Notes To Myself VIIII – March 18, 2018

Notes To Myself VIIII
March 18, 2018

Sunday morning and all alone here at the homestead. Well, not really because Goldie is here of course and there are about 11 straybies outside all around the house mooching food, laying in the yard and in Shadow’s case, trying to catch a bird at the feeder across the road. Too many damn cats don’t you know. Thanks Mom. She started to feed one and then one turned to two and so on and now there are twelve regulars every morning and night and one fat ol’ Possum that I call “Snout”. I have no idea why I’m even actually up this early today, but I am and so far, it’s been a productive morning. Shaved (finally) and am doing laundry even as I write this. I’m multitasking. Yay for me. It’s too early for all of this though and after I finish writing this, I think a nap is in order. Well, either that or a trip to Grindr to find a quick hook-up. That site is so damn evil… and addicting. But the guys are cute and love them some Dougie so…

That was probably too much information, wasn’t it? Not that I really give a damn though. I’m a single, lonely, middle-aged gay man and I hate being alone so I make due. It’s America and 2018. Get over it. I need a freakin’ regular boyfriend / man in my life. The only problem with that is to get that, I’d have to start being sociable and friendly and maybe even… outgoing. Blah to that. There are some things that even I can’t do. And I’d have to learn to open up and let people get close and past the wall. I’m doomed to be alone forever. Just me, twelve cats and an ugly ass possum. I wish those clothes would finish drying. I’m ready to put on my new sweatshirt and look awesome. Damn, I’m a sexy beast today. Just don’t have anyone to share my sexiness with. What as I saying about Grindr earlier? Between that app and of course MeetMe, I’ve met a lot of people lately. And while it’s been interesting to say the least, it’s not all that either. In the morning when I wake up, I’m still alone. Probably always will be. Damn, I sound whiny this morning. I guess I should shut up and move on to the meat of this piece. Speaking of meat, this guy I talked to last night, he’s a meaty guy. If he wasn’t so straight and so damn young, he’d be great. Oh well, he made a great Mr. Right (Now). And I really do need to move on and change the subject, don’t I? I just feel like talking today and don’t have anyone I can really talk to anymore. At least not about shit like this. I’m so damn glad that no one reads this stuff. The wrestling stuff has readers. The music stuff has readers. The political stuff gets a few readers. The “Days of Dougie” stuff usually pulls in the readers and the reviews are off the chain in the stats. But the “Notes To Myself” things, no one cares or reads. It’s not good, but in some ways it is. That’s where the best stuff usually is and no one knows, but at the same time, I can go all out and uncensored and no one knows that either. *Sighs*. Let’s move on.

I call this “Notes To Myself” and it’s where I pretty much clean off my desk by going through all the little notes and scraps of paper I’ve written to myself about different topics and ideas for the site while out and about or at work. Some ideas end up being full blogs, some get tossed to the curb and others, they just get a brief mention in something like this. It can get pretty random at times, but then again, so can I. Let’s see what kind of things I’ve made notes about to use as subject matter.

The first thing I came across was a list of five movies that I’m planning to add to my master list of “Lost and Forgotten Movie Gems”. This is for a series for the SMF Cyberspace podcast, hosted by my main man and soul brother, Brent. They’ve done one broadcast already and I believe have another in the can and when we can get our schedules coordinated, we’re doing a podcast of “16 Unknown and Forgotten Movie Gems”. I’ve got my list typed up and ready to go for the podcast, but I’m constantly adding and thinking of new movies that fit the criteria. I’ve got my original list of about twenty and probably twenty more now that I’ve thought of and added. I’ll probably work on and revise my list for the podcast later today too. It’s a constantly changing work in progress and I’m ready to get this podcast completed and recorded so we can move on to part 2 and so forth.

The next thing I’ve come across on my stack of eclectic goodies is a page filled with random ideas for the site. There is a note that says, “Leprechaun Facts” and I actually did that yesterday in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. The next thing says, “Goldie Tribute”. Goldie is my fur-baby cat and I’ve had her for seven years as of a few days ago. I didn’t want a cat, but people that meant the world to me knew that I needed one and brought me Goldie. I was thinking about a picture montage of her in all her cattiness and feline glory. That may still happen. Then there’s a note to check out the lap top computer that I have and never use. I prefer to use this old dinosaur of a desktop computer instead. It’s just a better fit for me and I’m more comfortable with it. But I do have a lap top that I can use for back-up if need be. It worked fine the last time that I used it, back in August, but it’s been sitting on the shelf since then. That’s on the list for later today as well.

