The World’s Greatest Wrestling Show – June 19, 2018

The World’s Greatest Wrestling Show
Fantasy Booking – Dougie Style
June 19, 2018

While preparing for an edition of my Wrestling Q&A for the site, I came across this question about putting together my own wrestling card. It’s an interesting question, especially after I decided to tweak it a bit and add a few restrictions to my answer. And then, as I started to think more of it, I decided that this could be a stand-alone piece instead of just a cluster among the usual Q&A questions.

So just picture this. I have access to a major arena such as the Phelps Arena in Atlanta, GA. I have pay-per-view access and total control over the booking and the matches and have been instructed to put together an event. What should I do? How should I go? Well, here’s the question that was asked, in it’s original form.

You’re Putting Together Your Own Wrestling Card. You Can Use Wrestlers From Any Promotion. You Have 10 Matches Booked. Who’s Wrestling Who? & What Matches Are They?

Even though the question says any wrestlers from any promotions, I’m going to handicap myself and use non-WWE wrestlers only. I’ll also stick to using wrestlers and performers who are currently active and not make this a legends / nostalgia event. Using WWE stars and former wrestlers from the 80’s and 90’s would be too easy and I want to have a bit of a challenge. I will make one exception for the “currently active” stipulation, but I’ll explain it when I get to that match. So a ten match card, using non-WWE Superstars, that would be a big event, make money and put butts in the seats. I think I’ve got this covered. Let’s do this…

NWA World Championship Match
Nick Aldis (C) versus Chris Jericho

The oldest and most historical “World Championship” currently in wrestling and the current champion against one of the most popular and relevant superstars in wrestling history. I don’t think, in real life, Jericho would take this match as it might ruffle the feathers of WWE and Vince McMahon, but if that wasn’t a factor, this match makes sense in so many ways. Jericho has held titles in WCW, WWE and now New Japan so why the not the”granddaddy of them all”, the NWA and why not challenge one of he most prestigious titles in wrestling history. Jericho would and should and here, in my fantasy “super card”, will.

Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes versus CM Punk w/ AJ Lee

Cody is the hottest free agent in professional wrestling today, period. Ever since leaving the WWE, he’s reinvented himself and gone from a mid-card for life talent to a legit main event superstar in every sense of the word. And CM Punk, well he’s CM Punk and despite his recent loss to Mike Jackson last week at the UFC event, if he was to make a return to wrestling, it would be big, big news. And what better opponent for the Straight Edged Superstar than his former WWE rival who has as much in common with him as they have differences. Add AJ Lee and Brandi to the mix and it’s a legit main event for any show anywhere in the world.

Carolina Street Fight
AC/DC (Atlantic Coast Destruction Crew) Ethan Storm & Tazz Jackson versus The Main Attraction (Chris Steele and Scott Powers)

This is the match where I’d make the exception to the rule and have two men, Steele and Powers, come out of retirement. For so many years, The Main Attraction performed all across the Carolina’s Indy scene and set a standard second to none. And both men are even now, still young enough and good enough that I have no doubt that they could step into that ring today and still put on a match that is comparable with anything that WWE or anyone else could do. They were and are that good. And tehn you have the team that is currently dominating the NC Indy scene, the team of Storm and Jackson. Think a modern day version of Kronik and you have it. Two veteran stars of the local scene that are just running over and dominating everyone. They also are just that damn good. This match would be a personal dream match come true for me and if it ever did happen, it would show the world just how good the talent and action is capable of being here on the NC Indy scene and these four men would put on a match that would be old school as hell and steal the freakin’ show. It would be a match for the ages and that, my friends, is the truth.

Muhammad Hussen versus Jack Hagar (Swagger) w/ Dutch Mantell

Former WWF wrestler Muhammad Hussen recently made his long awaited return to the ring last month after an absence of nearly thirteen yeqars and from all reports, hasn’t lost a step. This character, with his battles against the Undertaker back in 2005, was one of the hottest characters ever to hit the WWF and along with manager Shawn Daivari, made a memorable impact with every move and promo. A real life terrorist attack in England forced the WWE to take this character off TV and his career just kind of moved into limbo after that until he decided to retire to pursue an acting career and work as an educator. The whole Hussen gimmick was about the mistreatment and prejudice against Arab-Americans as a result of 9/11, whether deserved or not. And who better to face him than the original “Real American” himself, former WWE star Jack Swagger? Put Swagger, now wrestling under his real name of Jack Hagar, along with manager Dutch Mantell, let him lead a chant of “We The People” and let the two men go at it. The story writes itself and the match would be great to watch.

Chris Masters & Carlito versus The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks are arguably the hottest tag team in the world right now. Their success in Japan, as part of the “All In” event and just about everywhere else not WWE is unprecedented. They are hot and good and if a person is to hold a super-card event, this team of the Brothers Jackson have to be included. Now the other question would be who would be a team that has the name recognition and talent to match up against the Super-Kick Twins. How about two former WWE stars, the team of Carlito and Chris Masters? They were a good team in the WWE and have continued to team and travel together as they work across the world and various shows. Two very talented men who are also great characters and could be back in WWE in a heartbeat if they wanted to do so. This is a top notch match just waiting to happen and would be a great contrast in styles and be fun to watch.

