Opposing Views FoF: Amazon, Virginia, Biden & More…

Opposing Views
Fact or Fiction
Amazon, Virginia, Biden & More
February 18, 2019

I haven’t done a “Fact or Fiction” column in a while. 411mania has quit, for some reason, doing the wrestling and music FoF columns so I haven’t been able to use their statements and I’ve been too busy (lazy actually, but busy sounds better) to come up with some of my own. But I’ll do better in the days and weeks to come. I promise. But anyways, it’s been a busy and crazy week in the world of U.S. politics and I was going to do a rant, but I’ve noticed my loyal readers (all seven of you) don’t like it when I get too political and bash the snowflakes and whackos from DC too much so I decided no rant. Just a little FoF to pass the time, get this out of my system and express my democratic right to roll my eyes and sigh when talking about the Democrats. Hell, the bad thing is, I’m a registered Democrat, but the party has changed so much and not for the better over the past twenty or so years, it’s just insane. And so are most of the people in charge. It’s not about helping others and making / keeping our country strong anymore. It’s all about power and control and keeping the people weak and submissive so they can be used and manipulated. That’s both political parties actually, but at least the Republican’s are more subtle about it. Pelosi and Schumer and Clinton… oh vey! But that’s a discussion for another day. Today it’s all about the Fact or Fiction and some “opposing views”. Hang on to your MAGA hats, my friends. And away we go…

Amazon was right to pull their plans to build a new HQ in New York City?

FACT: Absolutely. Amazon wanted to come to Long Island and build a new HQ. 25,000 jobs that pay over 100,000 per year. Over a million square feet of real estate. And in return, they were to be given a little over two billion dollars in tax breaks over a ten year period. Yeah, they’re getting a great deal, but the tax breaks came with provisions. Amazon had to meet the goals of 25,000 jobs, was going to foot the bill for rebuilding the outdated sewage system for the area they were planning to locate in and there were all sorts of neighborhood revitalization plans on tap as well. And what New York didn’t get in the taxes from Amazon, they would have made up for in over 30 billion dollars in payroll taxes from the new jobs. But what happened? The City Council of New York decided that wasn’t good enough. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez weighed in and slammed Amazon for being greedy. Compared to what New York City and the people would have been getting in return, the tax breaks were next to nothing. It was good business for all parties involved, but the politicians showed their true colors, preferring to play their games rather than look out for their community and wanted more and more. And Amazon rightfully said “screw that” and changed their minds. If New York doesn’t want them and is this difficult now, can you imagine how things would be in the years to come? Amazon called their bluff, took their ball and went back home. Now some other state will get all the benefits and the politicians of New York City are sitting there with egg on their face trying to find a way to explain to their people how they screwed up and dropped the ball. Of course, they’ll blame Amazon and make them the bad guy, but Amazon isn’t the bad guy this time. Anyone with half a brain can see that and let’s hope that they remember it when election time comes around.

Donald Trump is correct in calling the need for a wall at the Southern border a “national emergency”.

FACT: The bottom line to all of this is that walls work and we have a major problem with illegal immigrants sneaking across the border and entering our country illegally. It’s nearly reached epidemic proportions and even Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer have all at one point or time referred to the problems of illegal immigration as “epidemic” and as “major issues” and “problematic”. Of course, that was all when Barack Obama was President, but just because the President has changed doesn’t mean that the situation has. If walls didn’t work, then why does Speaker Pelosi have one around her home in California? The argument is that the walls won’t stop all of the illegal immigrants and that’s true. But it will stop some of them and make it more difficult for the illegals to get into the U.S. and even if it just cuts the flow in half, that’s half the problem solved. Trump is right about the need for stronger security and more barriers at the border and if the Democrats in Congress would rather play political games instead of working in that direction, then Trump was correct to do what he had to do (and has the authority to do as President). Even a partial solution is better than nothing at all and that’s what the Democrats are offering. Nothing.

The Green New Deal put forth by Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is a good idea.

FICTION: Read this thing. It’s not doable at all to start. The costs would bankrupt the country. It would eventually eliminate planes, cars and private insurance. It says that it will provide all for all and has no way of doing just that. Bottom line is this bill is just as bat-shit crazy as the brain-dead idiot who has put it out there. It’s not even worth the paper it’s printed on.

