Facebook Q&A (Supporting Trump, Warning Signs & More) – July 15, 2018

Facebook Q&A
Supporting Trump, Warning Signs and More
July 15, 2018

People on Facebook and social media in general tend to be an inquisitive bunch and have absolutely no qualms about asking a person questions about anything at all, be it their business or not. Luckily for my loyal readers, both of you, I have absolutely no qualms about answering any question that’s thrown in my direction. It makes for good material for the site and is kind of fun and interesting, at least to me, to do. The following questions all have come from my Facebook timeline. Most are general questions directed at everyone in a particular grouping although one was asked of me directly by a person at one of the political pages I like to visit. I just decided to answer it here. And I guess that’s all the explanation needed. Let’s get busy now and let’s do this…

If money was no object and you could quit your job tomorrow to do whatever you want, what would you do?

If I could quit my job tomorrow, I don’t even know that I would. I truly like and enjoy my current job and the people I work with are pretty damn awesome. But I would cut back on my scheduled hours quite a bit and be the consumate part-timer. But what would I do? I’d continue doing the volunteer work that I do for the Food Bank. I enjoy it as well, plus it’s my way of giving back to the community and helps a lot of people so that stays the same. But I would travel more often and maybe take that cruise or ride up North to see my friends and maybe even go track down a few favorite cousins and relatives up in Ohio for a bit. I’d just play it day by day and do what I want or need to do for that particular day. And I’d finally write and finish all these half-complete fiction stories and other items that I’ve been thinking about and wanting to work on for the site, but don’t have the time. I’d cut loose with the creativity, be a bit more social and just live life to the fullest as only a Dougie can.

Meat Loaf has a song that says, “I will do anything for love, but I won’t do that!”. What is it that you won’t do even for love?

I won’t lie for another person, I won’t intentionally hurt others and I won’t allow myself to be treated badly or disrespected. Pretty much anything else is fair game and up for discussion.

What are your thoughts on dating sites and social media in general?

Dating sites are interesting to me and can be fun at times. I’m single and open minded so if I want to go look at the profiles of others and maybe do a hook-up or have some fun, so be it. It’s my choice. They make things so much easier than the old days where you actually had to go out and meet people in order to get to know them better. But they also have some bad flaws in that real social interaction, the act of having a conversation and actual interaction is a thing that people don’t have the skills to do anymore. Instead of a phone call, it’s a text message and instead of friends being together and being a cohesive unit, it’s about talking on Facebook or Snapchat. I like the Dating Sites because there are many opportunities for fun and shenanigans with some very interesting and hot guys. I hate social media because it’s replaced real friendships, communications and social activity.

What is your hidden talent?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you. But ask your boyfriend. He knows. So does your brother.

How can you be a gay man in America and still support Donald Trump as President?

Okay, this one has been asked of me many times over the past couple of years and it’s time to be serious for a few moments. When looking at what the other option was, how can a person not be in support of Donald Trump. Our choices were Trump and Hillary and let’s be honest here. Trump is not a good person. He’s loud mouthed, thin skinned, obnoxious overbearing and pretty much full of himself. But compared to Hillary Clinton, he’s a lock for sainthood. It’s not that he’s that good, but she really was that bad. And the entire Democratic party follows right along in her footsteps. Maxine Waters? Harry Reid? Chuck Schumer? The Kennedys? Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Not a single one of these people are trustworthy, respectful or give a damn about this country or the people they’re supposed to be representing. It’s all about power, personal gain and keeping their own inflated egos happy.

But that’s not answering the question about Trump, is it? Is Trump a big fan of gay people? Probably not, but honestly, I don’t think he really cares one way or the other about what a person’s sexuality is. Or a person’s race. Trump looks at people and it’s either black or white, the way he see’s almost everything. If you’re hard working, self-motivated, smart and a valuable and positive example, he likes you and if you’re whiney, self-centered, play the blame game on everything and part of the entitlement group that thinks that the world owes them everything, he doesn’t have much use for you. I’ve never heard of or witnessed any single act or statement, besides made up rhetoric, that says Trump hates gay people. Of course, the liberal press and the Democrats will tell you that he’s the most homophobic bastard alive, but they don’t have facts to back up their claims. Just rhetoric. The same goes for Trump’s alleged racism. Has Trump ever publically called anyone the dreaded “N-Word”? Nope, but former Democratic Senator Robert Byrd was a leader in the ranks of the KKK. Trump was never called a racist until he ran for and became President. And now, it’s one of the most common insults against him, again with no evidence or proof. Forget about what you “hear” about Trump and look at the facts. The economy is stronger than ever. The unemployment rates are lower than ever. American standing throughout the world is stronger than ever and now people want to work with us rather than thumb their noses at us as they have so many times before.

Let me wrap this up by saying that while Trump is not my ideal person to be around, he’s keeping the promises that he made as a candidate and his policies are working an making America strong again. As a gay man, I’m not thrilled with everything going on, but when I look at the big picture instead of just thinking about my own self-interests, I see things are getting better for ALL Americans. Trump is getting the job done as President and his successes and gains benefit all of us, both those of us who like him and even those who don’t. So how can, as a gay man, can I support Trump as the President? My answer is, how can I, as an American, not? Think about it.

If you came with a warning sign, what would it say?

Proceed With Caution: Slippery Slope Ahead.

If you had the chance to record an album of cover tunes, what songs would be on it?

Lord help us all if I ever got into a recording studio and was albe to record an album. I’m not sure exactly what songs would be on it. That’s why one has a producer to help with the song selection. But I do know it’d be a mix of Waylon songs, Sinatra songs and of course the “Barney Song”. Two definite tracks would be the Conway Twitty classic “Don’t Cry Joni” and the Bobby Bare tune “Numbers”. A little Dr. Hook would be required as well. So what song? That’s anyone’s guess, but would they be classic goodness and fun to do? Absolutely!

If you were able to join the cast of any TV show, playing yourself, what show would it be and why?

I’d be a semi-regular on “Friends” because as a member of that cast, I’d be bringing in nearly a half-million bucks an episode and that’s damn good money. And my character, playing me, would be a gay Republican, grumpy, sarcastic middle-aged writer who works part time in a store, loves wrestling and cats, and lives an anti-social existence, with the exception of a few select “friends”, aka Joey & Chandler most likely, only appearing every so often and make a smart-ass twisted remark whenever it’s called for. Yeah, I could definitely see that.

And there you go. With that last question, I’m going to call it a day. But “Friends?”. I’d probably be better off with Roseanne or maybe even Will & Grace? Nah, Jack gets on my nerves and I’d have to kill him. I’ll have to rethink on that question. But regardless, I’m down and out of here, my friends. Thoughts, comments or any other questions for me to answer, just send them on to me at my e-mail addy, Doug28352@yahoo.com or else here at the site. Thanks for reading. Until the next time, take care.



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