Wrestling Q&A: Yurple The Clown, Virgil, Bound For Glory & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Yurple The Clown, Virgil, Bound For Glory & More
October 11, 2018

It’s time to do that Q&A thing about the “King of Sports”, the world of WWE and professional wrestling. This assortment of inquiries comes from the one and only Joshua, a former fellow writer from the glory days of “The Wrestling Informer”. A mixture of comedy and serious as only this man can do. I’ll do my best to answer and it all starts… NOW!

Yurple the Clown – WWE Hall of Fame?

I’m kind of torn on this one because Yurple was a part of the highest rated WWE Raw segment of all time along with the Rock and Mick Foley in the “This Is Your Life” spoofs. She’s a prominent part of WWE history and a one-in-a-million character that could make for a really entertaining and fun induction, especially if Foley or The Rock are the one’s inducting her. But is she really worthy of an Induction to the WWE Hall of Fame? As much as Drew Carey I would say, but this would really be lowering the bar too much, especially if she was inducted into the Celebrity Wing before Cyndi Lauper, Regis Philbin or Andy Kaufman. Have Yurple show up as maybe a guest inducter or do a cameo if you must, but HOF Induction? I’d have to say no.

Should the WWE bring in David Arquette?

David Arquette is a former WCW Champion and has been actively wrestling matches for NWA Hollywood and other Indy promotions as of late so this has become a possibility. If Arquette wants to come in and maybe do a “guest referee” spot or maybe an angle where there’s a WWE movie tie-in and he can be mostly a talker / antagonist, then do it. He still has some name value and would have instant heat with the WWE fans even though he’s actually a very likable person and cool dude. Arquette seems to want to prove himself to the wrestling fans and clear the heat from what even he admits was a bad idea by Vince Russo back in WCW so why not. It could be fun to see Arquette on WWE TV.

Nia Jax will turn heel by Evolutiuon?

In the past couple of months, both Bellas and Becky Lynch have all turned heel. Carmella seems to have turned face, but she’s with R-Truth so who knows how that will end up playing out. Nia is a good heel and somewhat sucks as a baby-face.She also seems to have gotten sloppy again in the ring and her brief layoff has set her back a ways in in-ring development. There are too many heels right now and not really any legit baby-face women except for Bayley. Charlotte is a Flair so you know that she can turn in an instant if need be and Sasha has that “Boss” thing going on which works better as a heel so they need to keep Nia as a face. So will she turn before Evolution? She’d be more interesting as a character if she did, but I don’t think so. Not unless we get someone like Mandy Rose or Mickie James turning face as a trade-off.

Which decade of wrestling was your favorite and why? Could be anywhere from 50s to now.

The eighties was the best for characters and memorable moments, but the 90’s is where we had the Monday Night Wars, five or six hours of live wrestling every Monday night plus Thunder, Smackdown and all the pay-per-views where anything could and would happen. The 80’s were great, but the 90’s were the best and my favorite era. And it’s been off and on, somewhat “Eh” since then.

Virgil in the WWE Hall of Fame? Yes or No?

This is another one that I have mixed feelings about but for different reasons than the Yurple question earlier. For his career and memorable role as the sidekick of “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, not to mention his numerous mid-card roles in WCW as “Vincent”, Curley-Bill, etc., his career is as strong as anyone’s and if guys like Koko B. Ware can be there, he deserves to be there. But then I think of the stories about him at fan signings, forging Ted DiBiase’s name to pictures and just general rudeness to people who don’t want his autograph or picture and it kind of sours me on him a bit. But that part of it shouldn’t matter or else Tammy Sytch would never even be allowed at a WWE event, much less be a part of the Hall of Fame. So while my personal feelings are that he’s an ass, he’s also a big part of WWE history and for that and that alone, I can see him eventually as part of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Are you interested in the “Bound For Glory” PPV by Impact Wrestling this coming Sunday?

I’m honestly not really interested in it with the exception of Austin Aries versus Johnny Impact, aka John Hennigan and to see what Tessa Blanchard is up to. I will probably do some predictions though, maybe even later tonight. Some people still watch and keep up with Impact Wrestling and I want to be fair to them and give them something to look at as well as the WWE / ROH / Japan / RWC / Indy fans.

Triple Threat: James Ellsworth versus Gillberg versus Hornswoggle. Who wins?

We’ve all seen that picture floating around taken recently at an Indy event with these three legends of the ring posing together and I guess the question had to be asked. I think you should always bet on the little guy. I recently re-watched the epic Hornswoggle – El Torito battles from the WWE from a couple of years ago and I really hated that damn little bull-chip. Horny and the 3MB gave him a hard time and I appreciate their efforts. So Horny gets my nod here as well.

And there you go. Questions, comments and any other thoughts are welcome and appreciated. I want to hear from you. And I guess now it’s time to get off the computer and head to bed. Morning comes early. Or else I’ll go on Grindr and see what kind of guys are up, out and about. Maybe they want a taco? (Inside Joke) Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you later. Take care.


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