5 Questions – Music: Concerts, Soundtracks & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions: Music
May 11, 2019

Questions about music and concerts, sent to me by Misty. Let’s get to singing the blues and answering stuff. Let’s do this.

What’s the best live concert you’ve ever attended?

Hank Jr. and Waylon was good and AC/DC & Cinderella was the loudest. The most adventures happened with KISS & Ted Nugent and I’ll never forget Operation Rock & Roll featuring Alice Cooper. But even with all of those in mind, the best live concert ever for me was Reba in Charlotte, NC. John Michael Montgomery and Linda Davis were also part of the bill, but Reba put on a great show from start to finish. It was amazing.

3 performers you haven’t seen live, but want to?

Right now, it would be Shooter Jennings, especially if his Mama, Jessi Colter, is on the bill, Guns & Roses and The Rolling Stones. Dolly Parton too, but I was only asked for three.

Favorite song of the moment?

“My Little Man” by Yelawolf and Struggle Jennings and the Jennings family song of “Ace In The Hole” featuring Struggle, Grandma Jessi Colter, his Mom and his daughter. It’s an amazing track.

Best soundtrack album?

Do I go with The Commitments soundtrack, the music from Hairspray, the soundtrack from Rent or maybe even the music from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All are good and amazing listens. But which one takes the title of the very best? I have to go with the original soundtrack from Jesus Christ Superstar. If you haven’t listened to it, you should. It is that damn good.

Name an album you’ve listened to at least a hundred times.

The soundtrack ferom Jesus Christ Superstar immediately comes to mind. Wanted: The Outlaws featuring Waylon, Willie, Tompall Glaser and Jessi Colter also comes to mind. Alice Cooper’s “The Last Temptation” and “From The Inside” are also among my diehard favorites.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, just drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. See you later.


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