Wrestling Q&A: JCP, Nikita Koloff, Harley Race & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
JCP, Nikita Koloff, Harley Race & More
December 12, 2018

Welcome to the Tossing Salt Wrestling Q&A. I’m running a bit behind on updating the site due to life circumstances and a medical procedure early this morning, but as soon as I type this up, do two edition of the “12 Dougie Days of Christmas” and return a couple of phone calls / text messages, I’ll be kind of caught up. But then again, it’s me so I’ll never ever be really and totally caught up. If you could only see the backlog of unfinished projects and ideas stored on my computer, you’d totally understand. I need an assistant. Or a few hundred million dollars. Either would work. But for now, I’ll settle with answering a few questions about the world’s greatest entertainment sport. The questions come from Travis and Matt. Let’s do this.

Why does it seem that wrestlers get injured more in WWE “safe style” than in Japanese strong style?

How do we know who actually does or doesn’t get hurt in Japan? Here, in the WWE, if there in an injury of almost any kind, the talent is pulled,treated, evaluated and it’s almost public information. In Japan and actually in most other wrestling companies, the talent works through their injuries and pretty much just deals with it, old school style. In WWE, if a wrestler pulls a hamstring or suffers a concussion, it’s out there for the world to know and they’re pulled. Not so everywhere else. So are more injured in WWE or is it just that we only hear about those since they’re treated and pulled if needed rather than just expected to tough through it. So there you go.

Better Choice for the 4th Horsemen after Ole than Lex?

At the time, Lex was the hot new guy, just up from Florida and he had it all, the looks and body and just enough talent that the other Horsemen at the time could cover his flaws and make it work. He was the right choice at the time to be the Horseman to replace Ole. But if they had gone another direction, Barry Windham would have been the most logical albeit predictable choice. Gino Hernandez had just passed away a few months earlier in Texas or else he would have been ideal. I can’t think of anyone in Crockett at the time that would have worked better than Luger did. He was probably the best choice at the time.

What could of prevented the demise of Jim Crockett Promotions?

Controlling the spending, sticking to the south-east instead of trying to expand all over the United States, having control over Dusty as the booker, trade deals and joint promotions with the AWA and Japan and not trying to move the base of operations to Dallas when everyone and everything was based in Charlotte.

Best Manager: Cornette, Jones, Ellering, or Dillon?

Of the four men listed, I’d go with Jim Cornette. He had one team, stuck with them and only changed things up when necessary. Plus as good as the other guys were and are, Corny could and still can talk circles and generate heat better than any of them.

Better Horsemen, Flair or Arn?

I have to go with Arn. Flair was the leader and the flashy one, but Arn was the heart, soul and backbone of the group.

Nikita’s face turn good or bad idea?

Turning Nikita into a face after the tragic traffic accident that ended the career of Magnum TA was a good idea. It was unexpected and a great swerve that kept the fans interest and drew positive attention to the business at the time. Dusty could have just brought someone else in to be his partner to take Magnum’s place, but it wouldn’t have had the same effect or made the same kind of impact. It was the right move at the right time and a good move by Dusty and JCP.

Did you think of Harley Race as a heel or baby face?

I think Harley was the ultimate tweener, tough as nails and respected by everyone. He would fight either faces or heels and it didn’t matter. He was mostly straight up and no nonsense, but would do some wicked things when it came to protecting that title and remaining the NWA World Champion, but that was the exception and not the rule. The main thing I liked about Harley was that he would always put over the talent in an area in his promos, talking about how tough and talented everyone is, but then would make sure to clarify that he was just that much better and that was why he was the champ. So not a face and not a heel, but simply the best in the business at what he did, be the Champion.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Questions, comments and any thoughts welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling and wrestlers. Have a great one.


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