2018 would buy that ending and we keep hearing rumors that (hopefully) Cena will challenge Undertaker to one final match at Wrestlemania. That takes both of them out of the title scene. Shinsuke Nakamura is a strong favorite and against AJ Styles, would tear the house down at Wrestlemania, but I’m just not into that right now. How about Dolph Ziggler, making a surprise return and sneaking in? Nah, that would be too good. Is Kevin Owens even in the match or is he just wrestling AJ that night? It’s getting hard to make a choice here. I’ll just go with Bobby Roode here. After all, that would be “glorious”.

5. Dolph Ziggler will return at or shortly after the Royal Rumble, challenging the winner of the US Title tournament, leading to a WrestleMania match to crown the “real US champion.”

FACT: I don’t think he’ll be back at the Rumble, but maybe on Smackdown Live the following Tuesday or maybe a few weeks later down the road. But what the hell, this sounds like a plan and then we can have Shawn / Razor 2.0. Works for me.

6. Who is your pick, as of today, to win the women’s Royal Rumble?

It won’t be Charlotte or Alexa since they’ll be busy defending their titles at the Rumble and waiting to see who the winner will be. Asuka is the most logical choice, but that sounds way too easy and obvious, even for WWE. I think we might see Ronda Rousey make an appearance and cause Asuka to be eliminated, thus setting up a Ronda / Asuka match at Wrestlemania. That would be awesome to see. So no Asuka or Ronda. I predicted Paige the last time I did this question, but unfortunately, injuries are forcing heer to retire and she’s out of the picture as well. It won’t be Sasha because, rightfully or not, I think she’s going to suffer some de-pushing for a while due to her role in the Paige injury. I’ll go with Mickie James to win. Why the heck not. She’s a former 6-time Divas Champion and a match for the title against Alexa or Charlotte for the belts would give her a chance to tie Trish Stratus’s record 7 Women’s titles. That’s a story there that the fans can get into and what the hell, Mickie deserves the opportunity. So Mickie James is my pick to win.

And there you go. That’s all for now. Time now to go shower and find some grub. I’m hungry. Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. And until the next time, take care and stay warm. It’s cold outside. Catch you later.


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