A Day Of Dougie: A Tale Of Three Women (Roseanne, Sanders & Maxine)

A Day Of Dougie
A Tale Of Three Women
June 29, 2018

Welcome and salutations and all of that fun stuff. Let’s just jump right into it, shall we? I’m Doug and this is a very special (just like the old “Afternoon Specials” that used to be on ABC) edition of the “Day of Dougie” series. I’m talking about three women today and recent events in the news concerning these three persons of the female persuasion. My gears have been grinded and now it’s time to quit being nice and start being real. Did I really just steal the intro from the “Real World” series from MTV? Damn skippy I did. By the way, the views and opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. I’m right though. Just admit it. Read and you’ll see. Let’s do this…

@ 00 @ 1 1 a roseane

Let’s talk quickly about the Roseanne controversy. Seriously, does the punishment fit the crime? Really? If making insulting tweets should result in losing entire careers, legacies and lives, then how does Nicki Minaj still have a recording contract? Listen to Wanda “I’m so offended” Sykes and her so-called comedy routine. She’s so racist against white people, it’s not even close to being funny. Redd Foxx used to compare Lawanda Page’s face to that of a gorilla every single week on Network TV and no one cared or said a word. Look at how many times that the no-talent hacks of The View do personal insults against the Trumps, not political which would be okay, but go for the throat and get personal and extremely low and slanderous. How about the so-called late night comics who can’t hold a candle to the late night comics of old school like Johnny Carson early Letterman or even Alan Thicke and Rick Dees. Compared to what everyone else says on a regular basis, does the tweet by Roseanne even come close in terms of crudeness, offensiveness or being insulting? But Roseanne insulted a black woman who doesn’t even look black and who is beloved by the left and former President Obama and all hell hit the fan. She lost her job, her show, her reputation, her old show has been pulled from syndication and she’s now a Hollywood pariah. It’s so freaking hypocritical and messed up. The day after this incident happened and everything hit the fan, Jarrett went to an anti-discrimination rally hosted by known racist and homophobe Joy Reid, who by the way should have her non-watchable show on MSNBC cancelled if held to the “Roseanne Standard”. Anyways, Jarrett said that this should be a “learning experience”. Well, the way to make it learning experience would be to meet and talk with Roseanne. Have Jarrett make an appearance on the Roseanne show when a comment by the main character, Roseanne, catches her attention and let them talk it out and make it part of the conversation, a real learning experience. It would have been good for the show, good for Roseanne and Jarrett, good for ABC and would have actually provided a reason and format to discussion racism and discrimination. Instead, the caring and understanding and all about fair treatment for everyone called for Roseanne’s head and ABC so willingly gave it to them with no hesitation or second thoughts. ABC sucks.

Anyhow, there are a lot of missed opportunities here and no one really won in the end. Roseanne is the biggest loser obviously, a scapegoat for the Trump hating media and left wing extremists. If Roseanne had made the exact same tweet, but had said Condaleeza Rice or Ben Carson as the subject instead of Valerie Jarrett, no one would have raised an eyebrow or said a word. Hypocrisy running wild in America. Whatchu gonna do brutha!

But let’s put all of that to the side. What’s next for our fallen “Domestic Goddess”? I have an idea. How about a musical where a middle-aged sitcom star gets fired from her show, crucified by the media and turned into a pariah by her “family” at the Network. We can call it “Little Orphan Roseannie”. What do you think?

@ 00 @ 1 1 sanfers

And now, let’s move on to another recent incident where the champions of free speech, inclusion and love for all (so long as they agree with you) where Trump Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had a bad dining experience. Let me begin by saying that I feel the owner or manager of a business has every right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Even if the reason is petty (opposed to gay marriage), ignorant (racism) or just plain dumb-ass (because of who the person works for). If I have my own business, I should have the right to do business with who I choose, period, even if it is blatant stupidity and messed up. But if I do decide that I won’t serve gays or Republicans or liberals or people who sag their pants and expose their asses to the wind, it should be posted in a manner that the policy is known and also, I should be prepared to accept any consequences of my actions. Personally, I could care less what a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, politics, etc are. If I’m running a business and am trying to make money and you have money to spend at my business, let’s talk. I see green, period. And most other business owners are the same way.

