One On One: Wrestlers vs Themselves (Part 1 of 2)

One On One (Fantasy Matches)
Superstars versus Themselves (Part 1 of 2)
February 13, 2018

It’s often said that people are their own worst enemy. This very special edition of One On One takes that thought to a whole different level. It’s various superstars, who have wrestled under different identities and characters, matched up against themselves. What was the better character? Which character was better in the ring and on the mic? What character would win if we had a machine that would allow up to split these men and women up and all of their assorted characters to have shape and form and participate in multi-person matches. It’s time to find out. Let’s do this…

Mick Foley versus Cactus Jack versus Mankind versus Dude Love

Foley is the man behind it all, but how often did Foley wrestle under this name? Not too many times. Dude Love loved to party and shake it down and was a fun loving guy, but his in-ring skills and character left, in my opinion, a lot to be desired. So it comes down between Cactus Jack and Mankind. Mankind was the WWE’s resident psycho and sadist, but it was Cactus Jack that survived WCW, worked the AWA and World Class, became a legend in ECW and the King of the Death Matches in Japan. Foley and Dude would be out quickly and the battle between Mankind and Jack would be bloody, brutal and totally smash-mouth. With an elbow off the ring apron and a chair shot to the head, the man standing at the end would be Foley’s greatest creation, the one and only Cactus Jack.

Winner: Cactus Jack

Godfather versus Kama Mustafa versus Papa Shango versus The Goodfather

Godfather had his Ho’s with him. Kama had the gold chain made from the Undertaker’s urn and the support of the Nation of Domination in his corner. Papa Shango had that bad voodoo mojo going on and made the Ultimate Warrior puke. And Goodfather was part of the Right To Censor. So if we had a fatal-fourway with these four characters, who would win? Godfather was the Intercontinental Champion for a while, but he seemed, for the most part to be more about pimping and rolling up that fatty than wrestling most of the time. Shango? Give me a break. Goodfather is just Godfather without the personality and strong supporting cast of Ho’s. I think the best wrestling here and thus, the winner, would be Kama, the Supreme Fighting Machine. He took on the Undertaker and dominated most of their feud. He had folks like Ron Simmons, Mark Henry and The Rock as his back-up. And his nickname told what a true bad-ass he really was.

Winner: Kama Mustafa

Masked Superstar versus Demolition Ax versus Bolo Mongol

Bill Eadie is a man of many skills and talents. Starting off as Bolo Mongol, Eadie worked as one half of the tag team, The Mongols, mainly in the Carolinas. Then one night, Bolo lost a “Loser Leave Town” and the next night, Masked Superstar appeared and dominated Georgia, Mid-Atlantic and the WWF for years, becoming a multi-time Champion with classic battles against Mr. Wrestling II, Blackjack Mulligan and many others. And then, reinvented once more, Eadie went to WWF and become Ax, the leader of Demolition, who until recently held the record for the longest reigning tag team champions ever. Three totally distinct and unique characters with only two things in common, the ability to have great matches and the man who portrayed them. As for this triple-threat match, Bolo was mainly a rookie and just learning his craft. As Ax, he was mainly a tag team performer and the years had started to take their toll. The winner is pretty obvious.

Winner: The Masked Superstar

Barry Windham versus Blackjack Mulligan Jr. versus Dirty Yellow Dog versus The Stalker versus Blackjack Windham.

Barry hasn’t really changed all that much during his career. He had a few different identities, mainly in the WWE where they wanted Windham, but didn’t want to call him Windham, but even then, it was always obvious who it was and the announcers would always finally acknowledge it. Barry started off as Blackjack Mulligan Jr., playing a rookie version of his dad. He would also later use the Blackjack name as the WWE thought it would be a good idea to use the old “Blackjack” tag team gimmick, pairing Windham with JBL in a modern version of the original Blackjacks, Mulligan and Lanza. Dirty Yellow Dog was the name Windham used when he lost a “Loser Leaves Town” match to Ron Bass in Florida and came back under the hood to avenge that tainted loss. And “The Stalker” was a stupid name that WWE pinned on Barry during a short run in the late 90’s that didn’t go anywhere and rightfully so. As for this dream match, Take Stalker and Dog out of the picture immediately. Mulligan Jr. was a rookie and just learning so he’s out of it too. Blackjack Windham was booked as a tag team wrestler and by that time, injuries and time had started to take their toll. So the winner. It’s Windham. Just plain old Barry Windham, the only gimmick that this man ever needed.

Winner: Barry Windham

Ivory versus Tina Ferrari versus Nina

Congratulations to Lisa Moretti, aka “Ivory” for being named to the Class of 2018 WWE Hall of Fame. It’s an honor that is well deserved for this trail blazing icon of the squared circle. Much love and respect to her. As for this match, Tina Ferrari was the name that Moretti used as an original “Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling”. Nina was a name she used briefly as part of the “Powerful Women Of Wrestling”. And Ivory was / is her WWF name and the name under which this amazing athlete won her three WWE Women’s Championship titles. This match? No contest. Tina Ferrari is a GLOW Legend and Nina is an afterthought, but Ivory is a Hall of Famer.

Winner: Ivory

And that’s all for now. I have at least eight more matches lined up and ready to do, but I’m getting tired and not feeling too great at the moment so I’ll end this here. Part 2 with the rest of my fantasy matches and dream-booking coming soon. Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care. Love ya – mean it.


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