5 Questions (X 3) – Lebron, Country Music, Food & More…

5 Questions (x 3)
January 6, 2018
Lebron Country Music, Food & More

I often do a thing called “5 Questions” here at the site where I take questions from my Faceook Timeline, e-mails, messages and anywhere else I can find them and answer them 5 at a time, hence the name “5 Questions”. Well, that’s what this is, but due to the huge backlog of questions that have piled up while I was being a slacko, depressed, over-worked, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun and legit ass-clown as well (when I took a few days off from life), I’m going to the max with a triple threat edition. Yes my friends, instead of 5 random questions about anything and everything, I’m going to do 15 questions instead. I’ll try to keep my answers brief (for a change) and not go off on a long winded ramble with my replies. Note that I said “I’ll try”. No promises though. And now, let’s quit the chit chat and get busy. I’m Doug and the views and opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone so if you don’t agree, let me know and we’ll debate the issue. Or I’ll just make some crude remarks and call you a snowflake. Either response is a possibility, but I welcome debate and argument. So now you know. And now, let’s do this…

Lebron James says that he’s the “greatest of all time”. Is he right?

Lebron is a great basketball player, but he’s also an ego-maniac and petty human who loves to take all the credit, but can’t take any of the blame. Greatest of all time? Hah! Lebron will forever live in the shadow of the true GOAT of the NBA and that is Michael Jordon.

So far, no one has accepted the job for hosting the Academy Awards. Who would you like to see as host?

Just bring in Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and be done with it. Everyone likes them and they’re both funny, entertaining and have great resumes so far as hosting Awards shows. Or bring in Pauly Shore. The shows are so meaningless now, it’s what Hollyweird and the over-inflated egos that make up Hollyweird deserve. Pauly has too much class though. Just stick anyone up there. No one cares and it’s not like anyone will be watching anyhow.

Thoughts on the Captain & Tennille?

A great musical duo from the 70’s that had several great songs like Muskrat Love and Love Will Keep Us Together. The Captain was a great musician who played with the Beach Boys and then met and married Tennille and passed away a few days ago. Tennille was a good singer, but she has the biggest mouth in the world. It takes up 3/4 of her face. The music they made was good and memorable. And they were one of my Mom’s favorite musical acts of the time. I liked them too and used to listen to their albums. I think we still have a couple of them. RIP Captain Darryl Dragon. You will be missed Sir.

What are your resolutions for the new year, 2019?

Lose weight, find love, get rich, write more and get better about returning phone calls and not pushing people away quite so much. And of course, world domination.

What are three things you’d like to be remembered for when you leave this world and the mortal coil?

Being a decent person, my writing and my amazing skills in the bedroom. 🙂

Who are your favorite American Idol alumni?

Most of my favorites come from Season 10 where we were given James Durbin, Casey Abrams & Hayley Reinhart. Also a big fan of the local guy from just up the road, Bucky Covington. There have been a lot of amazing talents to walk across that stage and perform over the past twenty-plus years. It used to be one of my favorite shows.

What would be your Mt. Rushmore of Country music?

Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson & George Jones.

Will Miley Cyrus still be relevant in twenty years?

I think so. That kind of pure talent is hard to find and once she decides to grow up and quit with the shock and awe and stupid stuff and just focuses on her music, I think she’ll end up being bigger than ever, but in a way that matters like Dolly, Reba, etc instead of as a joke-ass like she’s considered to be now. Miley is so damn good and has so much talent, but she just needs to grow into it and mature a bit. Then the sky is the limit.

Who is the 2018 equivalent of Michael Jackson and current “”King Of Pop”?

Very easy answer here. Justin Timberlake.

Rank these female singer from best to worst: Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Beyonce, J-Lo, Skylar Grey and Pink.

Do I rank on voice or how much I like or dislike them based on my perceptions? I’ll go with the latter. From best, as in I think they’re cool, to the worst, as in I could care less and think they’re pinheaded weasels, I’ll go with Skylar because she’s awesome and has an amazing voice, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Pink, J-Lo, Mariah (an ego maniac and true Diva in every bad sense of the word) and then Beyonce. And there you go.

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no?

They’re not pineapples. They’re “minions” and yes, I think pineapple goes very well on Pizza. I enjoy it a great deal.

What is the best food for a first date?

It’s definitely not corn dogs. That’s for sure. I guess it depends on the person you’re dating and how much you want to impress them. I always go for Chinese because everyone likes it, it’s good and delicious and it’s casual enough to be comfortable, but just fancy enough so you don’t look like a total cheap-ass bastard.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Your boyfriend… lol. Oh, you mean real food and not justnouth toys. How about the basics which are chips, M&M’s (peanut), pop tarts and egg rolls.

What is the last “new food” that you’ve tried?

Your boyfriend. Oh, I’m sorry. He’s your husband now. My bad!

If you were to open a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?

Very simple with hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, fries and soda. Nothing more and nothing less. Just give it an old 50’s or 60’s vibe (think Arnold’s from Happy Days), put in a Juke Box and let ‘er rip.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Comments and thoughts welcome and if you have any questions about anything at all, no subject is off limits or out of bounds, let me know. I’ll be back. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. Who loves you baby? Me. That’s who.


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