5 Questions (x2): Biden, Smollett, Cardi B & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions (x2)
Biden, Smollett, Cardi B & More
April 10, 2019

I’ve got lots of questions. They come from the minds of Maddie, Jesse and of course, Facebook. And now, while I have a few free minutes, it’s time to give the answers. Let’s do this…

Do you think the allegations of “inappropiate touching” against former Vice President Joe Biden disqualify him from being a candidate for President of the United States?

Well, given the standards that were applied when Brett Kavanugh was being confirmed for the U.S. Supreme Court, then he is definitely disqualified and should be locked up, beaten like a dog and covered in hot chicken grease. But since Biden is a Democrat, so long as he steps up and toes the line of the new progressive moment, aka gives up all independent thought and starts kissing AOC & Al Sharpton’s ass, he’ll be forgiven. As for my own thoughts on the matter, I could care less. He’s been doing this for seventy years and no one took it seriously until now? I honestly don’t think he means anything by it. He’s just a creepy old dude, but is the touchy type, albeit when he should know better. It doesn’t disqualify him from running for President. It just means that if he was elected, people are even more stupid than I originally thought.

Thoughts about the “suspension of operations” this past week by the AAF (Alliance of American Football)?

They came and tried. It didn’t work. Too bad, but it at least gives Vince and the XFL even more knowledge of what to expect and work around when they launch next year and time enough to make necessary changes to have a better shot at succeeding.

Thoughts on the charges against actor Jussie Smollett being dropped?

It’s totally messed up, totally political and that dude should be charged with every crime he committed, sentenced to prison and serve the maximum sentence. Smollett, with this fake hate crime, gave a big FU to every black person, every gay person and every person who is sincere about bringing people together regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or whatever. It’s Hollywood privilege and all about who you know and justice be damned. Smollett is a piece of shit and the people who got involved and got these charges dismissed, despite all the strong evidence and proof against him, they’re pieces of shit too. Period!

Should Cardi B. be investigated and charged for her admission of “drugging & robbing” men in the past?

While she has admitted to it and has shown what a reprehensible piece of horse shit she truly is, you can’t arrest or prosecute anyone without a crime and a victim and just bragging about being a hoodrat skank in songs isn’t enough. If one or more of her former “victims” comes forward and wants to press charges, then it can happen, but unless that happens, she gets off free.

Favorite kind of soup?

Campbell Bean & Bacon Soup is my all-time favorite, but homemade veggie soup, with lots and lots of beef added, is damn good as well.

What’s your vice? Sex, drugs or rock & roll?

Well I’ve never been into drugs and have pretty much given up drinking so that rules out that choice. Rock & Roll is great, but I’m actually more into old school Jazz and big band stuff, plus old school country. And Alice of course, So I guess that leaves sex. I like sex. I can barely remember what it is since it’s been so long, but sex is good. That’s my vice and I like it.

Where can I find the new flavor of Crown Royal – Crown Royal Peach?

Definitely not at the ABC here in Laurinburg, NC. We’ve been trying to order it for 4 months now and keep getting cut by Raleigh. That’s the disadvantage of only getting one truck a month. I heard Lumberton is supposed to be getting some in this week and Maxton has had it, but are out right now. Just work that phone and call around and sooner or later, you’ll find it. Buy me a bottle. I’ll pay you back.

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Sleep, write and cuddle, not particularly in that order.

What would be your dream car if money was no object?

A 1972 Volkswagen Convertible.

What tears you apart?

Dealing with people who lie, who take things for granted and who hold a place in my heart, but definitely are not the ones I need to or should be around.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Back to the wrestling stuff tonight and I also have many other potential projects waiting in the wings. The next month or so should be a big one here at the site so keep those eyes open and check back frequently. Questions, comments and thoughts, just drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I loves ya, Peeps!


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