Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Finn Balor, MITB, AEW & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Finn Balor, MITB, AEW & More
April 28, 2019

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and welcome to the ultimate wrestling Q&A, where no subject or topic is off limits, at least not anything wrestling related. I’m up way too early this morning, but it’s all good. Note to self: Peach Crown and a late night encounter with a hoodrat – not a good thing. But he’s cute though. So let’s tackle these queries by the always awesome Jay from CT. And away we go…

1.) Do you think Balor can be a main event guy on Smackdown?

I think Balor, if given the chance, can be a main event guy anywhere he wrestles. The guy is not the biggest, but he’s fast, skilled and has that big “it factor” that draws fans and makes for good stories and matches. Smackdown is a new start for him and in a world where AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have long been the top two guys, a man like Balor should be able to do very well.

2.) Do you like or dislike Becky having both titles?

I’m not crazy about it because it keeps other women away from the titles and out of the spotlight as Becky can only feud with one or two women at a time. I get it that having Becky having to fight on multiple fronts as a double-champion is part of the story and adds to her character, but unless they’re going to just unify the belts, I think she’s proven her point and it’s better for the women’s division to have two top ladies and not just one.

3.) Is Money In the Bank still a popular concept among most WWE fans?

I think so. We talk trash about it and maybe WWE should try to find a way to update and improve on it if they can, but it’s still an exciting match and always intriguing to see who will end up with those contracts and the chances to become a World Champion. As Ryder proved in the ladder match for the IC title a couple of years ago at Mania, anyone can win these matches and that’s what makes it special and exciting.

4.) Are you excited for AEW or just curious at this point?

It’s a mixture of both. I am looking forward to AEW when they get on TV and start running regular events and it is exciting to see a new player in the game, but it’s a cautious excitement since all we’ve had so far is talk and hype and a few t-shirts. One big event (so far) does not a wrestling company make. I hope they do well and can become a must-see production, but so far, it’s all just been hype.

5.) If AEW could get any guy NOT on the WWE roster right now to join them who would it be?

A guy not on the WWE roster that I think AEW should be looking at is my ex-roomie and little brother, Michael Youngblood. I also think that former WWE stars Chris Masters and Carlito would be good considerations for the AEW roster. PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) is a good name that AEW should be looking at although I think he’s under contract to ROH right now. And what the hell… how about a local NC team known as the Atlantic Coast Destruction Crew, aka AC/DC, the team of Ethan Storm and Tazz Jackson. Take some Kronik, throw in a little Demolition and add a dash of The Anderson Brothers and you get these guys. A definite plus for any promotion.

6.) How do you see Lesnar’s future being with WWE?

I think WWE will keep Brock under contract as long as they can and most likely, I’m thinking Crown Jewel, we’ll see the return to TV for “the Beast” and his advocate as they come to try and reclaim that Universal Championship away from Seth Rollins.

7.) Do you see Kofi staying over as champion and getting a legit run at least till Summerslam with the gold?

If Jinder was able to keep the title for nearly half a year, then Kofi should have no problem doing the same thing. If Kofi can get past the challenge of Kevin Owens at the Money In The Bank event, I think it should be smooth selling for him at least until Summerslam or whenever Daniel Bryan is ready to make his return.

8.) Do you think part of why they moved Roman to SD was to get him away from Rollins since that might eventually cause some fans to turn against him (since Rollins is popular)?

I think part of it was to keep Rollins and Roman apart because they’re both top guys and WWE doesn’t want to have them in competition for the fans and hurting the other guys chances and popularity. Also, they needed a good “top guy” for Smackdown since Daniel Bryan is out of action at the moment and AJ Styles was moved to RAW. Having Roman on Smackdown gives them that “top guy” for the blue brand.

9.) Do you think AEW will reach, fall short of, or surpass TNA’s “peak” over the next few years?

I think it’s a whole different world from even just a few years ago and what AEW does or doesn’t do can’t really be compared to TNA and what they did. I hope they do well and find a solid spot as a top and successful wrestling company that gives the boys plenty of work and makes lots of money. It won’t be an easy ride as TNA proved many times, but so far, AEW seems to have a good business plan and are building the anticipation and doing it all right. I think they’ll do well.

10.) At this point do you think no matter who WWE puts in the Main Event at Mania that the fans are going to be half dead for it because they’re just too damn tired from how long the show is?

That’s a valid point because the show is too damn long, especially when the Kickoff show is figured into the equation and whoever is in that final, main event spot, is going to have a challenge on their hands in getting the fans into and keeping them in their match, but if the match is exciting and intriguing enough and the match turns out to be a great one, the fans will come back alive for it and be into it. It won’t always be easy, but if they wrestle, the fans will come. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. My thanks to Jay for the questions. Any thoughts, comments or questions, drop me a line and let me know what you think. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. I’ll see you at the matches.


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