5 Questions: Television – Addams Family, Megyn Kelly, The Conners & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions – TV
October 28, 2018

We have five more questions, sent to me by a texting buddy, Jasmine. It’s all about current TV stuff. Well all but the first and last questions, but she likes old TV too and we’ve had a discussion in regards to the last one before so I’ll allow it. My thanks to her. And now, let’s get busy and talk television.

Addams Family or Munsters and why?

Addams Family definitely. The Munsters were okay, but it was like “Leave It To Beaver”, but with face make-up. Take away the “monster aspect” and it was just another TV sitcom of that era. The Addams Family though, the characters were unique and knew it and embraced their madness. Just more fleshed out and interesting characters and a better show in every way.

Was there any TV show that you loved as a kid, but watch now and wonder “Why?”

Quite a few actually. Charlie’s Angels, The Super Friends (cartoon), The A-Team, Who’s The Boss, etc. I could go on and on, but my child self would watch almost anything and didn’t care. My older self wants purpose, dialogue, meaning, fleshed out characters, continuity, etc, all of which was strongly lacking back in the golden era of TV.

Have you watched “The Conners” yet? Thoughts?

I have gone back on OnDemand and watched the Conners. I was interested as to how they would write off Roseanne and to see how things have changed so I went and found out. The show is still good and faithful to the Roseanne legacy and way of doing things. Dark humor, twisted logic and more real than anything else on TV. There is a big void in the show with the absence of Roseanne, but the rest of the cast have remained true to their characters, she’s mentioned often and it’s actually not half bad overall. While I don’t agree with ABC firing Roseanne as they did, I still enjoy the show. We all grew up with these characters and they’re like distant family in a weird sort of way and they’re moving on and part of me wants to move on with them and tag along for the ride. So bottom line is, Roseanne is missed and her absence is definitely felt, but Dan, Becky, Darlene, David, Jackie, etc, are all still there and the show is, as much as I hate to admit it, a good one and worth watching.

Should NBC cancel Megyn Kelly’s talk show?

From what I understand, they already have and it’s now just in reruns until they can find something to fill in that spot. No big deal though. Megyn was over-rated and without the power of the Fox Network behind her, it all came to light pretty quickly. NBC will have to buy out her contract, rumored to be something like $70,000,000 for three years so she’ll be okay. No big loss for NBC or television in general.

A network wants you to pitch an idea for a new sitcom, with potential stars and story. What would you offer?

There are so many sitcoms out there right now and there is nothing original anymore, but I do have a couple of ideas that might work out okay and be cool. The first would be a store, a convenient store or maybe even a liquor store, but I think I’d go with the C-store concept. And the crew that works there. The manager, played by a burnt out older woman (Roseanne?). And the clerks / cashiers. Find three or four hot young actors or actresses with comedy chops and let the stories flow. Have a group of old men that hang out in the mornings and tell lies while drinking coffee and trying to save the world, a few regular customers and guest stars galore as customers coming into the store. It’s ratings gold and could be a big thing and wouldn’t that be a great way to have Roseanne come back to Network TV? My other idea also involves Roseanne since she’s on the mind this week (and she was correct about Valerie Jarrett – go watch Planet of the Apes and look at Zora. ‘Nuff said!) It’s pretty much a rip off of the Golden Girls, but it’s a concept that works so we’ll run with it. An older woman moves to a new town after losing her family and she finds a great house, but can’t afford it. She ends up meeting two or three other older folks (I’m thinking Jackee’ from the old series “227” and Debra Jo Rupp fromThat 70’s Show.) Maybe even add a fourth roomie with a guy, like John Schneider of The Dukes of Hazard fame. Throw in a few kids, some boyfriends and girlfriends, maybe even a wacky landlord and it’s TV sitcom gold.

And there you go. Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and any ideas are welcome. What kind of TV show would you try to create? What do you think of “The Conners”? Let me know and let’s talk. Until the next time, take care and stay awesome. Have a great day.


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