Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Paige, Kofi, Oewens & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Paige, Kofi, Owens & More
May 15, 2019
Welcome once again to the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. The incomparable Jay from CT sent me many questions a few days ago and I just haven’t had the time to get to them until now. Better late than never, right? Thank you Jay. And now, let’s do this…

1.) Did WWE ruin the chance to have Styles vs. Rollins to be special by rushing it at MITB or will the match be so good it will still get praised?

I think a lot of what WWE does is rushing things instead of giving it a chance to grow and build and that’s exactly what they’re doing here. Styles and Seth could and should be headlining a major event and not just a secondary PPV, but WWE is all about the here and now and not into building the anticipation and working towards the payoff of what could be a classic match and rivalry. It’s like straight to sex with no foreplay. The same result in the end, but not nearly as satisfying or enjoyable. Styles and Rollins should be a fantastic match and once MITB is history, we’ll probably see dozens of rematches as WWE runs it into the ground. But it could be so much more if only given a chance, something WWE just doesn’t seem to want to do.

2.) Turning Owens heel after 2 weeks…please explain?

I don’t get it either. Owens himself has said that he’d rather have stayed a face a while longer and show a different side of Kevin Owens that the fans haven’t been able to see in WWE very much of. That would have made the turn on Kofi, when it did happen, even more meaningful and ruthless and wrong, but happening so quickly, it’s like, “he turned again… yawns!”.

3.) Bray Wyatt…can this Pee-Wee’s Playhouse promo please not turn out to be legit and real?

It’s legit and real and obviously a way to allow Bray back on TV with a more evil and wicked character than ever before. It’s all just a means to an end, but zowie wowie, what a way to do it.

4.) Has there been any word on Paige ever having a chance to wrestle again?

I haven’t heard anything new. Obviously, if Paige wanted to leave WWE and go work the Indys, she could still wrestle, but would risk permanent injury by taking bumps and competing in that ring again. WWE won’t allow her to take bumps and wrestle and she’s not able to pass their physicals so as long as she’s part of WWE, she won’t be actively wrestling.

5.) Do you like the fact Kofi kept the New Day song to come out to or would you have preferred if he had his own entrance for his single(s) title defenses?

I like it that he kept the New Day song. It’s a part of his character and represents him as being a team player who won’t forget the people in his life who were with him for the ride to the top. And he’s still a member of the New Day so just keep using the music. If he ever breaks from the team and goes fully solo, then change it, but until then, don’t worry about it.

6.) I like the IIconics characters (they aren’t the best wrestlers) but if you’re going to give them the titles why not let them win some matches?

WWE has a bad habit out of having their champs lose non-title events regularly. They’re doing it with the IIcomics and with Ryder & Hawkins and did it with The Revival too. It’s a crazy style of booking that makes their champions look week and like they’re just hanging on. I wish they would let their champs, like the IIconics, have some strong wins and build that title to mean something. The way it’s been booked so far, creating a tag title for the women has just been a waste of time and money.

7.) Will Lars Sullivan get a stronger push than Strowman in the long run or not?

Since all the revelations about his past and his racist and homophobic comments have been revealed, I would say no. WWE has already announced that they’ve “fined him” $100,000 and he will be doing mandatory sensitivity training. That leaves me wondering how can a company fine someone for something they said or did 10 years ago before they even worked for the company? If the fine is legit and he ever decided to leave the company, he’d have a great lawsuit against WWE ready to go with that move. But bottom line in regards to your question is that Sullivan is already having issues and I think he’ll be buried sooner rather than later. Strowman has the better future with WWE or so it seems right now.

8.) When Smackdown moves in October is it going to be 2 hours or 3 hours? And if it’s 3 hours…I don’t even want to watch it already.

They announced a couple of days ago at the Fox rollout that it’ll be two hours long. And I agree. Three would be way too much.

9.) Zelina or Mandy?

My personal favorite of the two would be Zelina.

10.) Are you surprised Vince didn’t ask Taker to appear at Mania?

I was surprised at first, but with the announcement of Taker facing Goldberg at the Saudi show in June, I realized that Vince decided to just save Taker for this event instead. With sixteen matches taking place at Wrestlemania, Vince didn’t need to feature a match with Undertaker. With the Saudi show, it’s just as much money being talked about and some of the bigger names in WWE (Cena, Bryan) may not be working. Better to wait and play that ace in the hole, Taker, when he’s most needed for the company rather than just throw him out there as part of the crowd at Mania.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and thank you again to Jay for the questions. Any thoughts, comments or questions of your own, drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. I’ll see you at the matches.


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