Music Fact ot Fiction – February 21, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
February 21, 2018

It’s 6:00pm on a Sunday evening. I have the flu and have been through three days of suplex city. Damn, I hurt. But I won’t let that deter me from my responsibilities. I usually do the Music Fact or Fiction on Saturday and the Wrestling version on Sunday. Instead, we’re getting both of them on the same day (maybe). I’ll quit rambling and get to work. I want to go back to bed or go take a long shower or something. The things I do for you. It only proves that I love you (and have a masochistic streak). Don’t you wish I’d shut up? The questions come from my friends over at The opinions that follow, that’s just me. Let’s do this…

You have no interest in a Gucci Mane biopic.

FACT: Who is this person and what has he actually done to make me interested in a film about his life? Nothing I can think of. There are plenty of musical acts out there who I would be interested in learning more about such as Steve Grand, Kevan Mayne, Jessi Colter (I reviewed her book at the site – go check it out), Tompall Glaser, or hell, even Miley Cyrus. Those folks have talent or are at least interesting. Gucci Mane? Nah, I don’t think so.

A Spice Girls reunion will do well in 2018.

FACT: Nostalgia always sells well and an act like the Spice Girls screams flashbacks to the 90’s and big money and revenue. Unless the show totally blows chunks and the women can’t deliver on stage, they’ll sell-out shows, make big bucks and probably get a new record deal in the process. It’s the right time to do this and I think that the Spice Girls realize that.

Nicki Minaj will have the highest-selling album of the year when it’s released.

FICTION: It’s only February so it’s way too early to say if any album will be the “highest selling” until it’s actually released and we see how it sounds and what it does. Nicki has her fans, although I’m not one of them, so it will sell well. That’s pretty certain. But we have to see who the competition will be before we can figure out who’s album will sell the best.

You’re skeptical about James Hetfield in a serious dramatic role.

FICTION: Hetfield will be playing a role in the serial killer biopic, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, starring the always sexy Zac Efron and directed by the same guy who directed the Paradise Lost films. Will he do a good job? Who knows, but I’m assuming that he had to audition for the job and was selected for a reason. Unless he proves me wrong, I’m willing to give Hetfield the benefit of a doubt and wait and see what he can do.

You enjoyed the music video for Eminem’s “River.”

FACT: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to watch, but I liked it. It’s different and for the right reasons. It’s not so much a music video as it’s a reality-based documentary gone to hell as only Eminem can do. This doesn’t quite make up for the anti-Trump B.S. he was spouting a few months ago, but it’s a good song and a good video. Leave the politics alone and keep making music and videos like this and all will be good again.

Garth Brooks is an odd choice to be the first inductee in the Live Music Hall of Fame.

FACT: Nothing against Garth because he’s an excellent live performer and is well known for his successful concert tours, but for the first inductee, names like KISS, The Grateful Dead and especially Bruce Springsteen immediately come to mind first. Garth belongs, but as the first guy? Give me a freakin’ break.

And there you go. I started writing this on Sunday night and now, it’s 3:25am on Wednesday morning and I’m finally finishing it up. Usually a “Fact or Fiction” takes about 25 to 30 minutes top. Whassup with dat? I’m starting to feel better now and the mind is picking up steam. The body still feels like it’s been on repeated trips to Suplex City. I’ll be back on track soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding. And with that, let’s put baby to bed. Have a great one, send me some feedback and have a great one. I love ya, Peeps.


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