Notes To Myself – February 14, 2018

Notes To Myself VII
February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m wide awake after several hours of tossing, turning, flipping around and maybe even a tear or two. Damn, my feet hurt right now. It’s that whole “diabetic crap” going on. I get cramps and shooting pains in my legs and feet sometimes, not as often as I used to but they’re still there, and when it does happen, it’s a total bitch. Even worse than my ex. Hell, I’m falling apart anyhow. Who would have ever thought that at only age 51, I’d be taking five shots a day (insulin) and four pills a day. I don’t even like to take aspirin if it can be avoided and now, the medical powers-that-be have got me pumping all these meds into my system daily. It does help though. I don’t feel nearly as shitty all the time as I used to. Now I only feel shitty part of the time, but when I do, oh vey!

Actually a lot of it is anxiety too. I get stressed out over things that have happened or things I need to do and even though my brain knows realistically that there really isn’t any reason to get worried or start freakin’, it does it anyhow. After the day I had yesterday, with the power-steering going out on my car and then a nice big blow-out and flat tire while I was trying to finish up the food bank stuff, it’s just worn me down. And I got the tire fixed pretty easily. It was a flat head screwdriver that I must have ran over that shot up through and busted my tire. Almost 5 inches of steel with just the broken tip where the handle had broken off sticking out of the tire. How in the hell did that happen? I’m looking at the piece of screwdriver right now, sitting here on my desk and just shaking my head. And the power-steering thing isn’t really a big deal either. I priced them on the computer and they’re not that costly and it’s a thirty-one year old Blazer. Mechanical problems are to be expected. But I’m still stressing and freaking over all of it and until everything is back as it should be, my car repaired and sitting in my driveway, I’ll keep stressing. I’m taking the Blazer up the road to Bennett’s when they open this morning.

I just need to learn to relax. Oh yeah, good luck with that. I’m off work this weekend so if I can just make it through today and tomorrow without killing anyone, I should be okay and might just have to ghost a little bit. Or just hide away in my room for three days. That’ll work too. Let me quit this rambling and feeling sorry for myself. I have a few things here, small scraps of paper filled with ideas that I may or may not ever use, that I’m going to look through, comment on and then probably toss. This is how I clean out my desk and get rid of the clutter. It also gives me a chance to look at some of my ideas and reevaluate if they’re blog-worthy. And I can clear my thoughts too.

Did you see the news about the woman who won $560 million bucks in the Powerball jackpot, but hasn’t claimed the prize yet because she wants to keep her name quiet and wants to remain anonymous. What the hell? She’s even filing lawsuits against the lottery people so that she can claim the prize, but not have her identity revealed. I can understand her point, but part of the deal if you win is that they use your name and likeness to advertise that people can and do win. Take the damn money and go build a life and be happy. No matter if the woman’s name is leaked out or not, I think that when she pops up with over 500 million bucks in her bank account, people are going to notice and put two and two together. She’s not going to be able to keep it a secret for long regardless of who spills the beans so go get the money, pose for a few pictures, smile and shut the hell up. Or give me the damn money and I don’t care who knows. Yeah, that’ll work. Stupid idiot!

There was asomething else that caught my attention earlier today too. I can’t remember the details and don’t know where I put the quick scribbles that I wrote down with all the info that matters, but a dog can’t run for Governor. A guy filed for his dog for run as a candidate for Governor in, I think Kansas, and now government officials are saying that the dog is not eligible. I think they’re just racist against dogs. Yeah, more stupid idiots. I’d rather have a dog as Governor than some of the people that I’ve seen elected. For example, Jerry Brown in California. And to think, he used to date Linda Ronstadt and we used to think he was cool. Now I understand why his nickname was “Governor Moonbeam”. Yeah, that man is totally out there and a space cadet. Give me a dog or anyone or anything else any time. Well, except for Hillary. Has she been arrested yet? Send her to Gitmo. Stupid idiot!

Ya’ll Too Fort Bragg!! It’s an inside joke. Listen to BOB at 96.5 FM radio. You’ll get it!

