Finish These Forty (Survey) – February 15, 2018

Finish These 40 (Survey)
February 15, 2018

I should be going to bed. Instead, I’m going to do this “Finish These” survey. What can I say? I don’t feel like trying to sleep. I’ll be sorry in the morning though. Let’s do this…

1. I love… hugs, my cat, good friends and sleep.

2. Right now I want… a hug from a sexy man and a reason that I’m not sleeping.

3. I feel like… giving up but that’s not an option, damn it.

4. I hate it when… I can’t sleep and have to be up early the next morning.

5. I fear… being alone when I’m old.

6. I’m lonely without… at least some cummunication from my BFF every day.

7. I need… a long, hard hug right now and maybe a back & neck massage.

8. Today I… took my car to the shop.

9. Tomorrow I’m… hopefully getting it back out of the shop.

10. I just… don’t know sometimes.

11. I want to meet…Alice Cooper, Ivory and Juvi… and maybe Steve Grand too.

12. I’m hungry for… love. Or a hot, fresh hamburger. That would be awesome right now.

13. I love it when… someone plays with my hair.

14. I’m afraid of… nothing and no one (except Spider Crickets).

15. I’m listening to… soft jazz playing on the TV music channel.

16. I’m wearing… pajama pants and a t-shirt.

17. I wish I was in… bed (with your boyfriend… lol)

18. I’m craving… that hamburger I mentioned earlier.

19. I want to get… through tomorrow so I can have my weekend off.

20. I can… do anything. I am Dougie. Hear me roar.

21. I can’t… go anywhere right now because my car is in the shop and also, I’m broke.

22. I have… big testicles.

23. I haven’t… decided yet what to wear to work tomorrow.

24. I’m nervous to… think what the bill for my Blazer will be tomorrow.

25. My Mom thinks I’m… crazy.

26. My Dad thinks I’m… He’s passed now, but thought I was also crazy.

28. I’m happy when… I’m writing.

29. I’m sad when… Having one of those days.

30. I like eating… food (and your boyfriend when he’s fresh out of the shower.)

31. I hate eating… green stuff.

32. I love watching… good movies, the cats play and porn.

33. I love listening to… music and the SMF Cyberspace podcasts.

34. I like playing… with Kayden (until he gets too rough and tries to beat me up).

35. I hate waking up to… the phone.

36. I can see… the computer screen in front of me.

37. I’m glad that… I’m off this coming up weekend.

38. I’m disappointed that… I’m going to be broke.

39. I look like… a sexy beast.

40. I wish I looked like…an even sexier beast.

And there you go. I’m through.


@ 00 survey meme template


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