Music Fact or Fiction – March 24, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
March 24, 2018

Welcome to the music edition of Fact or Fiction. We sing. We dance. We do the cha-cha-cha. And mostly, we talk about current events of the music and pop culture scene and decide, strictly opinion based of course, the pros and cons. The questions and statements come from my long time, close and personal friends that I’ve never met from I’m supplying the rest of it. Let’s get busy and do this…

Snapchat was in the wrong with their recent Rihanna/Chris Brown ad.

FACT: To approve this ad mocking and making light of the Chris Brown assault and abuse of Rihanna was a dumb and tasteless move to be sure. Domestic abuse is never something to be made fun of or mocked, especially not in such a public forum as Snapchat. I’m sure it was just a simple and dumb mistake, but Rihanna was pissed and I can’t blame her. It was a part of her life I’m sure she’d rather forget if possible (and we all would like to forget about Chris Brown. He’s an idiot!). Snapchat owes her and their users all an apology because they screwed up. It’s just that simple.

Bruno Mars is not guilty of cultural misappropriation.

FACT: This is a stupid accusation. If Bruno is guilty of stealing “black music”, so are the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and every rock singer from the sixties and seventies. Elvis was on of the absolute worst too. A white man singing gospel and the blues. How dare he? Bruno sings the music he loves to sing and he does it because he loves it and is talented enough to do so. Music isn’t a black or white thing – it’s a people thing and to put these stupid labels out there and say that this is “white music”and this is “black music” is insulting to the music and the artists that create it. Except for rap. Anyone who wants that crap can have it because I sure as hell don’t. “Rap is crap!” – The West Texas Outlaws. But this claim against Bruno can be settled with words of one person. Stevie Wonder himself said that Bruno is “not guilty of any kind of cultural misappropriation”. If even Stevie can see this, everyone else needs to just shut the hell up.

Bad Wolves’ cover of “Zombie” is a great one.

FACT: The Cranberries did a great job in the original version and this cover, by the Bad Wolves, is damn good as well. They took the song, put their own twist to it and it worked quite well. A very good song.

The American Idol return did nothing to stand out from its last run.

FACT: I went back on InDemand and watched it and well, to say that I was not really all that impressed is an understatement. A new cast of judges and new contestants, but it felt like the same old boring crap that the original Idol was at the end of it’s run. Nothing really stood out as special or must-see and for what is supposed to be a new beginning, that’s not a good thing.

You enjoyed the video for Queens of the Stone Age’s “Haunted House.”

FACT: I went to YouTube and watched and while it’s a decent song to be sure, the video was just kind of “eh” at the most. There was nothing there that makes me want to watch it again or get particularly excited. Forgettable at best.

A film version of David Bowie’s Lazarus musical will be good.

FICTION: The key word here is “will be good” and until we know who’s directing, who’s starring and get a lot more information, we have no way to know one way or the other. The musical itself is getting some great reviews and anything related to Bowie can generally be expected to be good, but until we know more, we can’t say for sure. I hope that it’s good and turns out to be a cinematic masterpiece and I’m definitely interested, but I’m not making a final judgement until I see the actual product.

And that’s all for now. Comments, thoughts and questions all welcome. Until the next time, thank you for reading and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Stay safe and warm. Bye.


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