Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: WWE Hall of Fame Stuff, Enzo & Cass & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, Enzo & Cass & More
April 7, 2019

These were waiting for me in my mailbox this morning, courtesy of the ever so awesome Matt. Let’s get busy and do this…

Thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony?

I watched last night, part of it with my bro and the fam and then the rest when I came home and it was a damn good event. It moved quickly, we had some surprises, an asshole spot, some comments that surely made Vince McMahon grit his teeth in the back room, some tender and sad moments and ended with lots and lots of shenanigans. Something for everyone. Wasn’t it nice to see how quickly Harry Smith Jr, The New Day, Shane McMahon & Ronda Rousey’s hubby, among others, responded when that dumb dipshit hit the ring and tackled Bret Hart? And The Revival’s Dash Wilder went “old school” and busted that moron in the face hard and walked away like, “Oops, he fell!”. Stevie Ray gave praise to both Ole Anderson and the recently fired Arn Anderson and HHH got in quite a few shots at AEW as well. Torrie Wilson handled the death of her father just a couple of days ago like a trooper and many kudos to her. It was just an eventful and amazing night for all persons involved.

Enza & Cass invade the ROH / New Japan show at MSG. Work or shoot?

Definitely a worked shoot. I’m not sure if the Briscoes were clued in because they were laying in on Enzo and Cass pretty hard and the profanity was flying pretty hard, but they’re in Madison Square Garden and you know that Enzo, with his reputation for stupid stunts, would have been noted by security as soon as he entered the arena and warned by ROH / New Japan officials. It’s just like Scott Hall and the start of the nWo all over again except for Hall was someone that fans actually wanted to see and it was the start of a great angle. Enzo though? And Big Cass? I think their “surprise invasion” probably pissed off more fans than excited them. It’s going to be interesting to see how this turns out, but my suspicions is that it will go about as well as Enzo’s new career as a rapper. “What career?”, you ask. Exactly.

X-Pac suggested last night that the Women’s Battle Royal should be named the “Chyna Memorial Battle Royal”. Thoughts?

I actually talked about this yesterday and my suggestion was Sherri Martel, but Chyna, now that they’ve jumped the hurdle and broken the ice by inducting her into a well deserved spot in the Hall of Fame, would make for a great choice. Yeah, she did stupid stuff while still alive, but no one can take away what she brought to and gave to the world of wrestling as well. If the annual Women’s Battle Royal is given a name (and it should be), either Sherri or Chyna would both work well for me.

Best induction speech of the night?

I think that everyone did a great job last night. We didn’t have any long rambling speeches like Mr. T, Larry Zbyszko or Hillbilly Jim, who is still giving his even as I write this. The DX spot was incredible, with a mixture of tons of humor that we’d expected mixed with sincere moments and great humility by the group. Torrie Wilson’s speech was inspiring and coming just two days after the death of her father, was heartbreaking and touching at the same time. And for Stevie Ray to give kudos as he did to Ole Anderson and Arn Anderson among others, was really cool. But as great as all of that was (and it was), the best thing was to see Bret Hart and Natayla pick up after the craziness and jump right back into it and finish telling the stories and giving their speeches. Bret has never been one of my favorite wrestlers, but that’s the sign of a true professional and was a great moment for “the Hitman”.

After Stevie Ray’s comments during the Harlem Heat induction, what do you think Ole Anderson’s reaction to being mentioned might be?

Ole will claim that he didn’t see it because he doesn’t watch the Network and refuses to give Vince McMahon his money, but when the word of the mention by Stevie reaches his ears, I’m sure that hell will freeze over and Ole might even crack a smile, albeit a small one. For all the people who talk about how “bitter” Ole is and what a racist he’s supposed to be, this is a big middle finger because if Ole thought you were the real deal and had talent, he would work with you, use you and make money and that’s all that mattered, The person and their character, not the skin color. It was a classy and cool comment by Stevie Ray, that and the homage to Arn Anderson, which I’m sure raised a few eyebrows backstage since Arn was fired by WWE a few weeks ago, and I’m glad and happy he said it. Stevie has always has my respect and it just went up several more notches if that’s possible.

And there you go. Now I have to go get some stuff done so I can get back here for the all day that is today, Wrestlemania 35. Sixteen matches. Oh vey! And probably none of them will be as stiff as Shane McMahon punching the head in on that dude last night. Who says Shane can’t throw a punch? I know one thing though. After the excellent show that was NXT Takeover on Friday – go watch that Velveteen Dream versus Matt Riddle match – awesome. All the matches were damn amazing and good – and then the craziness that went down at the Hall of Fame event last night, the WWE and Mania have their work cut out for them. This should be a mighty interesting night. So watch that tonight and watch all of it, everything, if you can. My thanks for reading all of this. I’ll have more content up on the site later today as well. Questions, comments and anything else, give me a shout. And until the next time, take care and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Have a great one.


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