Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Rhyno, Nick Bockwinkle, Bruiser Brody & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Rhyno, Nick Bockwinkle, Bruiser Brody & More
April 6, 2019

Not much time this morning, but a lot of questions to get to as provided by the lovely Jesse. My thanks, broski. And now, let’s just get straight to work.

If WWE does a “house-cleaning” after Wrestlemania, who do you think should be worried?

I don’t think that WWE will be doing any major cleaning house anytime soon, at least not anything in proportion to days past. AEW is out there now and WWE doesn’t want to give them any help, not to mention the new Fox deal this fall for Smackdown and WWE wants to have as much talent as possible to use for that too. But Rhyno has stated that his contract expires in July and I really doubt that he’ll be back with a full time deal after that. Maybe a “Legend’s Contract”, but not as a every day talent. I think Alicia Fox, especially after the stunt that helped Arn Anderson to be fired, might have her head on the chopping block. But apart from those two names, any other terminations will most likely be the choice of the wrestler not to renew their deal rather than WWE firing them.

Thoughts on Bruiser Brody being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the “Legacy Class”?

If there is anyone in this sport, past or present, that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, Brody is the one. His legacy still lives strong even decades after his murder in Puerto Rico and he definitely was an iconic figure in the history of professional wrestling. It’s an honor well deserved and congratulations to the family of this true legend.

Does Rhyno belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

For what he accomplished in ECW as the last ECW Champion and also strong runs in WWE and TNA, Rhyno is definitely a strong contender for an eventual spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. Others have gone in for far less accomplishment and Rhyno continues even now to be a strong talent for the WWE, albeit misused and forgotten far too often. But based on the whole of his career, that big gold ring should one day be on that finger.

Does Heath Slater belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Maybe ten or fifteen years down the road, I could see Slater getting a nod. His career has been solid, but has fallen more into a supporting and comedy role than anything else for the past couple of years, but he’s kept a job and fan base and let’s be honest, he’s a likeable guy and damn good in that ring. Slater is the guy who you want to help others look great. He’s not “the star”, but can do comedy, serious, great wrestling, good promos and the fans react and connect. He won’t be a first round pick for the Hall of Fame eventually, but for solid worker and team player, he’s definitely worthy.

What are the first names that come to mind when you hear the words “tag team”?

Anderson Brothers (Ole & Gene) or the Midnight Express. Other teams are good, but these two iconic teams set the standards and set the bar for everything that tag team wrestling could and should be. The Andersons wrote the book and the Midnights wrote the bonus chapters. Every other team is just reading and trying to catch up.

What about the letters “ECW”?

So far as performers go, the first names that come to mind are Paul Heyman and Raven. Heyman of course was the man behind the scenes and the boss of the company who took it as far as it could go and Raven was one of the top stars for the company for many years. Tommy Dreamer also comes to mind which makes sense since in many ways, he was the heart and soul of ECW during it’s prime.

Do you think Hulk Hogan will make an appearance during the Wrestlemania event?

I don’t think he’ll be in the ring cutting a promo, brother, but so far as a cameo and backstage appearance, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a flash of red and yellow, brother!

Do you consider Nick Bockwinkle to be over-rated or under-rated?

Definitely under-rated. I recently watched a tag match from Japan where Nick teamed with Harley Race to face Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen and Nick could definitely hold his own with anyone. I think that Nick gets a lot of slack because he chose to stay primarily in the AWA for most of his career and didn’t work with the NWA or WWF all that much, but why should he? He made great money with a limited schedule and was the cornerstone for that company for decades. But there is no wrestler in that ring, bar none, who were smoother or better. Nick didn’t get the exposure of Ric Flair or Harley Race or Bruiser Brody, but he was just as good, just as smooth and could hold his own with anyone in the business.

If you were going to cast an Avengers movie using WWE Superstars, who would you use?

I’ll stick with the main movie for this otherwise, with all the additions coming up with the Infinity War and Endgame, we’d be here all day. As Tony Stark / Iron Man, I’d go with the most must-see performer in WWE history, The Miz. For the role of Captain America, I think Randy Orton has the best look and would be able to do it well. For the role of The Black Widow, how about Asuka. Ok, maybe not even though she’s certainly dangerous enough and has that aura about her. Let’s go with Becky Lynch. For Bruce Banner / Hulk, we could use Daniel Bryan. Hawkeye would be played by Curtis Axel. You know I have to look out for the “Axe Man” and put him somewhere. And for Nick Fury, let’s go with Titus O’Neill. And there you go.

If you were trapped on an island with Vince Russo, Enzo Amore and Tammy Sytch, which one annoy you the most?

If I was stuck on an island with those three, I think ritual suicide is the proper way to go. I could probably get along with Russo the best but so far as getting on my nerves, I think Tammy might be the worst for that.

Should the WWE Annual Women’s Battle Royal at Wrestlemania be named after someone, as the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is and if so, who?

It was originally supposed to be named in honor of Fabulous Moolah, but then the whole revisionist, me-too, politically correct era of today took a notice and Moolah was decided to be bad and evil and she wasn’t a nice person (and every wrestling fan over twenty-five went “Duh!”) and those plans were yanked. It should have a name though. I’d go with a dedication to Sherri Martel myself, but since she died of a drug overdose, I guess WWE doesn’t want to walk down that path. Another name that comes to mind is Penny Banner, but the modern fans don’t know who that is. They should though so go look her up and if you can find a copy of her book “Banner Days”, read it and learn. She was awesome. Sue Green and Velvet McIntyre are still alive as is Wendi Richter and Madusa so that rules them out. I would go with Sherri Martel if I was WWE. She definitely is memorable and deserving.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Questions, comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, have a great one and take care. Don’t forget the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony tonight on the Network and tomorrow, Wrestlemania 35. I’ll see you after the shows.


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