10 Days Of Dougie – Day 6: Drive In Movies, Heartache & Sleep…

10 Days Of Dougie – Day 6
Drive In Movies, Heartache & Sleep
January 22, 2019

Good evening and welcome to Day 6 of the most eclectic, infamous and just plain whacked blog series ever, it’s time for some “Days Of Dougie”. Evening? Well, by the the time I write and post this, it will be past midnight and technically morning so let’s change that. Good morning! That’s better. I meant to have this finished much earlier today, but I had a lazy day and didn’t really do much of anything but read. Well, a few other things too because I do have responsibilities, but when I wasn’t being an adult and doing the necessary adulting that I had to do, I just slept and read and then read some more. A great story over at FanFiction.net about Harry Potter and Xander from the Buffy show. It was 11 chapters and roughly 60,000 words, give or take. And now I have to wait for it to be updated so I can read more. Now I know how the people who read my fic stories feel. Normally though, if I’m posting a fiction story that I’ve written, I wait until it’s finished before I post and then do it all at once. I know how I get and my interest tends to wane a bit after a few thousand words and I don’t want to leave the readers hanging so it’s all or nothing. I’ve probably got at least a dozen stories half written and stored on my computer that I need to finish and post one day. And one day, I will do just that. Probably not in this lifetime, but then again, who knows.

But that’s something to focus on at another time. This here is Day 6 of the “Ten Days Of Dougie” series, where I pick topics at random out of the so-called “Magic Bag” and then, with no chance to research or prepare, just cut loose and start writing. It’s what we do around here and can be quite interesting and fun. It can also be pretty lame sometimes, but we hope for the best and just have to find out how it goes together. There is no do-overs in picking the topics. It’s draw out the subject, grit the teeth a bit, take a deep breath and go. And that’s what we’re going to do.

So where is the Magic Bag? I have it here on my desk and it’s time to see what up for tonight. We have: Drive In Movies, Heartache and Sleep. I sense lameness already, but I’ll try to do something with these. So are you ready? And away we go…

Ok, the only thing I did then was go to bed. I wimped out on y’all, my friends. Now I have two “Days of Dougie” to do today, not to mention the two wrestling Q&A’s and the four “5 Questions” I have waiting in the wings. So this should be an eventful and busy day. But in my defense, I was tired. I feel much better now. So let’s pick up where I left off. And away we go…

Drive In Movies…

Drive in movies are a classic piece of Americana that no one really thinks or hears about much anymore. I’m sure that there are a few still out and about and active each weekend, but for most people, the idea of sitting in their car, listening to a lousy speaker full of crackles and buzzing, watching a giant screen isn’t, especially in this age of streaming videos, watching DVD’s and watching everything on a cell phone, isn’t that appealing. Personally, I’ve always found them charming and fascinating and pretty damn cool.

When I think about Drive In movies, I have three things that come to mind. The first is a story my Mom has often told me about when I was little and a sniveling little brat (my words – not hers). It would have been around 1969 or so because I was three, maybe four years old and my Mom and Dad decided to have a family thing and take all of us kids (all five of us) to the drive-in picture show. I don’t know what movie we all went to see, but picture this, two adults and five kids, from ages 3 to 13, stuffed in a car for two hours watching a movie. Does that sound like a good idea to you? Yeah, what the hell were they thinking? They weren’t obviously. But the story goes like this. I was allegedly so whining and annoying and such a pain that Ma wanted to leave me at the movie place, but Dad wouldn’t let her and then ended up taking all of us to Hardee’s instead. I know how Mom is and Dad too and while I was too young at the time to care, I think about it now and can’t help but chuckle. Why they didn’t just leave me on someone’s doorstep, I don’t know. I was a brat! And I can imagine Mom doing her freak-out thing and Dad just saying, “Evelyn, calm down”. But they didn’t leave me there, we had hot dogs and no more family nights for a while and everything worked out in the end.