But then you have that place, the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA, where the owner of the business, Stephanie Wilkinson, asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family to leave because Wilkinson doesn’t like President Trump and is opposed to his “immoral” ways and policies and doesn’t want the business of anyone who works for him as well. That happened this past Friday and after Sanders tweeted about the incident, the business has been closed due to protesters and complaints ever since. The owner made a judgement call, a bad one it seems, and now she’s suffering the consequences of her actions. Protesters have been picketing the place ever since Sander’s made her tweet, the President of the United States chimed in with comments on the situation and everyone seems to have an opinion as to if the owner, Wilkinson, was right in her actions. And of course, things have really gotten hot as the late night comics I mentioned earlier, the unfunny ones who bore us to sleep at 11:30pm and the big-mouth low IQ politicians have decided to get involved as well.

Did I mention “low IQ politicians”? More about Maxine Waters in a moment. But back to this situation. The owner made a decision based on her political views and opinions of the Trump Administration. It was a bad call and now she’s paying for her actions, as she should. Wilkinson was forced to resign from her position as head of a local group to help build business for Lexington, VA, a group called “Main Street Lexington”. Unfortunately, her employees are now out of some paychecks and other restaurants around the country that share the name “Red Hen” are also being hurt and losing business because of this woman’s actions. It’s a sad state of affairs because one person decided that being a professional and doing business wasn’t important and she’d rather kick a person out because of the color of their Voter ID card. Very sad and very stupid. It’s her right, as I said earlier, but the consequences, those are on her as well. She had no right to play the victim because she made the call and asked Sanders to leave. And let the chips fall where they may. ‘Nuff said!

@00 @ 1 1 12 Maxine

And now back to “Impeach 45”, she of the James Brown Haircut and IQ of a rotted peanut shell that’s been basking in the sun too long, Maxine Waters. My apologies to Mr. Peanut and all of his relatives for that comparison. Maxine Waters, immediately upon hearing about this incident with Sanders and the Red Hen restaurant, immediately made a statement that said to the effect, confront Trump officials and protest. If you see them having dinner, interrupt and get in their faces. Surround them and be loud. This is the same woman who keeps armed security around here to keep protesters (and Jesse Watters – no relation) away from her. Talk about stirring the pot though and showing her ignorance. She’s telling her sheeple supporters to pretty much harass and try to intimidate anyone who works for, or voted for, or has any kind of support in any way, for President Trump. And then, after being called out for it by even the other Democrats, tries to walk it back by saying that she didn’t say what she said, that she doesn’t mean that people should be violent and most importantly, it’s all Trump’s fault and he started it. This woman is a piece of work. Talk about a corrupt and lying hypocrite. And I just realized something. Fans of the series “Luke Cage” on Netflix will get this. Look at Cage’s foe, Mariah. She’s the head of a criminal syndicate, cold and ruthless, dealing in weapons and trying to take over and control Harlem, all the while posing as a fair minded Councilwoman and advocate “for the people”. And then look at Maxine. Mariah is ruthless, manipulative, cold and evil to the max, but she’s just a fictional character portrayed very well by actress Alfre Woodard on the Luke Cage series. Unfortunately, Maxine is way too real. And dangerous.

Just imagine if you can, if Maxine was asked to leave a restaurant because the owner didn’t like her politics? Or if a person came over to her and her group while she was eating and screamed at them that they were “evil” or “crazy” or “Low IQ”? She would be raising all sorts of hell, calling for boycotts, protests, lawsuits for racial discrimination (because everything that is anti-Maxine is racist) and would demand that the restaurant in question be burned to the ground and the owners be jailed and have everything of value in their lives be taken away (kind of like what’s happening to Roseanne).It’s the left / liberal double-standard. It’s alive and well and it’s Hollywood and it’s Maxine and it’s what our country, the greatest country on earth, has become.

I guess I’ve rambled enough, but let me close with this. Roseanne may have lost her show, but I hope that eventually, she’s able to come back from all of this and get her life and career back on track. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime and what happened to her is pretty much, in my opinion, like a guy who shoplifted a pack of smokes getting forty-years of hard labor in prison with no chance of parole. Restaurant and business owners? Serve who you want because it’s your right, but be prepared for the consequences. Think before you act. And finally, “Impeach Maxine! Impeach Maxine! Impeach Maxine!”.

Ya’ll think about it.

Have a great one. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. Forever yours…


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