12 Dougie Days Of Christmas – Day 10: Laptops, Live PD & General Hospital…

12 Dougie Days Of Christmas
Day 10: Laptops, Live PD & General Hospital
December 16, 2018

One more and I’ll be caught up. Yay for me. So it’s the 12 Dougie Days Of Christmas and this is Day 10. Let’s head over to the Magic Bag and get right to work as we find out what the topics of discussion will be. We’ve got Laptops, Live PD on A&E and General Hospital. I think we can do this. No time for chit chat, my friends, Let’s get busy and do this…

Laptop Computers

Surprisingly, I do not have a laptop computer. All I have is my old desktop and my phone. I did have one for a while, but never really got too comfortable with it and let a friend of mine borrow it for their school work. I probably should check on it and make sure they still have it because there has been plenty of time for them to get a replacement and having a portable means of writing my stuff for this site, rather than being stuck here at my desk in the living room and having to listen to the roar of the TV and suffer constant interruptions from the other household residents, would be nice, especially as the weather gets nicer. It’d be nice to get some peace, some quiet, go mobile and expand all things as only a good laptop can do.

The one I have is an older model, but it would be sufficent for what I want to do and for the basic tasks of keeping up the site, checking my e-mails, Twitter and Facebook and watching a video or two. And I wouldn’t be stuck here all the time when I’m feeling creative. Heck, I could even start doing live feeds and play by play for the local wrestling shows. That would be cool as hell.

So I’ll check on that later today and see what up. And if they’re still using my laptop, I’ll just start looking and maybe go out and buy myself one for Christmas. I was wanting to get my bills caught up and start putting money aside for a new car, but due to a couple of setbacks and the actions of a person who should know better, I got screwed over on that and the money I thought I’d be having extra each month, that didn’t work out. And too, I’ve been spending a lot of money that I shouldn’t be which leaves me more often than not, broke and trying to juggle the bills. It’s a rough life, but no one gives a damn and so what if I have to go without or cut things close so long as they get what they want. Hell, who pays back money anyhow, right? No one I know. They just ask to borrow more. *Sighs* It sucks to be a nice guy, but I am who I am. But one day, it’s all going to end and all the excuses and justifications in the world are not going to matter a damn bit. Remember the scene in Family Guy where Stewie loaned Brian some money and then roughed him up when Brian tried to blow him off and make excuses. That’ll be me except I won’t get all violent and physical. I’ll just quit and cut the strings and walk away. And when they wonder why, all they have to do is look in the mirror and think about it and then they’ll know. Every person has a breaking limit and being taken for granted again and again, I’ve nearly reached mine.

And damn, I’m way off topic. My apologies. I was sitting earlier trying to juggle the bills and figure out how to stretch the little money I have left until payday and it all just kind of boiled up inside of me and the frustration is leaking out. If I had a laptop though, I could go out in the yard or out to the college and enjoy the beautiful day and be one with nature as I bitch and complain. See how I worked it back to the topic of a laptop though? Damn, I’m good. So if my friends are done with my laptop, I’ll get it back and maybe start getting out there more and be more on the scene and not always stuck here at this desk. And if I can’t get it back, I’m going to say screw it and buy myself one for Christmas. No, I can’t afford it. Yes, it’s an expense I don’t need. But I don’t do much for myself anyways. It’s always doing for others and going without for myself and getting ram-rod screwed by a Ron Jeremy life-sized model dildo without lube for my efforts. Yes, I get f*cked! But I deserve something for myself and though a new car is needed and would be preferable, a laptop computer is also a good way to start. And there you go. Let’s move on to the other topic. What was it again? Oh yeah…

Live PD on A&E

It’s the latest thing on the A&E Network. It’s Cops taken to a new level as we see police officers performing the duties, from all across the United States, except for that they have a camera crew with this and the crew is filming. It’s live cops and criminals and they’re doing their thing all for our entertainment. While I’m not a big fan, I have watched a few episodes. My sister is hooked on the show and watches the new episodes almost every weekend. I don’t have to watch the show though. I worked in C-stores, mostly third shift, for almost thirty years. I still work in a retail job. And I live in Scotland County or more specifically Laurinburg, one of the most rachet places in the country. Who needs TV when all one has to do is walk outside or go uptown and you can witness the cops and criminal and their back and forth antics in person. I’m surprised that the show, Live PD, hasn’t tried to come to Laurinburg yet, but with the folks we have here, it’s probably for the better that we don’t. Most of the officers we have now are pretty decent, but there were a few in the past who were bad seeds and as recently as sic or seven years ago, it would be hard for the TV camera and the audience watching at home to decide which one’s were the cops and which one’s were the bad guys. It was that bad and now, the cops are better, but the criminals, and there are more of them than ever, are dumber than ever. It’d make for great TV, but our county has a bad enough rep as it is. No need to advertise.

And well, I guess that’s all I have to say about that. My mind is going blank. So let’s move on to the final topic. And it is…

General Hospital…

This used to be one of my favorite soap operas. Remember the days of Luke & Laura? I was there, watching faithfully. The whole adventure with Luke, Laura, Scorpio and Holly and the Ice Princess stuff. I was there. When Rick Springfield played Dr. Noah Drake and when Jack Wagner played the role of Frisco Jones, I was there for that too. General Hospital was, for years and years, my soap. I rarely missed an episode.

But “why?”, you ask. How can such a studly guy be a fan of a soap opera? Blame my sister, Terri. When I was younger, like early teens, I’d get home from school and she would be there, watching her stories. And since I didn’t have anything better to do, I watched them too. And eventually, when she had moved away, I was still watching them. And when I started working full time after finishing school, it was third shift mostly so my days were free. And every day, it was “One Life To Live”, “All My Children” and “General Hospital”, with the occasional viewing of “Young & The Restless”, just enough to keep up. I was hooked. Yes, I was a soap opera addict and I’m proud.

This went on for many years, but eventually, I lost interest as the characters changed, my work schedules changed and I began to realize as I was getting older that every so often, I was needing to sleep sometimes. I can’t tell you the last time now that I sat and watched a soap opera. Are there even any left? I know that All My Children and General Hospital are still on and I think that there might be a couple of others, but don’t hold me to that. Everything now on the Networks is game shows and talk shows. Who the hell wants to see that stuff? Well, actually I like both genres too, but I still liked my soaps and miss them. I even included a character from General Hospital in a fan-fiction story I wrote one time with Robert Scorpio. It was a crossover story with some characters from Marvel Comics, Scorpio from General Hospital, Emma Peele from the old TV series, “The Avengers” and starring Abby from NCIS. It was a fun little story to write and I’ll share the link on my Facebook page and what the hell, here too. It’s called “Abby’s European Vacation” and you can read it here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7890469/1/Abby-s-European-Vacation.

And I guess with that, I’ll close this thing out. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated. I’m down and gone. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. Love you – mean it.

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