Music Fact or Fiction – March 4, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction

March 4, 2018

It’s time once again to do that Fact or Fiction thing and this time, it’s all about the music (or what passes for it these days. Where is Alice Cooper or the Monkees when you need them?). The comments come from my friends over at And I’m doing the rest of it. Let’s get busy and go do this…

You’re interested in seeing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on Celebrity Family Feud.

FICTION: While it would be interesting to see the “Genius” make a fool of himself on national television, I really don’t care to see a show that I actually enjoy from time to time be infested with Kayne and the Kardashian clan. Steve Harvey would spend the entire show kissing their asses and it would probably be a train wreck, hard to turn away from, but not really something anyone wants to see. I hope it doesn’t happen.

Unsolved’s first episode has you interested in the rest of the season.

FACT: I have to admit here that I haven’t actually watched the show yet, but the reviews of the first episode has peaked my interest. I’m planning on checking it out one night later this week if I can find some time to actually sit down and relax for a minute and who knows? After I watch, my opinion and interest may change, but right now, it has caught my attention.

Wale’s new song “Staying Power” was good.

FACT: I had to go look it up on YouTube to hear the song, but it was pretty decent. It’s catchy and not too bad at all. Plus, Wale is a WWE and wrestling fan so he gets a curve on the grade for that as well. But the song is good. Check it out.

You enjoyed Chvrches new song “My Enemy.”

FACT: Another artist that I have no idea who they are and I had to go look the song up on YouTube to answer this question. But yes, I liked it and it’s pretty catchy and memorable. I’ll be going back to hear it again and am interested in hearing more of Chvrches when I have the chance. A good song and they’ve gotten my attention.

The performances scheduled for the Academy Awards are underwhelming.

FICTION: I can’t really say one way or the other because I don’t know who’s performing and to be honest, I don’t give a damn. The Academy Awards are supposed to be about movies, but with the exception of the comic book movies, which never get nominated despite bringing in over a billion dollars at the box office, there just aren’t really all that many good “new movies” these days. How many times has Kevin Smith been nominated for anything? I rest my case. So I won’t watch the Awards and I could care less about who sings and performs.

But on a related note, I’ll be doing an edition of the SMF Cyberspace podcast next Sunday afternoon. The topic of discussion, with Brent, Luke and myself, will be “Lost and Forgotten Movie Gems”. Yeah, we’re talking about actual GOOD movies. Well, most of them anyhow. So look for that coming up soon. And the Academy Awards? Bleh!

You’re interested in the graphic novel about The Smiths.

FICTION: The Smiths are talented and have made some good music over the years and I’m sure that they’ve got an interesting story to tell, but it’s not one that I’m all that interested in. Just being honest here. They have their fans to be sure, but don’t count me as one. A graphic novel? Not my thing at all.

And there you go. Any comments, thoughts or questions, let me know. Thank you for reading. And with that, I’m down and gone. Until the next time, take care. Love ya.


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