5 Questions (X 4): TV Shows, Politics, Memories & More…

5 Questions (x 4)
January 6, 2018
TV Shows, Politics, Memories & More

I often do a thing called “5 Questions” here at the site where I take questions from my Faceook Timeline, e-mails, messages and anywhere else I can find them and answer them 5 at a time, hence the name “5 Questions”. Well, that’s what this is, but due to the huge backlog of questions that have piled up while I was being a slacko, depressed, over-worked, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun and legit ass-clown as well (when I took a few days off from life), I’m going to the max with a triple threat edition. Yes my friends, instead of 5 random questions about anything and everything, I’m going to do 15 questions instead. I’ll try to keep my answers brief (for a change) and not go off on a long winded ramble with my replies. Note that I said “I’ll try”. No promises though. And now, let’s quit the chit chat and get busy. I’m Doug and the views and opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone so if you don’t agree, let me know and we’ll debate the issue. Or I’ll just make some crude remarks and call you a snowflake. Either response is a possibility, but I welcome debate and argument. So now you know. And now, let’s do this…

The Academy Awards should just forget about a single host this year.

I answered this earlier and said that they should ask Doogie Howser and Wolverine to be the hosts. Or if they’re not willing, just get Pauly Shore. I’m sure he needs the work and it’s not like anyone will be watching anyhow.

Should Disney should add the Netflix Marvel series (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders) to their upcoming streaming service as soon as they are legally able.

A no-brainer question. The shows were good and had good audiences. I’m not sure why Netflix decided to pull the plug, but if they’re willing to give up the money and shows, Disney should most definitely step up and keep the shows going if they can.

Do you think CNN, MSNBC and Fox are reliable sources of news and information.

I think all three networks tell you what they want you to know, that fits their agenda and spin and it’s up to the viewer to look past the rhetoric and opinion to get a general idea of what the actual news is. Fox is better than the other two so far as actual news goes and CNN is so anti-Trump and ridiculous that they’re not even able to be considered a valid news organization at this point and MSNBC is somewhere in the middle. But for real news, it’s better to read the papers, check out as many sources as possible and figure the actual truth is somewhere in the middle of all of it.

Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl this year.

It depends on who makes it to the final game, but probably not.

Have streaming & InDemand have changed your television viewing habits.

Definitely. I rarely watch TV in real time anymore. I prefer to go to Netflix or the WWE Network for most of my viewing and if it’s a current TV show I want to see, I use InDemand. I have too much going on in my crazy little world to sit down and waste prime time on television shows. They’re not that good anymore.

Is President Trump right to allow the government shutdown to continue until he’s granted funding for “the Wall”?

Yes! Build that damn wall!

How would you grade President Trump for his job as President so far?

Well, he’s thin-skinned, petty, aggressive, loves to pick fights and has the manners of a rabid squirrel, but he gets things done. Look at the economy. Look at the unemployment rate. He made a bunch of promises while running for President and he’s been trying his best to actually keep those promises. Can you imagine how much more effective he would be though if he didn’t have the so-called Press demonizing his every move and if the Democrats in Washington were actually there to do their jobs and compromise and work WITH the President instead of against him for no reason other than petty hatred. President Trump is an asshole. No doubts about that. But he’s also an effective leader who gets things done and doesn’t mince words or play to the political correctness crowd. As the President, he’s a solid leader and I’ll give him a B+, but just imagine what could be done if he had the slightest bit of cooperation?

Who would you like to see as the Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2020? Who do you think would stand the best chance of defeating President Trump?

I’d like to see Pocahontas and Spartacus as the Democratic team running for the White House. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker are such major jokes, it would be a clean sweep for President Trump in his efforts to be reelected. But on a more serious note, who would actually stand a good chance of defeating Trump, I don’t think that person has stepped up yet and joined the clown show that is the Democratic campaigns to be the Nominees. Maybe the guy from Texas who lost to Senator Cruz would do well and I think Joe Biden would do well too, but he’s too damn old. I don’t think we’ve seen the man or woman who the Democrats need in the spotlight just yet.

Is it time for the Mueller investigation to wrap up and come to an end?

It’s been almost two years and so far, no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. That’s what the investigation was supposed to be about, even though “collusion” is not illegal or a crime and the people investigating have still not found any collusion. Now it’s just throwing stuff up against the wall that has nothing to do with the original investigation trying to make their witch hunt seem more valid and legit even though it’s just wasting everyone’s time and money. End it now and let’s everyone move on with their lives. Enough is enough already.

Senator Claire McCaskill said she is “confused” by the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Thoughts?

I’m confused too because this woman, Cortez, is dump. How dumb is she? She took the Pepsi challenge. She chose Jif. She puts change in a parking meter and looks for gum. She’s so dumb, she left her brain to science and they rejected it. She is so dumb, she got a pair of water skis for Christmas and is now looking for a lake with hills. She is so dumb, she saw a sign that said “wet floor”. She did. And the voters of New York elected her to Congress? Really? Really? Really? I’m not confused by her election. Stupid people who can’t think for themselves and think they’re entitled to getting everything for nothing liked what she said, liked the package and heard the pretty words and believe that she’s able to do what she’s promising. No one can do what she’s promising because it’s dumb, stupid and just one load of BS after another. She’s like a bag of chips. Pretty packing and looks good on the outside, but nothing but empty air inside. Sad. Just sad!

Is common courtesy dead?

Not entirely, but it’s definitely on life-support with today’s younger, entitled generation. Respect, common sense, manners, courtesy and good upbringing are all on the endangered list and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. We’re freaking doomed! Oh vey!

Name a sight or smell that takes you back to your childhood?

A slight moldy smell takes me back to my Grandma’s root cellar and barn from when I was a kid. And the smell of a certain cologne reminds me of a total asshole that I was in love with for a long time.

Is there life out there?

If by out there, you mean in space, then the answer is yes. It just doens’t make sense that with all of the different galaxies that make up the infinite that is our Universe, that we here on earth are the only forms of life that exist. There are other worlds, other universes, other realities and other ways to shake your booty. Believe that!

What is your hidden talent?

Ask you boyfriend, your husband, your brother and (if he’s legal), your son. They know. Or they will eventually, Call me guys.

What is the worst smell you can think of?

Burning hair, fresh compost that’s been sitting out in the sun and death are the things that immediately come to mind.

How do you say “I love you” without actually saying the words?

I sometimes have trouble saying the words, but I will cook for you, buy you drinks or smokes, give you rides, sit and listen to you bitch and complain, go with you to the store, bring you food, etc. Actions sometimes speak louder than words and though I may not always say the words out loud, I hope that the ones I do love actually know and realize it.

Biggest regret of the past year?

Allowing myself to be used, taken advantage of and being taken for granted. Listening with my heart instead of my brain and getting shafted again and again. Wanting to be the nice guy all the time. It’s gotten old pretty quickly and I’m through with and tired of it.

What would you consider your best moment / achievement of the past year?

For this past year, it’s been getting some old bills paid, finally taking care of myself medically and doing what needs to be done and oh yeah, finally putting that stupid mistake from so many years ago behind me and getting my drivers license back, unrestricted and clear to go.

What message would your 2018 self like to say to your 2019 self?

Stay the path, don’t give in, keep strong and even though you’ll often be alone, you’ve got this. Victory will be ours!

And there you go. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Talk to me, my lovelies. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and I’ll catch you later.


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