Wrestling FoF: Daniel Bryan, Mixed Match Challenge & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Daniel Bryan, Mixed-Match Challenge & More
December 9, 2018

Are you ready to do that always fun Fact or Fiction thing? It’s the wrestling edition. As per the usual, the statements come from the fine folks at 411mania.com/wrestling. And the opinions that follow, that’s just me. Let’s do this…

1. The “New Daniel Bryan” is great.

FACT: Daniel has done something that is extremely rare in today’s world of professional wrestling and that is become a true heel. It started with just a kick in the groin and he’s followed it up with his whole “I’m better than you” remarks and it’s just talking off better than anyone could have expected. While working as the resident Mr. Happy and fan faovite, his career was getting stale, the fan reaction was slowing down a bit and he was wrestling great matches, but no one was really caring. Now, he’s easily become the top heel in the company with only maybe Drew McIntyre able to give him any real competition. It’s a great transformation by Bryan and it looks as if he’s having a ball doing it and running with the new character. It was a great move by Bryan and the WWE to be sure.

2. You have no interest in WWE Women’s tag team titles.

FICTION: The women in WWE have become, in many ways, some of the best and most interesting characters and the idea of a tag team title, hopefully defended on both shows and brands, is a great idea. I’ve always been more of a fan of tag team wrestling anyways and there needs to be a reason for these women to team up and have partnerships so the idea of tag titles makes great sense. We already have Sasha & Bayley teaming up regularly, as are The Iconics, The Bella Twins, The Riott Squad, Naomi & Asuka, Tamina & Nia, etc. There is already a tag team division in play so give them a title and reason for being. It would definitely be best for business.

3. While it’s great that Alexa Bliss has been cleared to return, she’s likely better off in non-wrestling role going forward.

FICTION: While the role of a manager or authority figure is all well and good IF a person is unable to compete in that ring, Alexa is a talented in-ring performer, in many ways the consumate heel, and so long as she desires to and is able, should be allowed to compete and wrestle in that ring. She’s young and so talented, a different role might work for her in the future as she gets older, but for now, in the ring is where she belongs and where she should be doing her thing.

4. The quality of Monday Night Raw is a complete embarrassment.

FICTION: While I admit it hasn’t been top of the line and great as of late, it hasn’t been all bad either. The ladies have been killing it and Finn Balor for one has had some great matches. So have Elias, Dolph and McIntyre. Yes, it’s too much Corbin for example, but at least it’s not HHH having sex with a corpse or Kurt Angle singing “Jimmy Crack Corn” or even Mark Henry feeling up a transvestite. That stuff was hard to watch and embarrassing to watch. Right now, it’s hit and miss and while the shows could be better, they could also be much worse.

5. Dean Ambrose’s new heel character is not good.

FACT: I have no interest in it or him, but to be honest, I never really have. The way he turned was classic and I enjoyed that, but since then, it’s been lackluster and boring to me at best. If Ambrose comes up, I use that for a bathroom break or go check my phone for messages and updates. I guess, for Ambrose fans, it’s not all bad, but with the heavy shadow of Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin (more X-Pac heat than heel heat, but it’s still heat) and now Daniel Bryan on Smackdown, Ambrose just isn’t coming through as he probably should. In the list of great heels currently in WWE, he’s down near the bottom of the list.

6. You have no desire to see a season three of WWE Mixed Match Challenge.

FICTION: While I haven’t been paying as much attention to the MMC as I probably should have, I’ve enjoyed what I have seen. It’s something different than the usual WWE stuff and I like seeing the men and women mix it up a bit sometimes. The MMC is pretty much a world of it’s own and we’ve seen some unusual teams and pairings that add a certain charm and air of “what the…?” to the matches that’s not present on the regular WWE product. And it looks as if the men and women are having fun stepping outside the box for a change and doing this whole different style of event. Season 3 works for me.

And there you go. My thanks to the people at 411mania.com/wrestling for their help. Any comments, thoughts or questions, please feel free and holler at me. Until the next time friends, stay safe, warm and dry and have a great one. Take care.


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