What Kind Of Guy? – A True Life Story…

What Kind Of Guy?
A True-Life Story
March 19, 2018

A couple of weeks ago at the store where I work, we had an incident happen that, after the people left, I realized would make a great story for the site. And then I thought about it and said, Nah, probably not. It’s funny to me, but actually kind of lame. No one will care. And then I wrote down the details of the situation and decided to write about it anyhow. The irony here is great. So should I tell the story? Well, since I’ve written this much, I’m obligated so let’s go for it. Here we go.

It was a Saturday morning and two girls came into our store. Loudly talking (literally screaming) to each other about something or another. When they get to talking as they were, I can’t understand them. I can get bits and pieces, but it’s like they’re speaking moose, which by the way, one of the girls resembled, a moose that is. That’s not relevant to the story as the one who could be spouting antlers wasn’t actually the character who matters, but just the designated D.U.F.F. (See the movie.)

But they were loudly talking about getting turnt up and whatever and just being generally obnoxious and loud, the kind of customer that makes a cashier wish they were holding a gun filled with tranquilizer darts to put the wild animals down. Oh vey! And as they did their shopping, a boy came into the store. By the way, I’m calling them “boys” and “girls” because although they were legally adults, the maturity that they show was definitely pre-school in my opinion. I’ve turned into my father. Damn kids! So where was I? A boy came into the store. And he saw the girl and started screaming / talking to her. He asked if she was (insert name here) and then just starting going all about about her cousin? Say what?

Yes, he was all talking about her cousin, who was apparently a friend of his and also just happens to be a guy. And he was talking about how he’s tried to get up with the cousin while he’s in town and he’s just visiting and so on and so on. It just went on and on and all three people were talking at once during most of the conversation. Long story short, he gave her his phone number to give to the cousin so that the cousin can get up with him before he left town again. They hugged and the boy left and that’s where this all gets interesting.

After he left, the girl started going off about how that boy be fronting and he just wanted to talk to her and give her his number. It was all about her and the guy has a thing for her and so on. And she was into it and telling her friend all that and just putting herself over like there’s no tomorrow. And then, while I was ringing up her purchases, she decided to bring me into the conversation. Uh oh!

She turned from her friend and asked me, “Ain’t that right? He ain’t trying to see my cousin. What kind of guy comes in from out of town just to see another guy?”. Me? She’s asking ME that? I think that anyone who knows me at all can see the irony here. I decided to bite my tongue and act like I didn’t hear her and just finish the transaction and just shrugged. And then, she asked again. “What kind of guy come in from out of town just to see another guy? And this time, she was looking dead at me and I couldn’t play off like I didn’t hear her so I just answered.

“I did it for a year when I lived in Wilmington. I was seeing a guy here!”

She just stood there and then the realization of what I just said seemed to hit her. She didn’t say another word. Just got her change and quietly left the store, just kind of in a state of shock. Why? She asked me and I answered honestly. And maybe now, she’s realizing that her “cousin” and the guy who was “just trying to talk to her” may have a whole different agenda together. She wasn’t all that to begin with and I think her ego just got a little deflated with that option to consider. Do I think that the friend and her cousin are hooking up? I don’t know and don’t care to be honest. I don’t know either of them, but just planting the seeds of that possibility in her twisted and cocky little head and bringing her down a notch, even for just a moment, was a fun moment for me. I hate loud people who think they’re all that.

And let’s be real here. She shouldn’t have asked the question if she didn’t want an answer. I don’t think she wanted that answer. Oh well, she’ll be allight.

And there you go. My “big story”. Was it worth repeating? Probably not, but if you could have seen the look on that girl’s face, you’d be laughing. I’m laughing now just thinking about it. It was a good day.

Thanks for reading. Comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care my friends. Have a great one and stay safe. I love ya!



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