A Day Of Dougie: Peach Crown, Earth Day & More…

A Day Of Dougie
Random Thoughts
Peach Crown, Earth Day & More
April 24, 2019

I have roughly twenty-five minutes to kill before I have to leave here and go to work, to sell alcohol to the masses. What better way to spend this time than just doing a quick “Days of Dougie” piece with the topic of the day being “random thoughts”. Yeah, we’re just going to wing it and see what happens. And away we go.

Monday was Earth Day. And yes, I did my part to pay homage to the goddess Gaea and Earth. I killed a tree. Not just killed, but ran that sucker down and totally demolished it. Ok, nothing really so dramatic, but it did happen. We had this small tree in our front yard. Not so much a tree, but a twig that was growing from the ground. It was an oak, I think, but never really seemed to take root and grow properly. It’s been in our front yard for probably five years now and never grew to more than a tall, thin stick with about five leaves on it. I was leaving the house Monday night, late and it was dark. Well it was night so “dark” is to be expected right? And I was backing into the front yard so as to be able to pull out and leave as opposed to backing into the street and leaving that way. I prefer to pull out forward instead of backing out and taking the chance of hitting a homeless person or alien being on a bicycle. And well, I backed into the yard, forgetting that the “Tiny Tim of Treedom” was there and well, I never heard or felt it. I just backed all over that tree, snapped the top off and kept on keeping on. It’s through, finished and as dead as Jusse Smollett’s career. I killed it. And it was on Earth Day too. I’m a bad person. Oh well, life goes on… unless you’re that tree.

Has anything else happened lately? We had a couple come into the store last night and I made an observation. Married couples that have been together for a long time really do grow to look alike. These two were older, probably in their forties and they had the same style haircut, walked the same, dressed in the same poor white trash style and even had the same mannerisms when speaking. It’s like they were twin robots, but with different genders. And they were all lovey-dovey and it was kind of sickening to watch and hear, but I didn’t have anything else to do at the moment so I watched and listened anyways. Maybe they were actually brother and sister? This is the deep south after all and we’re only a few miles from South Carolina where me calling my best friend my “Bro-Son” doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. I think these two were “sibling couples”. Or they have just been together way too long and have become a single entity. Whatever the reason, it kind of creeped me out watching them. It was so sweet and yet, so scary. There’s a moral in there somewhere and also, probably a warning. I jusr don’t feel like trying to figure out what it is. My bad!

Have you tried the Crown Royal Peach yet? I have managed to get hold of a Fifth of the much desired Adult Beverage and even though I don’t drink anymore and even though I don’t like Peach and even though I have no one to drink with and no where to drink it at, I am planning on partaking in the Peach Crown this weekend sometime. If anyone wants to chill and help me out, let me know. I may just have to get a motel room and get sloppy, obnoxious, perverted and all “Bad Dougie” for a night. Doesn’t that sound like a good time and adventure waiting to happen? Or I may just sit here at the house, be discreet and chillax for a bit while blowing up the computer. That could be fun as well. If any of my Peeps here in the Lbg. area want to do the Dougie this weekend, let me know. I need to do something cause as Coe once said, “the devil in me done been asleep too long”. We’ll see what happens.

And I also need to go now and close this mama out. So thanks for reading and I’m sorry if this wasn’t all fun and thrills for you. Just a quick piece to pass the time, kind of like my ex. Have a great one and hit me up with your thoughts, ideas and any questions about anything that you may have. I’m out of here. Take care and I’ll holler at you later.


portrait of cow standing in pasture
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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