Pop Culture FoF: Eminem & MGK, CNN, Maroon 5 & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pop Culture Fact or Fiction
Eminem & MGK, CNN, Maroon 5 & More
September 23, 2018

More of that Fact or Fiction thing that we like to do around here and now it’s time for some pop culture. The questions are from my long time, close personal friend Heather. And the rest? Well, you know who that’s from. Let’s do this…

The Eminem / Machine Gun Kelly rap feud is a total work.

FICTION: A total work would mean that they got together and planned it out that Eminem talks shit about MGK, he replies in kind and so on and I don’t think we have all that. I do think that Eminem did the career of MGK a great favor with this because as a result of replying, he’s getting trashed in the raps, but MGK has become better known than ever and Mathers just put him on the map. So was it all planned to work out like this? Nope, I doubt it. I think Eminem is doing what he always does, speaking his mind and making great music and MGK was just smart enough to fire back a response pretty quickly. And then when it all blows over, they can “make peace” and do a song together or even a tour, making tons of money in the process. Wait and see.

You’re interested in the upcoming reboot of Magnum PI.

FICTION: I’m tired of reboots and new shows that are not original, but reheated leftovers of shows from the glory days of TV. With the exception of Roseanne, every single reboot thus far that I’ve seen has paled in comparison to the original and I don’t expect Magnum PI to be any different. If it’s not Tom Selleck as Magnum, then it’s not Magnum. ‘Nuff said!

You are surprised that CNN’s ratings dropped 41% over the past year.

FICTION: They’ve gone so nuts over there, they make NBC and MSNBC look like credible and responsible journalists by comparison. What the hell are they doing? CNN was at one time a good source for actual news that worked the middle ground while Fox and MSNBC catered to the far right and far left, but for the past few years, they don’t even try to be objective and report news and it’s all opinion now and not even smart opinion, but opinion based on total emotion, rhetoric and lies. How can they even call themselves news at all anymore? Oh vey! So am I surprised that their ratings have dropped. I’m only surprised that they’re still on the air and if they didn’t have a deal making them a permanent part of all cable packages, they probably wouldn’t be. Ted Turner, the man who created CNN may be a liberal, but I’m sure that even he is watching now and just shaking his head at how far his creation has fallen. It’s like a parent watching their kids get on drugs and become crack heads and pill heads. How the mighty has fallen and CNN is an addict to the anti-Trump message.

Abby Huntsman is a good fit for The View.

FACT: I like Abby and think she’s a smart and intelligent woman with strong values and opinions. She’s still finding her way for her first few weeks at The View, surrounded by the harpies that are Whoopie, Joy-Less and Not-So-Sunny. but she’s doing well so far and when all is said and done, I think that we have a potential Elisabeth Hasselbeck here who can and will put her associates in their place and set them straight. Her father was a really good Governor and Ambassador and she seems to be a chip off the old block. She’s going to do well.

Bert & Ernie are gay.

FICTION: They’re just really good friends… with benefits.

Maroon 5 is a good pick for the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show.

FICTION: Well, they are better than Beyonce or any of the other militant, racist clown acts out there, but I have no interest in seeing them peform. I think that the NFL would have been much better to go with someone who actually means something like Hank Williams Jr., Kid Rock, Elton John, the newly reformed Guns & Roses or maybe The Hollywood Vampires where you get a bit of Alice Cooper, a little Aerosmith and Johnny Depp as a bonus. Older nostalgic acts tend to work best for things like the Super Bowl show and Maroon 5? Really? Really? Really? I just don’t see it.

And that’s all of that for now. Questions, comments and any thoughts welcome and appreciated. Maybe you’d like to take part and give a counter-view in a future edition of FoF? Pick the overall topic and we’ll talk and see what we can do. Thanks for reading and with that, I’m down and gone. Until the next time, take care and stay safe.


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