Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: The Rock, Matt Hardy, The Revival & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
The Rock, Matt Hardy, The Revival & More
May 9, 2019

Thanks to Jesse for these questions. And now, let’s give a few answers. Let’s do this…

Do you think that The Rock will ever wrestle another match in a WWE event?

The Rock is getting older and is busier than ever in Hollywood and the opportunities for a match are getting fewer and far between. While I do think that The Rock will always be a part of the WWE family and will make more appearances at Wrestlemania and the occasional RAW or Smackdown when there is a movie to promote, I honestly feel that we’ve seen our last match with some lucky soul going one on one with the great one. Too many risks of injury for Hollywood’s biggest star if he’s in actual match. A little whooping of a candy-ass or two would be okay, but no more matches. Oh well.

Does Matt Hardy have enough left in him for a run as a singles champion?

While I can see Matt winning a singles belt as a transitional champion for a few weeks here or there because the man can still go and is a damn good performer, I don’t think the body can handle a long run of long matches with a variety of opponents. Most likely, it will only be tag team gold, if any, left in Matt’s future.

Are you excited for AEW: Double or Nothing?

News broke officially today that AEW will have a show on TNT, the former home of WCW Monday Nitro and with that extra incentive being added, you have to know that Cody, the Young Bucks, Dustin and the others will take what will already be a top notch show and take it even bigger and better than ever. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Double or Nothing. It’s history in the making and should be one hell of an event.

Thoughts on Vince McMahon’s new “wild card rules”?

At first I thought Vince was losing his mind, but it’s since come out that Vince is allowing wrestlers to cross brands at will to please the powers that be at USA and Fox who are concerned about the falling ratings. It’s a compromise by Vince to keep the people with the money happy. I personally think that this new “wild card” crap totally negates the whole “brand split” and shows once again why the ratings are going down. It’s a bad idea and just confuses the fans that are still left for WWE. It doesn’t work.

Are The Revival being buried?

The WWE management sure seems to be trying to make The Revival look silly and like idiots, most likely as a response for the Revival daring to ask to be released from their contracts a few months ago, but thus far, it seems to be backfiring. The Revival is just running with it, taking it over the top and proving that not only are they great wrestlers, but can do comedy as well. If anything, this is increasing their value to outside companies.

Thoughts on the Viking Raiders?

1984 called and they want their gimmick back. This is a good team that did some good stuff in NXT, but now that they’re on the main roster, they’ll be standing next to Heavy Machinery and behind the Ascension in the buffet line backstage within six months.

What’s more important in getting over? Great promo skills and a great character or in-ring ability?

A great character with only basic wrestling abilities can be a top star, at least for a little while. Look at Sable. Look at Goldberg. But a person can have all the wrestling skills in the world, but will never be a top star if they can’t talk, cut promos and draw in fans. Look at Dean Malenko as a perfect example. He’s arguably one of the best in ring performers ever, but would you want to see him and Bob Backlund cut promos on each other? The best wrestlers might not be the greatest at one thing or the other, but instead blends both talking and action to achieve success. But if a person can only do one or the other, if I could only do one or the other, I’d rather be a great character like The Boogeyman for example than a great wrestler who never makes it, like George South or Joe Malenko.

Does Abdullah the Butcher belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Look at the entire body of his career, from the early 70’s to just a few years ago, headlining and being a major attraction all over the world, and I think the answer is a very obvious yes.

CM Punk has stated that he’s open to offers from AEW. Thoughts!

I think Punk is getting an itch and wants to maybe have one last run and well, if he still feels he can go and companies are willing to pay him obscene amounts of money, then why the hell not. I hope that an offer he likes is made, the contracts are signed and we see CM Punk back on our television and in a wrestling ring once again very soon doing what he does best. Pipe Bomb!

And there you go. My thanks for the questions. And if you have any questions, comments or thoughts, please let me know. Holler at me, my Peeps. Until the next time, take care and remember to support your local Indy wrestling companies. Did someone say CAGE? Hmmmmm… I’ll see you later.


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