Wrestling Q&A (2): McIntyre, Trish, The Wyatt’s & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A # 2
McIntyre, Trish, Wyatt’s & More
August 26, 2018

More questions about the world’s greatest sport, sent to me by the always awesome Jeremy. And now, here are the answers…

Drew McIntyre as a Paul Heyman guy? Yes or No?

I could definitely see it happening. Unlike Brock though, Drew can talk and cut his own promos and doesn’t really need an “advocate” so it’s probably not too likely. They would make a good and winning combination in my opinion, but I think that Heyman would work better with someone like Lashley or maybe Luke Harper who are more impressive when they don’t talk. Especially Lashley. He should never speak again. So Heyman and Drew? Could it happen? Yes. Will it happen? Not likely.

If Randy Orton was to form a new “Evolution”, who should the other members be?

It’s hard to think of three other guys who are on Orton’s level that I can see him working with as a team, but if it did happen, I think Randy would have the HHH role of the group as the established talent who acts as the leader. The “elder statesman” of the group, aka in the Ric Flair role, would be Batista. The way things are looking in Hollywood and the way that Batista has been bad-mouthing Disney, he may end up needing a job after Guardians #3 and the next Avengers movie are over so why not come back to WWE and be part of Evolution, an Orton led version? As for the other two roles of the up and coming stars that are the future, how about Drew McIntyre and EC3 from NXT. He would be a great addition to any team and has the background to fit in a group like this one so why the hell not?

Trish Stratus. One-shot deal at Evolution or should she return to WWE for another run?

I can’t see Trish signing up for any kind of regular deal with the WWE anymore. She’s older now and has a family so while the occasional one-shot is good, that’s probably the best that we can hope for at this point.

Are you excited by the NWA’s return to PPV to celebrate the 70th Anniversary?

Absolutely. I’m an old NWA fan from back in the day when it was the biggest and best wrestling alliance in the world, bar none and this move, a return to PPV, shows that Billy Corgan seems to be on the right track to restoring the NWA brand to it’s former glory. That, for me, is a definite good thing.

Would you like to see the Wyatt Family reunite?

On a full time basis, not really. But if Braun was to call upon his former partners for a little help against The Shield and we end up with a main event match of The Shield versus Braun, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, I wouldn’t object at all. It would be a good way to build the Roman Reigns vs Braun battles with Braun constantly losing the fights due to the numbers game of The Sheild and their 3-on-1 advantage so finally, he asks for help and Bray & Harper step up to lend a hand. It would give Harper something to do while Rowan is out with an injury. It would give Bray something to do since his team with Matt Hardy seems to be over. And it makes sense. So there you go.

Who would you rank as the Top 5 Tag teams currently in WWE?

In my opinion, in no particular order, the top tag teams in WWE right now are The Usos, Anderson & Gallows, The Revival, The Bar & AOP.

Who would you rank as the Top 5 men singles wrestlers currently in WWE?

A tougher question and to answer, in no particular order, the best male wrestlers in WWE right now are AJ Styles, The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

Who you would rank as the Top 5 women currently in WWE?

And finally, the women of WWE. Again in no particular order, I would go Charlotte, Asuka, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss & Natayla.

And there you go. Questions, comments and thoughts welcome. Thanks for reading and until the next time, take it light. I’m down and gone. See ya!


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