Wrestling Fact or Fiction – March 4, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
March 4, 2018

Happy Sunday and welcome to that time of week where I do the “Fact or Fiction” thing, the wrestling edition. I also have plans for both a music and political rendition of the “FoF” stuff planned for later this afternoon as well. Well hopefully anyhow, but given as how, just as I typed that last sentence, the other person who lives in this house just walked into the room, sat down in a chair and started talking (and talking… and talking), I don’t know how much I’ll actually accomplish. Let me try and find my earphones. It’s amazing how one person can ruin a mood so quickly. I was feeling great and ready to do some major writing stuff and now… Oh vey. Let’s try this anyhow. The comments on which I’m commenting come from my friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling. And the rest, you know where that comes from… and yet you still continue to read this crap. Imagine that. Let’s do this…

1. You are not a fan of John Cena being added to the Fastlane main event.

FACT: Nothing personally against Cena because he is the WWE’s biggest star and does add some star-power to the show, but AJ and the rest of the Smackdown crew don’t need him to make their multi-man match at Fastlane exciting or worth watching. If there is a supposed brand-split, Cena needs to be staying on one show, either RAW or Smackdown and no matter how many times WWE tries to play it off, that’s the part of it that annoys me the most. Put him on RAW or put him on Smackdown and stick with it. The jumping back and forth as he sees fit in his desires to “get to Wrestlemania” just doesn’t cut it for me. As for this match, he’ll add to the match, but we know he’s not winning and it’s just taking the spotlight from the full time Smackdown guys. I’d rather that he was doing something else this coming Sunday night.

2. If WWE doesn’t have a match for him, Elias should host WrestleMania 34.

FACT: Actually, for the position that Elias is in right now, not quite main eventing, but far better and getting over more than 85% of the roster, it may be the best position for his character. A match on the show would be pretty much forgettable and rushed, but give him ten minutes alone with his guitar in front of the Wrestlemania live crowd and he would be over like Enzo Amore’s pro wrestling career and be able to create a magical and memorable moment that could really elevate him to the next level. How about Elias as the host, doing a concert and getting interrupted by The Rock or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and having a confrontation as he tries to get them to “walk with Elias”. How about new WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett coming out and blasting Elias for “stealing his gimmick” and even throwing in a few “Slapnuts”, only to have Elias lay Jarrett out with his guitar. That would pop everyone huge and be a great moment for both Elias and Jarrett. There are more things that Elias can do as the “Host” than as a mid-card wrestler just tossed into the mix at Wrestlemania. He is that damn good.

3. While one could argue that the Miz has been great, WWE is doing him no favors by having him repeatedly lose on TV & PPV.

FICTION: Miz loses in non-title matches because he’s a chicken-shit heel and that’s what they do. But when push comes to shove and the title is up for grabs or it’s a moment that actually matters in the big picture of things, Miz always manages to deliver. Miz is not the ideal candidate for the “top guy” and I think even he would admit that right now. He’s probably the most consistent performer in WWE right now and he’s got a great role as the biggest true heel in the company, nothing to sneeze at for anyone and he’s killing it. He’s maintaining a top role in the company, helping to get others over (the Miztourage) and helping to make others look better, while at the same time setting records and making the IC title important again. Wins and losses don’t matter in the WWE, but it’s what you do next. And Miz is getting better and looking stronger as a legit heel each and every day. Good for him.

4. If the rumors are true, John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio will be a great addition to the WrestleMania card.

FICTION: Cena needs to be matched against someone who can be perceived as actually having a chance against him and Rey, while he’s a lucha-legend and good performer, just doesn’t cut it. The size difference is too huge and then add that Rey is older, has slowed down considerably and isn’t even close to what he once was and that just throws it all out the window. Better to have Cena against someone like Undertaker, where there is actual interest in the match and it could be good and have Rey, if he comes to the WWE, against someone like one of the 205 Live guys, where the match would be actually worth watching instead of a total clash of styles and cluster-f*ck. I know that part of wrestling is that one has to suspend their belief at times, but Rey versus Cena would just be too much for most fans and a big mistake.

5. Carmella will successfully cash in her MITB at WrestleMania.

FACT: Time is running out and she needs to do something soon with that MITB briefcase. Hell, I had forgotten about her and she’s been under the radar for the Smackdown Live Women’s division for a while now. I’d love to see James Ellsworth brought back, even if it’s just for one night, to provide a distraction and allow her to cash in that contract, maybe taking away Charlotte’s “Wrestlemania moment” or else having herself injected into the title match at Wrestlemania, making it a three-way dance or whatever. Carmella is a good wrestler and especially when she had Ellsworth to feed off of, a great heel. I just hope WWE realizes this and does something with her to capitalize on that.

6. Judging by her two appearances this past week, Ronda Rousey will do just fine in WWE.

FACT: It’s Ronda Rousey, damn it. While she may have gotten a little tongue tied on the first couple of nights, she came through and the facials said it all for her. Maybe an “Agent” or “Advocate” like Paul Heyman or maybe even Paige would help in the promo department, but regardless, this woman’s passion and legacy and reputation speaks for itself. Ronda will show up, put on great performances, help add to the reputation for the WWE and do damn good. After all, she’s Ronda Rousey and that’s what she does. ‘Nuff said.

And there you go. Any thoughts, comments or questions, holler at me and let me know. Thank you for reading. And until the next time, have a great one and be safe out there. Love ya – mean it.


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