Wrestling Q&A: Royal Rumble, Nikki Cross & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Royal Rumble, Nikki Cross & More
January 16, 2019

Early Wednesday morning and before I get started for the long day ahead, I think I have time enough to tackle these questions about the world’s greatest sport, sent to me late Monday night by loyal reader and Saltaholic, Jesse. Let’s get to it, shall we…

Thoughts on title switch with Bobby Lashley defeating Ambrose and Seth Rollins to win the Interecontinental Championship?

Probably long overdue. For whatever reason, Ambrose’s current heel run just seems to be dead in the water to me and his feud against his former SHIELD brother, Seth, has quickly lost steam. Lashley, though not a personal favorite of mine, has momentum going on and giving he and mouthpiece Lio Rush an opportunity to see what they can do with the IC title was probably a good call. It frees up both Seth and Dean to focus more on the Rumble, the Universal Championship and each other until they can move on to someone or something else. Seth doesn’t need a title and Ambrose was dragging it down so moving the title away from them and on to someone who can benefit was probably a good call.

Was WWE right to replace Braun Strowman in the title match against Brock at the Royal Rumble?

Most likely, this soon after the surgery on his elbow, Braun probably couldn’t get medically cleared by WWE doctors to be part of the match, thus requiring a change. It’s a good move anyway because much like Ambrose, Braun has lost his momentum and has quickly become almost boring and the fans are losing interest. He’s not ready to be the top guy on the roster yet, but at the same time, another loss to Brock would pretty much too much for him to take. Balor on the other hand is quickly regaining the momentum that he lost due to injuries and being overlooked for so long and the fans are clearly behind the leader of the Balor Club. He can survive a win or loss and either way will be okay.

Do you think Finn Balor was the right person to replace Strowman?

I answered that in the last question. Balor is gaining momentum with the WWE fans again and he has a legit reason for wanting to be the Champion again. He can survive either winning or losing as the case may be and is probably the best choice available who isn’t same-old, same old or tied up with someone else at the moment (Seth).

Who do you think will win the Women’s Tag Team titles at Elimination Chamber?

There will be six teams three from Smackdown and three from RAW in the match to determine the new champions. I’ve heard rumors about Trish and Lita coming back for this and I also think that the Bellas will find a way to get into the match as well. Then you have the Riott Squad, Natayla & Ronda, Bayley & Sasha, Tamina & Nia, Carmella & Naomi, the Iconics and a few other teams. For me, the early favorites have to be the Riott Squad. If it’s the Bellas, we riot. And same goes for Lita & Trish. I’ll go for the Ruby and the girls for this one.

Thoughts on the RAW debut of Nikki Cross?

She looked strong. She had energy and came across as slightly demented and fun to watch. We saw the NXT version of Cross on RAW Monday night and if they keep this incarnation of her character, she probably has a big future ahead of her.

Early favorites to win the two Royal Rumble matches?

For the men, Seth Rollins has to be the biggest favorite. And of course Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles are the other top choices. For the women, obviously it’s Charlotte or Becky who are top favorites to win.

What past stars do you think we’ll see appear as surprises in the Rumble matches?

For the men, the most obvious is Batista who will be there to set up a thing with Triple H if HHH is available and cleared to wrestling and maybe Orton if he’s not. Others who we may see include Velveteen Dream, “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright, Booker T, Kane, Shawn Daivari & The Hurricane. As for the women, there are not thirty women on the WWE Women’s roster so you know that they’ll have to go to NXT and a few ringers to make it all flesh out and fill that ring up. My guesses would be Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria), Lita, Trish Stratus, WWE Hall of Famer Ivory, Kharma & Jazz.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, questions or comments, please give me a shout. Until the next time, take care and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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