5 Questions: James Dean, SNL, Movies & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions
James Dean, SNL, Movies & More
May 9, 2019

My buddy,Buddy sent me some questions and now, it’s time to provide the answers. It’s what we call “5 Questions” and it starts right now. Let’s do this…

What is your favorite James Dean movie?

There is no such thing as a bad James Dean movie, but trying to pick a definite favorite when he only had three major starring roles and motion pictures to his credit is rough. It’s like having a set of triplets and trying to pick a favorite or having a three-way and trying to decide which partner to focus the most attention on. I have all three movies (Giant, East of Eden & Rebel Without A Cause) on VHS and watch all three regularly. Giant is a great movie, but it’s too long and drags a bit in the middle. Watch the first 30 minutes or so and then fast forward to the last 45 and you get to see the best of it and of Mr. Dean. Rebel is a great movie too, but it makes me cry at the end. That was so wrong what happened to Plato. My favorite though is East of Eden. It’s a good story from start to finish and really cements Dean’s legacy and skills. It’s the overall best of the three and definitely my favorite James Dean movie.

What upcoming MCU movie are you most looking forward to next?

Spider Man: Homecoming is the next one scheduled to be released, but I’m actually looking ahead and want to see Dr. Strange II as soon as it’s out. The debuts of Clea and Brother Voodoo are what cinches it for me. Guardians of the Galaxy III is another I want to see or as a certain living tree would say, “I am Groot!”.

What movie is a guilty pleasure of yours?

Obviously all of the Kevin Smith movies are at the top of my lists and the movies of the 80’s like the Police Academy series and the Naked Gun movies as well. But so far as a guilty pleasure, a movie that I’ve watched many times, always enjoy, but may not be willing to break out when the friends, if I had any, are over, would be… Sesame Street’s “Follow That Bird”. Hey, it has Waylon so don’t judge me.

Favorite / funniest Saturday Night Live alumni?

Although SNL is rarely funny these days, there have been many a talented comic and actor on that stage and appearing over the past 40 plus years. It’s just like a potato chip. I betcha can’t pick just one. From the original days, Gilda Radner was incredible and so were Belushi and Ackroyd. During the mid-80’s era, you had Mike Myers, David Spade, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Dana Carvey and so many others. And now, you have… well, forget about now. The show sucks! So past cast and who is the funniest and my favorite? I’ll go with Eddie Murphy. Watch Eddie Murphy: RAW and you’ll understand.

If you could remake any movie as the writer, producer & director, but the only catch was that you could only use midgets, what movie would you make?

How about the biggest box-office smash ever, the recently released Avengers: Endgame. Imagine a mini-me Thanos and bite-sized versions of the Avengers, The Guardians and the rest of the MCU heroes in action. It would be awesome and totally kick ass. Well, just a little ass, but still…

And there you go. My thanks to Buddy for the questions. Any thoughts, comments or questions of your own, about anything, just drop me a line. And now, I am out of here. Until the next time, fake care and have a great one.


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