Current Events FoF: Hurricane Florence, Kavanaugh, Cory Booker & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Current Events Fact or Fiction
Hurricane Florence, Kavanaugh, Booker & More…
September 23, 2018

It’s Fact or Fiction time and we’re looking at several things currently happening in the news around the United States, both political and otherwise. These questions were provided by Ms. Heather, a very political and left-leaning, but usually fair Facebook friend of mine. And the opinions that follow, well that be just little ol’ me. Let’s do this…

FEMA has done a good job in replying to Hurricane Florence.

FACT: I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but for here in Scotland County, the folks from FEMA and the other agencies such as the National Guard have been right on top of things. We didn’t get much damage from the winds, but the flooding that happened afterwards has destroyed roads and caused many people to lose their homes and everything they had. And already, the effort to help these people rebuild and move on with their lives is already here and doing it’s thing. Helping people relocate, providing food and shelter, helping to restore power and just rebuild, they’be been on top of things. FEMA and the government may get a lot of flack for a lot of things and plenty of it is, I’m sure well deserved, but for what they’re doing here, helping NC and specifically my county get past the disaster that was Hurricane Florence, I have no complaints at all.

The allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are politically motivated.

FACT: The Democrats were sitting on this allegation for months and even though Senator Feinstein had many chances to bring this up and question Kavanaugh, she never said a word until after the fact. And the charges themselves. The woman who says that Judge Kavanaugh tried to assault her 30-plus years ago can’t tell you when it happened,where it happened, who else was there, how old she was at the time or anything else except for that he tried to do something. And she never told anyone for thirty years until he was up for a nomination for the Supreme Court? Really? And now won’t testify unless she can get all sorts of special conditions? Really? It’s basically her word, with no details or proof and more holes in her story than Tammy Sytch has made life mistakes, against the word of a guy who has been FBI Investigated six times, has been a sitting federal judge for nearly two decades and has had over sixty character witnesses come forward to testify about his character and behavior over the years. It’s just political games and character assasination by the Democrats who have no values, no sense of responsibility and are just desperate to stick it to Trump in anyway they can, regardless of who’s life they destroy or who gets hurt in the process. Politically motivated? Damn skippy it is.

It’s time for the Mueller team to finish up their investigation of President Trump and Russian collusion.

FACT: It’s been nearly two years and so far as any collusion between the Trump people and Russia, there remains nothing. Now the Mueller team is just throwing anything up against the wall to see what sticks. It’s a bust. They failed in their efforts to get Trump. Let’s end this crap and move on, please!

Senator Cory Booker should be expelled from the U.S. Senate.

FACT: Let’s see. He released information that had been deemed classified and then bragged about it on national television and in the middle of a Judicial Hearing as it happened. He confessed repeatedly that he was “breaking the rules” of the Senate and pretty much dared anyone to do anything about it. He had his “Spartacus moment”. And should he be expelled from the Senate? It won’t happen, but the answer is a definitive YES! I expect that he’ll get a public scolding on the Senate floor and they might smack the back of his hand with a ruler, but nothing else will come of it. And he’ll use this to proclaim himself a great hero for the American people, blame any punishment on racists in the Senate and try to use this whole situation to give momentum to his run for President, a role he’s definitely not qualified for, in 2020.

The Democrats will regain control of Congress after the mid-term elections.

FICTION: I hope and pray that America isn’t that stupid to let Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer regain control of the Congress by giving the Democrats power. Just think of this. If the Democrats do regain control, Nancy Pelosi becomes third in line for the office of President and right behind her, based on senility, I mean seniority, Maxine Waters moves right up there to just a few heartbeats away as well. Nancy and Maxine in charge of our nation? Does anyone really want that? Think about it! And vote RED… Republican… PLEASE!

It’s time to replace Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General.

FACT: He’s been ineffective in his job since his appointment and the President doesn’t have any faith in him. That means he should go and be replaced. Hey, I hear that Trey Gowdy will be needing a job after the mid-term elections since he’s not running for re-election. Trey Gowdy as the Attorney General of the United States? I think Hillary just wet herself. Sounds damn good to me.

And there you go. I’m gone for now. Questions, comments and any thoughts welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the go-around. Take care.



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