Here’s a note that says, “Roxanne – Put On The Red Light”, obviously about the song “Roxanne”, by Sting. I think the idea, when I wrote this down, was to rework the lyrics from the song so that it reflects the modern day version of “putting on the red light” and how having a red light, which used to be respectable and a sign of prostitution and being a ho’, to now reflecting that stupid liberal ass idea to use a red light to show that your house is unarmed and is a gun-free zone. Why the hell would anyone want to advertise that and let any potential bad guys know that it’s open season at that particular home. It’s a stupid idea by some stupid idiots and I was trying to come up with a way to say that, but using the “Roxanne” character and the song.

After that, there are notes to call and set up eye and dentist appointments. I did that already. And here’s a note to do a little fan fic parody about the WWE and a “special committee” to determine the last few inductees for the WWE Hall of Fame. I have the characters of Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Brother Love, Sable, Vickie Guerrero and Donald Trump listed to use because they’re all fun to write and I can do something with these WWE legends, unlike most of the current roster who really don’t have any distinct characteristics or personalities that I can parody. Today’s stars are so bland and cookie-cutter in comparison to the wrestlers and personalities of just ten years ago. But the idea for the parody is that Vince and Steph want suggestions from “legends” as to who the final inductees of the HOF should be and these fine folks let them know in their own, unique and special ways. I’ll save this and maybe try to write it later. It could be a fun one full of classic WWE Dougie parody goodness.

Here’s something that happened in the store last week that I meant to talk about earlier, but didn’t. This could and should be a stand-alone piece. It’s a good story. I think I will do it as a singles piece when I finsh writing this piece. Why the hell not? So that’ll be today (hopefully). And finally, we have what was going to be a “Top 5” list piece. It’s five great cover songs, done well by the original artist and then covered by and done equally as well by someone else. It’s just something random that popped into my head while at work. The songs I picked at my “Top 5 Cover Songs of All Time” are…

5. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, originally recorded by Vickie Lawrence and then covered by Reba McEntire.

4. I Will Always Love You, originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton and then covered by Whitney Houston.

3. Only Women Bleed, written and originally performed by Alice Cooper and then covered in an amazing rendition, by Lita Ford.

2. Hurt, written and originally performed by Nine Inch Nails and then taken and owned by Johnny Cash.

1. Out Of The Rain, originally performed by Etta James, and then covered by Jessi Colter, Tony Joe White (who wrote the song) and Waylon.

And there you go. Listen to these songs if you get the chance. Any version. You’ll be glad you did.

Why do people, when they’re making a purchase, do stupid things? I’m talking about the sale price is something like $13.86 so the customer gives you a $20 bill and then two ones. Why the ones? And if the cashier says anything, the customer gets mad. The ones don’t help and you’ll only get them right back. But people do stuff like this all the time. Are they really that ignorant when it comes to math? Don’t answer that because I think we all know the answer. If they don’t have a calculator or computer to tell them how much change they need or will get, the youth of today are clueless. Not all of them, but far too many. Simple math, like adding and subtracting,should be second nature and everyone should be able to at least do basic mathmatics. But they can’t. Or spell either. And these are our future leaders and people that will take over when my generation’s time is done. This country… this world, is fucked up and in trouble. ‘Nuff said!

Hang on for a moment, will you please. My dryer just stopped and I have to go fold clothes before they get wrinkly. Be right back.

And while I was folding clothes, well that and eating my leftovers on a BBQ plate from the CookOut last night, I just got word that my brother is being released from the hospital today and will be home in a few hours. That’s great news. He had stints put in his chest to help the blood flow and prevent another heart attack in an emergency procedure on Thursday. I went and visited yesterday and he was looking and feeling much better and I guess the doctors agree since they’re releasing him. So that’s going on. Plus I just got a hit from Grindr. I have company coming over for a little bit. So with that in mind, I think it’s time to wrap this mother up.

Comments, thoughts, questions, ideas and dirty jokes all welcome. Thank you for reading and thank you for support of this site. Until the next time, I am down and I am gone. Take care my friends. Love ya – mean it.



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