TV / Movies FoF: Night School, Captain Marvel, The Joker & More

Tossing Salt Presents:
TV / Movies Fact or Fiction
Night School, Captain Marvel, The Joker & More
September 30, 2018

It’s that Fact or Fiction thing and the topic for today is television and movies. The statements come from the fine and friendly folks at And the rest, that’s from that strange and crazy place I call my mind. Let’s do this…

Night School is likely to be a better-than-average comedy.

FICTION: while it looks to be funny and semi-decent, I don’t see anything that makes it stand out as a classic. Just another way to pass a few hours on Netflix some time in the future. So better than average? Nah, just another movie that will make money and be funny, but in the overall scheme of things, just another movie. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Captain Marvel trailer has you excited to see the movie.

FICTION: I’m already excited to see the movie as I’ve been a comic book guy since I could read and am already familiar with Carol Danvers, aka “Captain Marvel” as well as a person can be, but the trailer? It was kind of bland and didn’t really do anything for me or make me anticipate the upcoming movie any more than I already do. It’s just kind of “eh” at best.

You’re interested in Netflix’s planned Diablo animated series.

FICTION: I’m not a video game guy so I’m not really familiar with Diablo or who or what it’s supposed to be and I have far too many shows to try and keep up with as it is already. Between the Netflix Marvel series, the Arrowverse, the other comic book themed shows on regular television and of course, the MCU movies, it’s pretty overwhelming as it is and I have to pick and choose what series to watch. Unless the buzz is really good and can’t be ignored, I seriously doubt that Diablo will be added to my already full list of viewership choices.

Hell Fest looks to be a lesser entry in the slasher genre.

FACT: It might be good and worth watching, but the only slasher type movie that matters to anyone right now is the new Halloween movie. Anything else is going to be ignored, forgotten about and pushed to the back of the line to be viewed later online or as a Redbox selection. Not good for this movie, but just the way things are.

With the original creators at the helm, Netflix’s live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender has a real shot at being a great series.

FACT: Who knows the characters and the stories better than the people who created them? I’m not a big fan of Avatar to be honest, but I’ve heard some good things about the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” series and I expect I’ll be hearing good things about this one as well when all is said and done. It should end up being pretty decent.

The first pics of Joaquin Phoenix in costume for Joker look encouraging.

FACT: It’s Joaquin Phoenix and that’s a major plus right there. The pic is creepy and disturbing and really sells the whole early Joker concept well in my opinion. The Joker is such a complex and crazy character, in a world that makes no sense to anyone but himself and even that is suspect. There are so many ways to play and take the character and still be true to the Joker that we all know and fear. I’m very much so looking forward to this movie and seeing Phoenix in the role of the Clown Prince of Crime. Even the DC movie people can’t mess this one up, I hope. It should be awesome.

And there you go. I’m through. Comments, questions and any other thoughts welcome and appreciated. Until the next time (and it won’t be long because today is catch-up day), have a great one and stay just too sweet. Love you – mean it.


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