Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Lars Sullivan, Gail Kim, Linda McMahon & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Lars Sullivan, Gail Kim, Linda McMahon & More
April 12, 2019

From the minds of Jesse, Eric and Matt come these great questions. From the mind of me come the answers. Let’s do this…

Do you think that Gail Kim will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

This one is kind of iffy because as a wrestler and performer, she definitely is deserving of the honor as her work in Impact shows. Her runs in WWE were okay, but she wasn’t happy and they didn’t really use her to her potential and it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, especially how she exited the company. Does she deserve a spot in a wrestling Hall of Fame? Absolutely. Will it be WWE’s? I seriously doubt it.

Lars Sullivan finally made his debut on RAW Monday night and then showed up on Tuesday to go after the Hardys. Thoughts?

Honestly, the few things I’ve watched with Lars in NXT and on YouTube, I was expecting more. The debuts he had this week were just another big man attacks someone and (yawn) it’s something we see all too often already. It wasn’t a big moment, but just another day at the office. Hopefully, he’ll do something that stands out and makes an impact later down the road, but so far, all I can say is, “So what?”.

What did you think of the rotation of color commentators at Wrestlemania. Good idea?

It was a very good idea and I enjoyed hearing JBL, Paige, Booker and Jerry Lawler get a chance to do their stuff even if it was only for one match. I’ve long said that if there is a wrestler backstage visiting or a legend in the house, let them come out and work the announce table for a match because it breaks the monotony of just the same old announcers, adds a little extra spark to the commentary and gives us, the fans, a chance to catch up and see these great names of the past. WWE did that, in a fashion, at Mania and I think it added to the show.

Any dream matches in WWE you’d like to see?

Kevin Owens versus Bray Wyatt, The B-Team against Breezango, Ronda Rousey versus Asuka – those are the first three that come to mind.

Are the Iconics more like the modern version of LayCool or of the Bella Twins?

Their whole schtick is a rip-off of the Layla / Michelle McCool “LayCool” gimmick, just slightly updated for 2019. And LayCool was a rip-off of TNA’s The Beautiful Girls, which was a rip-off of some stupid show or movie from a few years ago, the name of which I can not remember. Was it Pretty Little Liars? Who knows and who cares really? Nothing in wrestling is original, just tweaked and updated.

Do you think there is still a place for older female superstars like Madusa, Missy Hyatt and Baby Doll in today’s Women’s Revolution?

Absolutely, as mangers, valets, color commentators, guests on video pieces and documentaries, etc. Old wrestlers come back all the time to do things for the company even though they’re not able to wrestle anymore and why should that only apply to women? Madusa would make a great manager for any man or woman in the WWE right now and so would Baby Doll if the story was right? Hell, if Tessa Blanchard ever makes it to the WWE, I could see her brining in Baby Doll as her advisor and manager because that’s who her father, Tully Blanchard, trusts to look after her.

Who would you like to see challenge Samoa Joe for the United States Championship?

Luke Harper, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Elias are the first names that come to mind.

Do you think we’ll ever see The Anderson Brothers (Ole & Gene) as part of the WWE Hall of Fame, most likely as Legacy Inductees?

I think it will eventually happen because you can’t talk about great tag teams and not mention Ole & Gene, the Anderson Brothers. Their success and legacies speak for themselves and they are deserving. I don’t think it will happen so long as Ole is still alive and breathing though. I think the bad blood between he and Vince McMahon is too strong to allow that and the criticism Ole would give would make it too complicated a situation. But once Ole passes, they’ll get that long overdue spot and recognition as one of the best teams ever in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Will Miz’s dad start wrestling in matches?

Lord, let’s hope not. But if he does, they can team him with Nicholas and have Judy Bagwell brought in as their manager.

Should Undertaker have a match at Crown Jewel and if so, who against?

Based on this past Monday night, it looks as if Taker will be wrestling at Crown Jewel and based on how he laid out Elias, that looks as if he’ll be the man across the ring from the Dead Man.

Now that Linda McMahon has left her job as part of the Trump Administration, do you think she’ll rejoin WWE as an executive?

Probably not. While Linda probably acts in an advisory role with the WWE, she’s already taken another job as head of a pro-Trump PAC to help the President get re-elected in 2020. I also suspect that she still has her eyes on a Senate seat in her native state of CT. I don’t think we’ll ever see Linda full time as an Executive in the WWE again. Vince and the kids can handle that and she’s moved on to a life of politics and public service.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and any questions, drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. Have a great one and I’ll see you at the matches.


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