Wrestling Q&A – April 12, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
April 12, 2018

Time to do another fun-filled Wrestling Q&A. The questions come from the Facebook group, Kult of Kayfabe (KoK). And the answers are all mine. Let’s go for it and do this…

From Andrew: So, you’re a WWE superstar on the current roster, and you can choose:
3 people to work with (wrestle), 3 people to travel with, 3 people to be mentored by, 3 people to to form a stable with and 3 people to train with.
Who are you going for?

For people to work with, I’d want to have the best matches I can against top opponents so I’d go with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. For my traveling buddies, I think the Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel & Heath Slater combination, the former “Social Outcasts”, would be the most fun. For three mentors, I’d go with Arn Anderson, William Regal and Triple H. As for a “stable”, I’d like to be with Miz, Owens and Zayn. (Can you imagine if those three ever got together?). And finally, for training, I think it’d go with my “running buddies” Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas and the occasional time with my “mentor”, Triple H. And there you go.

From Kevin: After finishing ‘The Best In The World’ by Chris Jericho, I picked up two more reads. What other wrestling related reads would you suggest?

“Inside Out: How Corporate America Destroyed Professional Wrestling”, by Ole Anderson and Scott Teal, “My Life In Wrestling” by Gary Hart, “Pure Dynamite”, by Dynamite Kid Tom Billington and “Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls”, by James J. Dillon.

From Greg: Based on her performance at WM34, Ronda Rousey is already rumored to be under consideration for the WM35 main event.
Could this happen? Should it be against Charlotte?

It could happen and if Ronda is in the main event of the next Wrestlemania, Charlotte would be the natural choice.

From Jackson: Thoughts on Paige’s retirement speech on Monday night.

It was from the heart, surreal and made my allergies act up. It’s sad to see anyone forced to give up what they love and retire, but especially when they’re as young as Paige, it’s even worse. Though she already has over twelve years of experience in that ring, she’s only 25 years old and definitely deserves better. But that being said, WWE seems to have made a place for her as her new role as the “General Manager” for Smackdown Live shows. While she may not be able to get into that ring and actively take bumps and wrestle, I expect that Paige will remain a part of professional wrestling and most likely the WWE for many years to come.

From Dallas: Thoughts on Terry Garvin Simms.

Terry Simms, better known as Terry Garvin, passed away this past week. What a talent this man was. Between his heel antics as part of the team “Beauty and the Beast” and his role as the heel commentator for the USWA, he was a truly unique and special man who definitely “got it”. I remember so many times that Garvin, doing commentary and clad in bright pink, would defend and often aid heel Champion Jerry Lawler by slipping him a chain to use in his matches. With the high pitched voice and a strong resemblence to Jimmy Garvin, Terry played on that and could really get the fans riled up and hating his guts. And outside the ring, one of the most thoughtful and nicest people around. Highly under-rated, Garvin was a great character for the 80’s wrestling scene and a true talent and bright spot in the USWA. He will be missed.

And there you go. I’m down and gone for now. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and questions all welcome. Until the next time, take care.


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