10 Days Of Dougie – Prologue…

Ten Days Of Dougie
April 16, 2018

So what, you might ask, is “10 Days Of Dougie”? It’s a writing exercise for myself where all the rules are thrown out the window and randomness takes control. For the next ten days, exclusively here at DougMaynard.com, I will write each and every day. And here’s the catch and what makes it so fun. I have absolutely no idea what the topics are that I’m writing about until the moment I sit down here at the computer and begin. No preparation or excuses. It’s just “here’s the topic and go!”.

Here, on my desk, I have what I call the “Magic Bag”. Inside that bag, an old Crown Royal Apple bag from a Fifth of the slightly bitter goodness, are hundreds of scraps of paper. These small pieces have words, phrases, titles and just about anything you can think of written on them. I do this at work, just listing topics and words that catch my attention. All the small pieces of paper are then put in the “Magic Bag” and when it comes time to do a “Day of Dougie”, I reach into the bag and pull out the piece of paper. What it says is what I write about. No excuses or changing of the mind allowed. It comes out and it gets to be the topic of the day. Usually, I’ll do at least three topics per “Day of Dougie” blog.

And now that you know what it is that I’m doing, let me explain why. Because I can. It’s a great writing exercise to break me from my comfort zone and also give the site something else besides wrestling and Q&A’s to entertain you, the loyal readers. And it’s so random, I just like doing it. And there you go.

So buckle up and hang on because for the next 10 days, it’s going to be a wild and crazy ride. Ten Days of Dougie is here. WHAM! Can your heart stand it. Thanks for reading and now, as Al Bundy would say, “Let’s rock!”.


– Doug


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