Michael Youngblood versus Matt Morgan

Youngblood is without a doubt one of the most intense and talented in-ring performers I have ever seen or known. He wrestled for the WWF in a series of matches on TV way back when he was merely 18 years old and since then, has built a strong career of over twenty years of great matches and hard-hitting old school action at it’s very best. Michael’s only problem, as even he will admit, is that he has little patience for the politics of wrestling and doesn’t play well with others. This has kept him from becoming a major name for WWE or Impact, but ask anyone in Puerto Rico or who has ever seen one of Youngblood’s matches what they think and they’ll say “superstar” and “legit bad-ass”. Even now, Youngblood continues to perform regularly, promoting his own group, WrestleKings3 Productions as well as looking to get involved in some MMA. If we still had the territories as in the 80’s, Youngblood would be a big, big star. Truth! And then there is Matt Morgan. I remember seeing this guy in the WWE and they had him portrayed as a big, but stuttering idiot and remember thinking to myself, “What the…?”. He went then to Impact and after a rocky star, TNA seemed to get him and used this 7-foot monster much more effectively. Morgan is a really good big man and with the proper support from management, could be a strong and solid member of either the WWE or Impact Wrestling. This match would be a contrast of styles that could be a really stiff and fun match to witness and watch. Youngblood with the hit and run chops and tactics and Morgan with the power moves and let the craziness begin.

Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria / Tara) versus Awesome Kong

Two big time veteran women who have power, grace and the respect from all their peers. I am and have always been a big fan of Lisa Marie Varon, aka “Victoria” in WWE and “Tara” in TNA and think that now, even in her forties, she could still go with the best of them and be a major player in the WWE Women’s Division even today. She was a good wrestler and a great character who never seemed to get the respect she deserved. And Awesome Kong? While her run in the WWE, under the name of Kharma, was a bit of a bust, her matches in Japan and against Gail Kim in TNA really put her on the map and set her above and beyond most other female wrestlers. And why have these two Amazons compete? Why not? It’d be a good and strong match and fun to watch. These ladies may be older than most of the current “Women’s Movement” wresters in the WWE, but they’re every bit as good and helped set the standards and paved the way for the Women’s Movement to happen. Give them one more moment in the spotlight. They deserve it.

Step-Ladder Match
Swoggle versus El Torito

This match was teased a few times in the WWE, but never quite came together as I was hoping. Yes, it’s purely comedy, but who cares. I want to see it. Hornswoggle was one of my favorite, when he wasn’t annoying me, characters during his WWE run. Torito was on my last nerve from Day 1 and I’m sure that he packed his tights. But whatever. Two talented little man wrestlers with a history. Throw in a ladder, albeit a “step ladder” to play on their short guy status, and just go with it and have some fun.

Emma versus Tessa Blanchard

Why was Tenille Dashwood, aka “Emma” released by the WWE? Has anyone ever figured that out? She was and is a totally phenomenal wrestler and performer. That girl can go. And Tessa? Why didn’t WWE sign her when they had the chance? Their loss is Impact Wrestling’s gain because this second-generation superstar can totally go as well. And add in the presence of her father, Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard and step-father, Magnum TA, and it’s a big time star waiting to happen. Why should these two women wrestle? Much like with my Victoria / Awesome Kong match, why not? Two great women who should (and will be) big names in the years to come putting on a great match.

Enzo Amore versus DJ Zema Ion

I am not really a big Enzo fan and I feel that his termination by the WWE for not letting them know that he was under a criminal investigation was fully deserved. But the man knows how to get a reaction and work a crowd better than almost anyone in the business today. He can get heat and people continue to be fascinated by the man and his character so I’d use him if available. And Zema Ion, currently working Impact Wrestling as DJZ (and one half of the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions) has always been a favorite of mine since Day 1 with TNA. I just like this guy and what he’s shown me as a character and wrestler since. He has that “It” about him that is fun to see and watch. And he’s sexy as hell too, not that it matters to me, but he is. And these two guys could have a great match that would be fun to see. Imagine the promos and build. Enzo isn’t a great wrestler, but he can do what he needs to do. And Ion is hit or miss too, but in recent years, is far more hit than miss and can be really good sometimes. This would be just another fun match to see that the fans could really get into and enjoy, as much for the characters as for the action itself.

And there you have it, my “Super Card” of fantasy booking. It’s a solid card from top to bottom and would be, I believe, fun and interesting to watch. Something for everyone with old school, comedy, the women, serious wrestling, modern day wrestling and even little people. Would you pay to see this card happen if it actually was to ever take place? Would you buy it on pay-per-view? Do I have a future as a possible “booker man”? And what kind of event and card would you promote if given the chance to do so? Inquiring minds want to know.

Thank you for reading. All feedback is appreciated and I do want to hear from you. Comments, questions, etc. Until the next time my friends, take care and support your local Indy Wrestling events. Have a great one.


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