Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Women’s Movement, Silver King & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Women’s Movement, Silver King & More
May 17, 2019

Welcome to another edition of the very Ultimate wrestling Q&A. The questions are courtesy of Lauren. And the answers, they’re all me. Let’s do this…

Allegedly, Vince McMahon has given up on and has no interest in Luke Harper, yet still won’t release him from his contract. Thoughts?

It’s Vince being Vince and I think that he realizes that the fans see something in Harper and that AEW could easily do something with Harper if given the chance, even if Vince isn’t seeing it or feeling it. He doesn’t want to push Harper and yet like a spoiled brat, doesn’t want anyone else to have a crack either. He should just either let Harper go and eat the loss or else let HHH or someone on creative who he trusts, like Bruce Pritchard, have a crack at writing something for and pushing Harper as either a singles or maybe back with Bray Wyatt and use him while they have him. Right now, WWE is just paying Harper to sit at home and nobody wins. It’s a sad situation.

Is the strong push for the Women’s Movement to blame for the sinking WWE ratings?

I don’t think so. While the loss of Ronda Rousey and the strange de-push of Asuka may have something to do with the falling ratings, it’s not the push of the women that’s causing fans to leave the WWE. It’s inconsistent stories, bad writing, too much McMahon and talented teams with a following either getting ignored (Anderson & Gallows) or made to look like idiots (The Revival). WWE needs to revamp and give their creative a total overhaul and change of direction or it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And it’s not the ladies that are to blame. It’s Vince McMahon… period!

Are you excited for the Money In The Bank PPV?

Not really, but these have been busy times over the past few weeks and the WWE’s latest PPV offering has been one of the last things on my mind. It’s a stacked card though and I’m sure it’ll be off the charts. I’ll do my predictions later tonight or tomorrow and that will most likely help amp up my excitement level.

Thoughts about the passing of Silver King this past weekend?

A very sad moment for fans of Lucha wrestling and of WCW. I remember Silver King from the old days of Nitro, always wearing a cowboy hat and sticking his tongue out as he came to the ring. He didn’t win all that often, but the matches were always good and exciting and fun to watch. Right before I started writing this, I read of the passing of former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro and that, coming just days after Silver King passed, this is a sad week for pro wrestling. RIP Silver King. You were always one of the good ones.

Undertaker versus Goldberg in Saudi Arabia. Thoughts?

As usual, WWE is pulling out all the stops for their annual trip to Saudi Arabia and now we know why Undertaker wasn’t used at Wrestlemania. WWE and Vince was saving him for this match. There aren’t many dream matches left in pro wrestling, but this would count as one of them. I don’t think it will be long or pretty, but it should be a spectacle and event. I’m looking forward to seeing Goldberg tell Taker he’s “next”.

John Cena says WWE doesn’t need him anymore. Is he correct?

Cena has evolved to Rock status in that if he’s available and wants to do some wrestling stuff, he’ll always have a spot available in the WWE and will always be a part of the WWE family. That being said, if Cena isn’t available or has other things to do, so be it. WWE has other stars and doesn’t need him nor will he really be missed. Cena has moved on and so has WWE and while they’ll most likely always be part of each other’s lives, neither is a must-have for the other anymore.

Should medical personal be required at all live wrestling events?

As this past weekend with Silver King proved and as is proven every weekend in arenas and Armory’s across the country, wrestling is a dangerous and very physical and tough business. People get hurt, sometimes seriously. I think that medical personal, be it a doctor, an EMT or someone should be required to be at every event, from the first match to the end. Maybe it’s not always practical for the promoters, but when it comes to the safety and well being of the men and women in that ring, it’s absolutely necessary. No exceptions or excuses. It needs to be a part of every wrestling show and event.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and any questions are welcome. Until the next time, take care and I’ll see you later.


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