Congresswoman Alhan Omar should resign over her anti-Semitic comments.

FICTION: Unlike many others, I don’t think that Omar should resign from office. She was elected by the people of her district for some reason and even though she obviously has a hatred for the Jews and especially the nation of Israel, this is America and she is protected by the First Amendment, regardless of how stupid, ignorant and stupid-ass those comments may be. If she was a Republican, then there would be no other option, but resignation, but since she’s of Arabic descent, a woman and a Democrat, that’s not an option. But what should happen is that House leadership (Pelosi) should follow the precedent set by the Republican’s when Congressman Steve King was stripped from all his assignments on House Committees after making what was seen as racist remarks. Speaker Pelosi should do the same for Omar. As King learned, actions have consequences and while she is free to be as racist and bigoted as she likes, there can and should also be consequences for those words. So let her keep the seat, but pull her from the prime spots where she can get publicity and have a degree of power. That’s what should (but won’t) happen. Instead, it’s a slap on the wrist and a “bad girl” (wink wink) from Pelosi and House leaders. The hypocrisy runs wild.

In Virginia, the Governor, Lt.Governor and Attorney General should all step down and resign from office.

FICTION: If you go by the standards that Democrats set in the Kavanaugh hearings, then all three should have resigned immediately. For the Governor and the Attorney General, they’re obviously racists wince they once work black-face to impersonate musicians that they idolized and respected. As for the Lt. Governor, what was it said that women are to be believed? If one (and now two) women are making accusations against him, then he’s obviously guilty and should reign immediately and never be allowed to hold public office again. That’s the Democratic standards that they used against Kavanaugh and use against anyone with a (R) next to their name. But this is America and there is a saying that says “guilty until proven innocent” and I still think that should be true. Let’s tackle the Governor and Attorney General first. What they’re accused of, wearing black face, happened thirty years ago. It was a different world and different time and the reasons they’ve given were not because of racism or bigotry, but to emulate and pay homage to men that they respected. While the Governor should be smacked across the head for his stupid comments at the start, saying he’s “not sure” if that was him in the photo on his yearbook page and then trying to say “Nope, not me” 24 hours later, who the hell cares? It’s not like he was a Klansman (Robert Byrd D-WV) or used Confederate flags on his campaign materials (Bill Clinton 1992, Hillary Clinton 2008). They were both in talent shows trying to impersonate black entertainers and it’s a stupid controversy anyways. As for the Lt. Governor, if being accused of raping women was grounds for removing someone from office, then Bill Clinton would have been removed on Inauguration Day in 1992 and Senator Cory Booker would be out of a job right now. Accusations are just that. Accusations. Let the police investigate and if there is evidence then file criminal charges and if that happens, then he should resign. But in this world full of he said, she said, no one can be taken just at their word anymore. It’s sad that is how things have become, but it is what it is and how things have to be. Personally, based on what I’ve heard, I think he’s guilty as hell and probably did force those two women into sex, but what I think doesn’t matter. What any of us think doesn’t matter until we get to the ballot box. If charges are filed and there is sufficient evidence to bring the man to trial, then he should step down as Lt. Governor, but so long as it’s just accusations, then he should stay and remain right where he’s at.

Former Vice President Joe Biden would be toughest challenger on the Democratic side for President Trump in 2020.

FACT: Based on the current list of contenders and wanna-be’s who have announced thus far, Biden is definitely the most formidable opponent that may try to run againset Trump in 2020. Unlike most of the others, he’s actually likable and personable, plus he’s not totally out there and bat-shit crazy. He’s bad for gaffes and seems to have a think for wandering hands on young women, but that’s just “Crazy Uncle Joe” and when compared to “Spartacus”, Kamala and “Pocahantas”, he is definitely a big step up and improvement. He’s old as hell, but doesn’t act or look it and is more of a moderate “every man” who just happened to be the Vice President for 8 years under Obama so he has that going for him as well. If Biden does decide to win and can get past all the crazy and insanity that is the current Democratic party to be the nominee, I think that President Trump will have one hell of a fight on his hands. The rest of the Crazycrats, not quite so much.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments, questions or opinions to express, let me know. Have a great one and I’ll catch you later. Oh yeah, and BUILD THAT WALL! Let’s make America great again! Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care!


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