Wrestling Q&A: Mixed Match Challenge, Neidhart, Top Guys & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Mixed Match Challenge, Neidhart, Top Guys & More
December 15, 2018

Are you ready for some Q&A about the world’s greatest sport? My friend, Matt, sent me the questions. And now, I’m providing the answers. Let’s do this…

Does it bother you about the WWE using Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart as the focus in the feud with Natayla and Ruby Riott?

I have to admit that personally, it makes me a little uneasy, but it’s not up to me and if Natayla and her family are comfortable with the use of The Anvil’s name and character in this story-line, so be it. It’s their call and not mine.

Are you surprised at which teams (Jinder / Alicia & Carmella / Truth) made the finals of the Mixed Match Challenge?

Surprised? Yes, I am. I was actually expecting to see Miz & Asuka repeat as the winners for Season 2, but then again, this works out better. None of the four involved in this MMC match have anything else going on and all four can be entertaining so let the “big stars” concentrate on other stuff and use these lower card wrestlers for this spot instead. I’m actually looking forward to this match and seeing how it goes on Sunday night. I think that Jinder, Alicia, Carmella and Truth will end up surprising a lot of people.

Thoughts on Heath Slater’s new role as a referee for Baron Corbin?

Heath is getting TV time and being injected into the big picture of things on RAW so I’m totally cool with it. And now, we can see Heath do a full heel turn and embrace his new role as Corbin’s butt-boy or we’ll see him balk at what Corbin has him doing and eventually get tired of it and stand up against Corbin, thus igniting a feud between the two. Either way, it’s a positive move for the One Man Southern Rock Band and a way to get his career on track again and back in action on a more regular basis.

If Corbin is fired as GM after TLC, who should be his replacement?

WWE will probably go back to Kurt Angle (yawn). Alexa is a possibility too, but I think she’s ready to get back into the ring and wrestle again, so I wouldn’t count on her assuming the role of GM. Can we just bring on Matt Hardy for this role? That would be excellent and he would make sure that everyone toes the line or else would otherwise be DELETED!

Who is more likely to return to WWE first? Enzo or Big Cass?

If Cass can get back in shape and prove he’s grown up and changed and ready for WWE, I think he might one day end up getting another crack at working WWE. Enzo will not be back, ever. We’ll see CM Punk, JIm Cornette working the RAW Commentary table as the announcers calling a Scott Steiner versus Nailz match before Enzo ever steps again in a WWE ring. Believe that!

What men and women do you consider as the “top guys” for RAW and Smackdown?

For RAW, I’d say that with the absence of Roman Reigns, the role of top guys falls on Seth Rollins with Ronda Rousey leading the way for the RAW women. Over at Smackdown Live, I’ll give Daniel Bryan the credit for being the top guy on that roster while, no offense to Asuka & Charlotte, but Becky Lynch is the top woman performer for the blue brand.

And that’s all? I guess so. My thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome and if you have any wrestling related questions for me to answer, please let me know. Until the next time, have a great night and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take cae.


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