Here’s an idea for a potential “Top Ten” list called “The Perils of Being A Writer”. I don’t need to do a Top Ten List for that. No one considers what you do as “work” and think nothing of interrupting and putting themselves first over any planned “need to write” that you may have. That’s the peril of being a writer. Well, that and finding time to write because “real life” and responsibilites keep cutting into your writing time. I need to be rich so I can afford to be a writer and not have to worry about stuff like work, jobs, etc. I need a vacation and an assistant. I’m getting tired.

Here’s a note I wrote to myself about the Pros and Cons of bringing back the old show, Hee Haw. Would a show like that even work in the jaded and totally screwed up world that is America today? I think it would. I’ll save this and hash out the details later on in a future post. Also, I’m only about 17 posts away from Post 1000 for my site. Between my previous blog sites and the columns that I used to regularly write for The Wrestling Informer, Lords of Pain, PW Insider, Wrestle-Zone UK and of course, PWBTS, I’ve written more like 10,000 published pieces and articles / columns / blogs, but this will be the most for any one particular site, especially one that has my name on it. This is my legacy, I guess. I should probably try to do something special for the 1000th post. Maybe I’ll write a poem or do a rap or something. Most likely, I’ll forget and just write about carrots. We’ll see.

Here’s a partial note where I was trying to come up with a smart-ass way to apologize to all of the people that I may have said something off color too or offended or looked at sideways or slept with and let down over the years. This was written right after the Weinstein scandal broke and it became clear that if you’ve ever done anything to anyone in your life at any point and time, that Gloria Allred (the ambulance chasing attorney) and the press will be coming after you, especially if you achieve any level of fame or success. I started thinking about all the “straight boys” I’ve hit on over the years (probably every single guy I’ve been around more than twice that looks decent or has a nice ass, especially if I was drinking) and all all the crude comments I have (and still do) make. I’m glad I’m a blogger and will never be rich or famous because I think I’d be screwed (and not in the good and pleasant way either). I’ve got to be me though and that means crude, perverted, raunchy, slightly inappropiate and sexy as hell… cause that’s who I am. So if I’ve offended anyone over the years, you’ll be allight. And if I haven’t gotten to you yet, hang on Buttercup because your time is coming. And by the way, “How you doing? Nice ass!”

And I think I’m closing this up now. I really didn’t make any kind of dent in my list or cover anything of any real importance, but I’m getting all tired-eyed again and am going to see if I can get these final two hours of nap time. So thank you for reading. Oh wait a second. Hang on. I just thought of a couple of things.

SMF Cyberspace. Go find it on YouTube or on my home-page at the site. Listen to the magic. Meet Brent and Jon and Luke and Eric and the rest of the SMF Family. Be entertained and enjoy. These guys will make you laugh and cry and want to drink a beer or two (with them, not because of them). Check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

And I thought about that because (A) they’re awesome and (B) I spoke with Brent Monday night and will be taking part in a “Movie Gems” episode of their podcast later on this month. These guys know their movies, but are they ready for some lost gems by Dougie? We’ll see. It should be a fun time for all of us and I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

And finally, my brother is awesome and better than yours. I have many great “family peeps” and that’s a fact. And my bro, the infamous K-Mak, he’s the best of the best. ‘Nuff said! I love ya nigga!

Oh no, I said “nigga”. I guess I’m racist now too. Well, I’ve been called everything else at some point so why not. Actually, I’m more of an equal opportunity offender. I don’t like anyone. Well anyone but you… Have I told you that you’ve got a sexy ass? Well, now I have. Call me! 🙂 Why do I feel like singing a Carly Rae Jepsen song right now? Hmmmmm..

And now it’s getting weird so I’m going to definitely bring this to a close. I need sleep. I need a back-rub and a good massage. I’ll settle for the sleep right now. Happy Valentine’s Day, my Peeps. I love ya! Comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated (unless you’re a racist or stupid idiot of course). Yeah, I’m gonna get in trouble before it’s all over. Oh vey! Take it light and I’ll catch you later.



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