Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Rock, Vince Russo, Benoit, Tyrus & Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Rock, Vince Russo, Benoit, Tyrus & Much More
January 22, 2019

This is a long one and probably would be better broken up into two pieces instead of one, but what’s the fun in that? I have a large backlog to play catch up on and less is more, right? I’ll just try to keep my answers and comments short and pithy. My thanks to Matt, Jesse and Kenneth for blowing up my mailbox and being inquisitive. They send me questions and I’ll provide the answers. And away we go…

If the Rock is available for a match at Wrestlemania, who should his opponent be?

The ideal opponent would be Roman Reigns, but that’s not going to happen. Since Lars Anderson seems to have vanished, I guess his rumored program with John Cena has been scrapped so that means Cena would be available, but we’ve already seen that one. I think Miz and Shane will be fighting at the big show, but if not, Miz versus Rock would be a great match to see. How about The Rock versus the returning Kevin Owens? Imagine the promos. The match itself would rock, but the build would be awesome. And “the Great One” versus “the Broken One”, the Rock versus Matt Hardy, would indeed be WONDERFUL!

Vince Russo in the WWE Hall of Fame – yes or no?

While an argument can be made for his contributions to WWE and the Attitude Era, more arguments can be made about what an annoying piece of crap and pinhead that he is so I would say no… unless Jim Cornette is the one allowed to “induct him”. If that’s the case, my answer would be “take my money and give me a front row seat. Hell yeah!”.

Mike & Maria Kanellis have allegedly asked for their releases from WWE. Thoughts?

This rumor is out there and Maria came out and made a statement denying it, but then a planned show for Maria and Mike on The Network has been pulled from it’s scheduled debut next month so who knows for sure. Their career since coming to the WWE has been less than spectacular and honestly, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis would probably be better off going back to ROH or maybe AEW than staying in the WWE. WWE probably pays better, but unless something changes big time, I don’t see much for their future in regards for a WWE push any time soon.

When Kevin Owens returns, should he be a face or heel?

Start off as a face since everyone will be so glad to see him back and he’s naturally funny anyhow, then have him do a dastardly turn on someone who is dumb enough to trust him. A feud against Finn Balor would be good or maybe even a program with The Rock as I mentioned earlier would be good.

If evidence was found that cleared Chris Benoit of the murder of his family, would WWE induct him into the Hall of Fame?

If by some chance that was to happen, I don’t think that WWE would have a choice but to induct Benoit AND wife Nancy (Woman) into the HOF, along with a big apology, but I also don’t think that will ever happen. Benoit was a great wrestler and had a career that was definitely Hall of Fame worthy as a wrestler, a Horseman and a WWE Champion, but what happened that weekend and the murder / suicide that took the lives of his wife and son, as well as himself, will forever overshadow his wrestling career as it should and he will forever be denied that spot in the Hall of Fame.

Do you think Tyrus (Brodus Clay) will ever return to the WWE?

As an in-ring performer, I would say no, but to make an appearance playing off his success as a rising star with Fox News and FoxNation, it definitely is not beyond the realm of possibility. I think it would actually be a good move for WWE to grab Tyrus while he’s hot with the Fox crowd and do some crossover stuff. It would definitely draw eyes to the product and be a good way to promote both the WWE product and perhaps Wrestlemania as well as Tyrus’s own shows with Fox. He’s still in wrestling shape and does the occasional match so maybe this is an idea that WWE and Tyrus should discuss and explore.

How would you rate Sable as a wrestler?

She was not a great in-ring performer, but honestly, did far better than she had any right to and was capable of having a decent match with a capable opponent. She was like the Bella’s now in that while I wouldn’t want to put her in there against a rookie, she could still carry her end of a match and be counted on to hit her spots and have a real and solid match. As a character, she was a big part of the WWE Attitude Era and while not one of my personal favorites, she put her time in and paid her dues and did her work in and out of that ring. She’s no Charlotte or Ivory in that ring, but she was not a Linda Miles or Aysa either. She was somewhere in between.

Do you think AEW would be better off running shows in partnership with other companies such as the NWA, Impact Wrestling, ROH and New Japan or would things work better if they only ran strictly AEW shows?

I think that while it’s important to establish their own identity and grow as a promotion and brand, a few co-branded shows, where they are either the top branded company or at least equals, depending on the show and the promotion, can’t and wouldn’t hurt that much and could be good as AEW works on filling out their rosters and developing their brand. They just have to be careful as to how much they give and that they keep the AEW name strong and out there in a positive manner rather than let themselves be overshadowed.

Who would be on your Mt.Rushmore for Japanese wrestlers?

Right off the top of my head, I’d go with Antonio Inoki, Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsurta and The Great Muta.

Should AEW hire Vince Russo?

No way, shape or form of Russo should be allowed anywhere the AEW brand or product.

Are you excited about the return of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper?

I’ve always been a big fan of Harper and think that he and Rowan bring a lot to the WWE tag team scene. I hate that stupid “Bludgeon Brother” name and gimmick, but I enjoy the team and seeing them perform and wrestle and yes, I am excited and happy that they’ll be back soon from injuries.

Which recent NXT call-up are you the most excited for?

Probably EC3. The former Impact World Champion didn’t really need the NXT time, but it probably won’t hurt either. He’s a good wrestler with a lot of talent and charisma and exactly what the WWE likes in a superstar. I think his future in the WWE as part of the main roster should be very strong.

Would you like to see Rhyno get a singles push in WWE?

One last big run for the former ECW World Champion? I’d like to see it and what Rhyno can do against talents like Seth, Ambrose, Balor and others. It would probably make for some good matches and be fun to watch.

Do you think that Braun Strowman is damaged goods?

Yes, I do. His change to a face was good and he had the fans behind him, but WWE has just played loose and stupid ever since with the big man. Is he a face? Is he a heel? I still haven’t figured out what the deal was with the Money In The Bank contract and how that played out. Strowman could be a really big deal, but with repeated losses to Brock as well as looking like a big idiot in recent dealings with Vince and Baron Corbin when he was the acting General Manager, I think that he’s on the downslide and falling fast.

Thoughts on David Crockett as an announcer?

David was okay, but he got too emotional and was so damn biased before being the partisan announcer was cool, it wasn’t even funny. The fact that WCW didn’t retain David for an announcing role when they took over Crockett speaks for itself. David could be good in small doses, but all in all, he was not the best person to be there alongside Bob Caudle.

Dan Severn (in his prime) versus Brock Lesnar ­- who wins?

I have much respect for Severn and that is one tough mo-fo, but we’re talking about Brock here. With his speed advantage, the size advantage and his college wrestling background, I think Brock would know that he’s been in a fight, but would find his groove and eventually take Severn out easily when the smoke clears and the dust settles.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions you’d like answered, please give me a shout. Until the next time, stay safe and always support your local Indy wrestling companies and wrestlers. Until the next time, take care.


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