A Day Of Dougie: Summer Evenings, Wallets & Angry – February 15, 2018

A Day Of Dougie
Summer Evenings, Wallets & Angry
February 15, 2018

Good morning. It is morning, isn’t it? (looks at clock) Ok, it’s about 12:40am so that qualifies as morning. I’m in the mood to write. Well actually I’m not, but I’m not in the mood to do anything else either and I like to update the site with something new every day so writing it is. I could do a Wrestling Q&A or maybe finish up my fantasy “One On One” that I started yesterday, but I’m about wrestled out right now. Yeah, I know. I can hardly believe it either. So I’m going to do the “Magic Bag” thing and do a one-shot “Day of Dougie” piece.

What is a “Day of Dougie”, you ask? Ask your boyfriend. He knows… lol. Just kidding… or am I? A “Day of Dougie” is a piece I do, usually in a series of columns lasting a period of days, where I write about random topics. I determine the topics by drawing them out of a thing I call the “Magic Bag” which contains hundreds of small scraps of paper with words written on them. I draw out the papers scraps, read the word written and that’s what I write about. The fun thing with this is that I have no idea what the topics will be and no chance to prepare for them. It’s like, “here is the subject and go!”. That’s what makes it interesting. And that’s exactly what I’m doing right here, right now. So now that we know how it’s done, let’s get the “Magic Bag” and pick out some topics of discussion. And we have: “Special Summer Evening”, “Wallet Contents” and “Things That Make Me Angry”. These are three full length columns in themselves, but I’ll do all three, try to keep it relatively short and pithy and hopefully entertaining as well. Let’s do this…

Special Summer Evenings…

Trying to think of a particular evening or night that stands out above all others is not an easy thing to do because I’ve had many wild and crazy nights over the past many years that have been memorable and special to me in their own ways. But I’ll go with a particular night from about 28 years ago. It wasn’t really a summer night either because it was cold as fuck. I think it was in December or maybe early January. No, wait. I can’t do that one. How about… no, I can’t do that one either. This is harder than I thought. I’ve got it. It was a summer night probably seven or eight years ago. I was seeing this neighbor guy. Nothing serious, but we would chill, party, etc. And this particular night, we spent the night out at the Motor Cross in the woods near our houses. A bonfire all night, a tent sat up and we just drank and sang old country songs all night til the sun came up. It was the first time that this guy had ever just totally relaxed and was just totally honest and there was no arguing, no B.S. and no problems or issues. Just two guys relaxing and having fun, laughing and singing and talking. It was a great night that I’ll always remember and think fondly upon. I still see that guy on occasion and we still mess around from time to time and have fun, but nothing like that one time. It was special and holds a great spot in my memories.

Wallet Contents…

I guess I’ll just pull out my wallet and we’ll see what it holds. We have a drivers license. My debit card. Several business cards. A phone number from a salesman who came into the store. (He was cute!) My Food Lion MVP card. More business cards. My cheat notes as to how to do a liquor order at the store. A couple of receipts. An insurance card. A couple of Burger King coupons that I think have expired. (Not yet, but soon.) Some of my business cards for DougMaynard.com. (If you want one, just let me know.) A scratch off ticket that I need to cash in. (I won $4). And two one dollar bills. (Yes, I’m broke). I just cleaned out my wallet a few days ago so all of the good junk was already thrown away, but the things listed, that’s what I have now. Yay for me. Now let’s move on again.

And finally…

Things That Make Me Angry.

I’ll do this one in the form of a Top Ten List. Can I come up with ten things that make me angry? It’ll take some effort because we all know that I’m such a nice, sweet lovable guy who never gets mad about anything, right? I said, “RIGHT?”. Let’s do this…

10. People who talk very, very loud (literally screaming) while indoors.
9. Mindless sheep who can’t think for themselves and have no original thoughts or opinions.
8. People with no sense of humor / a very thin skin.
7. People on cell phones in public stores, restaurants.
6. People who don’t bathe regularly.
5. Line cutters.
4. Folks who always try to play the “race card”.
3. Politicians
2. People who try and take me for granted.
1. Stupid idiots.

There are many more, but I decided to keep it simple and to the point. Most of the items listed could just be consolidated into “people” and that would have worked just as well, but there are actually one or two people that I really and truly do like. I like most people, but then there are those few who ruin it for everyone else. I just need to live on an island alone, just me, my cat and skype to communicate on occasion with the outside words and those one or two good ones I mentioned. I’ve become an old, cranky man. And I like it! ‘Nuff said!

And that’s all for today. It’s almost 1:30am and I think I’m going to try and go to bed. Or I may go watch some Netflix. Who really knows for sure. Thank you for reading. Comments and thoughts and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Tell your friends. Share the site. Tell me a dirty joke. Let’s get crazy and party like it’s 1999. Yay!

And dat’ is all de’ people need to know. Love you – mean it. Bye!



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