Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Dean Ambrose, Royal Rumble, Jeff Jarrett & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Ambrose, Royal Rumble, Jeff Jarrett & More
January 31, 2019

Welcome to my nightmare. No, I’m not channeling my inner Alice Cooper this morning, but that bed was so damn comfy and yet, here I am, awake way too early and with a blanket wrapped around me. Usually cold doesn’t bother me, but I’m about to freeze this morning. Hell, if I’m cold, what about all those poor folks in Chicago and the mid-west? Prayers out to them and please, stay inside and don’t go out. It’s colder out there than a wrestling promoter’s heart. Yeah, what heart. My point exactly.

It’s time to do a little quick wrestling Q&A. The questions come to me from Jesse, Matt and a new addition to the Saltine Asylum, Denise. Thank you much to these fine people for sending me some questions to answer and thanks to everyone taking the time to sit here and read this stuff as well. I do it all for you. Now, let’s talk some rasslin…

Thoughts on Dean Ambrose giving notice to WWE?

Well, at first I was thinking that Ambrose is probably tired of the lackluster way his career has been going since he came back from his last injury. He was a top guy as the “Lunatic Fringe” and now, he’s a mid-card bathroom break and about as exciting to watch as Tamina Snuka cutting a promo. (Burn) Ambrose can leave the WWE, work some other places like AEW and New Japan and get his groove back. No big deal. But what is with WWE acknowledging that Ambrose didn’t sign up for another run? They don’t do that. Ambrose had a decent run in the Rumble match and was featured on RAW, albeit a loss to Seth and an encounter with Nia Jax. My BS alarm has started sounding off though and I think back to the last time a top star’s contract was on the verge of expiring and that guy won the WWE title and then took a walk for a few weeks before coming back and having a great run as the WWE Champion. While Ambrose is certainly no CM Punk, I think the same sort of scenario applies here. If he was leaving for sure, they’d bury him, keep him off TV and would “no comment” when asked about his contract status. So Ambrose probably isn’t going anywhere. It’s a work.

What were your favorite moments of the Royal Rumble?

Seeing Hornswoggle pop up from under the ring during the Women’s Rumble was cool. Having Pete Dunne and Allistar Black in the Rumble was cool. Watching Titus stop and not slide under the ring again was good. And Curt Hawkins actually managed to eliminate someone before being eliminated. That was cool And lastly, that RKO by Orton on Nia Jax. I’m not an Orton fan, but I popped.

Did you like seeing Nia Jax in the Men’s Rumble Match?

Well, I hate that it came at the expense of R-Truth, but he’s come out better for it as of this past Tuesday night so no big deal. It was a surprise at a Rumble event short on surprises and hell, it was cool to see Nia get into the guys faces and them trying to figure out how to respond before finally having Nia eat a superkick from Dolph, a 619 from Rey and that RKO from Orton. It made for a good Rumble moment.

Are you looking forward to Ronda versus Becky and Brock versus Seth at Wrestlemania?

For Ronda and Becky, most definitely. The build has been excellent and I think these two women are going to really tear down the house and steal the show when their match finally happens. As for Brock and Seth, I’m not a big Seth fan, but he can definitely go and is the best choice on the RAW roster to be going after Brock and that Universal Championship. If Brock is half as motivated as he’s been in his last two matches, against Daniel Bryan and Finn Balor, these two men will have a match for the ages and give us a great match. No complaints really for either match from me.

Should Becky versus Ronda be the main event and headline Wrestlemania?


Is Jeff Jarrett signing with the WWE as a producer and talent a good thing?

A guy with over thirty years experience in the business who’s been a talent as well as a promoter himself and has done everything there is to do in this business, both in the ring and behind the scenes and he’s still a relatively young man, this is definitely a good thing. I’d put this on par with when Eric Bischoff joined the WWE and when Paul Heyman came aboard as well. Jarrett was the man who started TNA / Impact Wrestling and then Global Force Wrestling. He’s worked as a regional star and promoter and for the “big boys” in WCW and WWE. If he and Vince have truly mended fences as they seem to have done, this is nothing but good for the WWE and for Jarrett as well. Now choke on that, slapnuts!

Who were the MVP’s of the men and women’s Royal Rumble matches?

For the men, I’ll go with Curt Hawkins, He didn’t win, but he did eliminate Titus O’Neill. He’s back on track and that streak will soon be behind him. Hawkins wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania? Works for me. As for the women, I’ll go with Carmella. No real reason, but I just like Carmella and I can’t think of the name of the woman who straddled and climbed the corner ringpost to avoid elimination. She had the most impressive moment and obviously knows how to work a pole, but I don’t feel like looking up her name and Carmella rocks anyways so…

What’s it going to take to get Jarrett versus Elias in a “Guitar On A Pole” match?

Speaking of poles, who wouldn’t want to see this match happen? Based on what happened between these two at the Rumble match and then what went down with Jeff, Elias and The Road Dogg (Oh you didn’t know) on RAW on Monday night, this match really should happen. Maybe we’ll see it on RAW next week. I know it’s a little too Russo-ish for today’s WWE, but two men who both swing guitars and sing. It’s either this or a karaoke sing-off and the way Jarrett sings, no one wants that. Guitar on a Pole? Make it happen Vince.

At what age did you start watching wrestling?

I’ve been watching wrestling and going the matches since I was literally in diapers, probably 2 or 3 years old. Over fifty years of being a die-hard fan here and proud of it.

Did you enjoy the “Ragin’ Bull” Manny Fernandez?

Not really. He’s good in the ring and I can go back and appreciate it now, but when I used to watch Manny in the NWA and then in WCW, he just kind of seemed ‘Eh” to me. He was boring and not much of a promo guy and I honestly didn’t think much about him one way or the other. I respect the guy and what he accomplished in his career and I’ve listened to some really good shoot interviews with Manny as well, but he’s just not one of my favorites.

And there you go. My thanks again for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, give me a shout. Please stay warm and safe and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care and have a great one.


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