Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Celebrity Wrestling, Road Warriors, Studio Wrestling & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Celebrity Wrestling, Road Warriors, Studio Wrestling & More
January 5, 2019

The questions have been stacking up in my in-box over the past few days as I’ve had a major episode of slackness and “I don’t wanna”. Yeah, depression and anxiety can be a bitch sometimes. But things are on the upswing and it’s time to pull a McGruff and take a bite out of crime, but more like Matilda taking a bite out the wrestling related questions. The questions are from Matt, Jenny, The KoK, Facebook and a few others. I have a lot to tackle so I’ll probably split this up into two or three different columns. And then it will be time to tackle the more random, non-wrestling questions. Did I mention that a “Ten Days of Dougie” is coming up in a couple of days too? Well, it is. And that’ll be talked about later on. For now, it’s all about the world’s greatest sport. Let’s do this…

Before I get started, I want to dedicate this to “Mean” Gene Okerlund, long time interviewer and pitchman for the AWA, WCW and WWE. Prayers and condolences to the friends, family and fans of this legendary iconic figure. Rest In Peace, Mean Gene. You will be missed Sir.

And now on to the questions.

In 2008, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff & Jimmy Hart had a show called “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling” on CMT? If that show was brought back, who would you like to see as the contestants?

I actually remember this show and the stars they had, which included Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Butterbean and Dennis Rodman. It was a nightmare version of the worst of Tough Enough, but with Brian Knobbs and Brutus Beefcake as the trainers instead of Al Snow. If that show was brought back (and let’s hope that never happens), I think my celebrity picks would be Rob Kardashian, Dustin Diamond (who was part of the Hogan show), Mario Lopez, Selena Gomez, Sarah Michelle Geller, David Arquette (the ringer of the group), Todd Bridges (another of the original cast), Cole Sprouse (Suite Life Of Zack & Cody), Stephen Amell, Taylor Lautner & Betty White. Yes, I said Betty White. She’s 85 years old, still working and (along with Keith Richards) will probably outlive all of us. She’s the ultimate bad-ass and I’d just like to see her locking up with the guys and taking bumps. Mae Young who?

On a recent episode of MLW (Major League Wrestling), Low-Ki “shanked” Konnan. Acceptable or too much?

So Low-Ki “stabbed” Konnan. What the hell are Court Bauer and the MLW folks thinking. The thing about wrestling is we’re supposed to be able to suspend our belief and take a break from reality. Watching Low-Ki try to murder Konnan, that just doesn’t work for me. I thought it was stupid a decade ago when Carlito and his bodyguard, Jesus, did it to John Cena as a set up to Carlito winning the U.S. title and it’s not any smarter now. So definitely not acceptable. What’s next? Konnan looking for revenge and lays waste to Low-Ki with a sawed off shot gun? Nah, he can just make Low-Ki listen to his podcast and that’s just about as painful and deadly. Talk about being a strawberry! Oh vey! Bad move by MLW and I hope that they quickly move on and bury this bad piece of crap booking and story.

Who are the most friendly and most prickish wrestlers you’ve ever met?

I’ve been fortunate over the past years to meet and get to know several wrestlers and most of them have been pretty nice. Brian Adams and Penny Banner are the two I probably grew closest to and talked to regularly via the e-mails. Mike Youngblood was one of my best friends, my little brother and we shared an apartment for a while so he’s right up there. The Hardys are cool, Jeff more than Matt. Loki is a really good guy. Greg Valentine owes me some beer, but he’s cool too. For the most part, most of my experiences with wrestlers have been great. As far as negative, the only one who was really rude would be Sable. It was an autograph signing to promote an upcoming show and my friends and I went to stand in line and meet her and have her sign a magazine I still have. She was wearing dark glasses and never took them off and just signed the stuff with no emotions or expression on her face. Looking back, I think she was just not a happy person and wasn’t thrilled to be there and didn’t try to hide it. I met Jimmy Valiant a few times and he was great until he realized I was there with one of the other wrestlers and not going to buy his merchandise and then he cooled off pretty quickly. Those are the names that immediately come to mind.

Road Warriors (in their prime) versus The Bar. Who wins?

This would be a brutal and smash-mouth style match and fun to watch. As good and legendary as the Road Warriors were, I think that Sheamus and Cesaro have an edge. Cesaro is just a damn good wrestler, able to go from power moves to the air to mat wrestling, all in one fluid motion. I don’t think either team would actually win. We’d have a double disqualification or a double count-out. But if it’s a match where there has to be a winner, it would be so close, but I think that The Bar would be the ones to come out on top.

If you were starting your own wrestling company, would you prefer to have a roster of all veterans (former WWE / Impact stars) or would you prefer the majority of your talent to be from the Indy scene?

Why not a mixture of both? I would want a few major stars to be the headliners at the start and bring the people in, but I’d much prefer to stack my roster with the talents of the Indys, who are usually hungrier and more ambitious than the men and women who have been around for a while. The big stars usually come with big egos and I wouldn’t want that. Preferably, find a few guys who have been to the big shows and are willing to be the leaders and help develop and teach the younger guys from the Indy shows. Have a good mix of old and new with traditional wrestling presented in a new and exciting way and when it all comes together, the fans will come.

Is the “Exotic” Adrian Street WWE Hall of Fame material?

A very easy yes and I’d love to see it happen.

If you wanted to convince a non wrestling fan why they should give pro wrestling a chance, what match or matches would you initially suggest or recommend ?

How about the Becky Lynch – Charlotte Flair “Last Man Standing” match. Add the Horsemen versus The Midnight Express match from Clash of the Champions IV, any Flair – Steamboat match from the late 70’s or early 80’s and a Seth Rollins versus Dolph Ziggler match from the past few months and there you go. They’d be hooked.

Do you think Vince McMahon sees All Elite Wrestling as competition and a threat to the WWE?

I don’t think Vince considers them an actual threat to his company, but I’m sure that he’s keeping an eye on Cody, the Bucks and the rest of the AEW group though, just in case. Heck, Vince is probably proud that Cody, who never wrestled anywhere besides the WWE before heading out a couple of years ago, has done so well. If he’s said anything, it’s probably positive thus far because the success of AEW is good for all wrestling, including the WWE. If they get too successful, this could all change, but Vince is making a billion dollars for his TV shows. He’s not going to stress too much over anyone at this point.

Could a studio wrestling show in today’s TV enviroment?

With good talent, good stories, good announcers and good promotion from the TV stations, it could still work. Watching a wrestling show done old-school in a TV studio would have such a nostalgic and intimate feel to it that it actually might be what some of these smaller wrestling companies need to do to stand out and get an audience. All of the big wrestling companies film in arenas and stadiums and in front of large crowds and that’s all good, but it’s lacking that up close and personal feeling. I’d like to see studio wrestling shows make a return, just to give it a shot.

Who were your favorite group or clique from the WWE’s “Attitude Era”?

This is easy. Stevie Richards, The Goodfather, Val Venis and Ivory, aka The Right To Censor. They were only looking out for us and doing the things they did to protect us from ourselves and each other. We need the RTC to come back to today’s WWE. That would be so cool.

And this is where I’m calling it quits. I still have a few more wrestling related questions, but let’s leave something for tomorrow. I also have many other questions about a wide variety of topics to get to and did I mention about the return of “10 Days Of Dougie”? It’s coming. You’ve been warned. But for now, this is it. Questions, comments and any thoughts welcome and appreciated. Thank you too for reading. And now, I’m down and out of here. Until the next time, take it light. See you soon.


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