The second thing that comes to mind about Drive In’s and anyone who has ever lived in Laurinburg knows what this one will be. It’s the Flamingo Drive In. Located where some apartments are now and just beside Neal Lane was an adult, aka XXX rated Drive in movie place called the Flamingo for several years. It was the 70’s and came down sometime in the late 80’s. Like most kids, it was a fascinating place to behold and I remember every time we would ride by there at night, trying to twist our heads to see the big screen and what porno scene was playing, but not be obvious about it. They had the view from the road blocked off pretty well, but after you passed, you could look back and catch a glimpse of the action. And of course, you could go up through Briarwood Apartments, now known as Blue Farm Estates and walk to the back of the apartment complex and walk right up under the screen and watch the action there, along with your friends. And a bunch of horny, adolescent teenagers, we most definitely did, many times. The Flamingo was a Scotland County institution and landmark and I’m sure that most of the so prim and proper Scotland County powers-that-be would love to forget that it ever existed, but I remember. I remember it well.

And my third Drive In thought would be about the movie Grease and that scene between Danny and Sandy where he gives her his ring and then tries to make out with her and she gets mad and walks out. Who can forget that classic line, “Sandy, you can’t just walk out of a drive in!”. And then, rather than chase her down and apologize, Danny, played by John Travolta, goes to the little playground in front of the parking area and between the cars and the big screen, and sings. Well, it is a musical so that’s to be expected, but just imagine how smoother things would have gone for Danny and Sandy if he had just chased her down and apologized then. On second thought, that would have been a lame way to end the movie and no Trashy Leather Clad Sandy at the end so forget I said anything. And let’s move on…


It’s when you’re willing to give up everything for someone and they take it all, but don’t feel the same and use you, cheat on you, lie to you and you’re just a convenience for them and a tool, to be used and manipulated. There are other examples too, but that’s the one I use because it’s the one I’m most familiar with and it’s why I don’t give 100% to anyone anymore. It’s why I hold back and push people away when they get too close or if I feel feeling starting to develop. It’s why my heart turned to stone and why I’m always alone. It’s always the same old story and eventually, the same ending every time got a little old. So I’ve changed the ending a bit and while there’s no “happily ever after” to look forward to, there is also no more tears, no more shaking and crying into the night, no more long walks in the cold night air wondering what’s wrong with me, etc. It’s not me. I just tried to be good and trust and look out for someone. They’re the ass-wipes and stupid idiots who didn’t realize how good they had it and decided to lie, cheat, steal and be general weasels. But not again. I’m open to seeing people and having friends and I’m not totally cutting myself off from the world. If I have 5 billion dollars, I would probably build a wall around my house and keep the illegal aliens out (except for the cute ones), but I’m still alive and breathing and it’s going to take someone mighty special and mighty persistent to break the walls down and get inside to the total package and inner me. And if not, I’ve always got my cat. Moving on…


What is that word you speak of? I am actually doing much better these days and manage to get plenty of sleep, albeit in bits and pieces, here and there, rather than in large doses, but there was a long time that I didn’t sleep all that much. I blame too many years on the third shift so it’s Dairy Mart and Kangaroo’s fault. No, the staying up all night watching Netflix and YouTube and writing has nothing to do with my sleep deprivation. It’s all the fault of working the c-stores. No matter that I was staying up all night back in my school days before I worked the stores and that I still have no set sleep schedule even now, five years after working my last (I hope) c-store. I grab a nap when I can and feel tired. It works. And I guess it’s all part of getting older. At one time in my life, two or three hours a day and lots of showers, I was good to go for days and weeks at a time. Now, not so much. Bottom line is, sleep is good. Do it!

And that’s all of this for now. Time to close this baby up and get busy on other stuff, like all the stuff I mentioned earlier plus my adult responsibilities to the Food Bank and a few errands. It’s going to be a busy day. Plus I just had a phone call a few minutes ago and I’ve got a Doctor’s appointment in the morning so I have to do three months of getting healthy and taking care of myself and cram it into 24 hours so Dr. Wolonick won’t fuss at me and give me “the look”. Oh vey! I’m in so much trouble.

But that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and any questions, comments or thoughts, feel free to drop me a line and let’s chat. Have a great one and I’ll catch you later. Take care.


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