5 Questions: Gay Agenda, Deadly Sins & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions
Gay Agenda, Deadly Sins & More
June 5, 2019

You have questions and I have the answers. My friend, Morgan, sent me these gems and now, it’s time to spill it and give a reply, five at a time. Let’s do this…

X-Men: Dark Phoenix producers have said that this movie will be their “Endgame”. Thoughts on those comments?

It’s the last X-Men movie for Fox before all the characters transfer ownership to Disney and join the MCU. It’s probably the first really big X-Men story from the comics and they’re giving it everything they’ve got and ending the franchise with a bang. It’s the movie equivalent of Flair versus Sting on the last WCW Nitro. Going out with a bang! ‘Nuff said!

What is the “Gay agenda”?

Well, June is considered “Gay Pride” month so this is the perfect time to answer this question. What is the gay agenda? Well, for me, it’s try to be happy, work to pay my bills and meet my responsibilities, trying to be the best person I can be. And checking out the sexy booty on the men that just happen to cross my path. And there you go.

What do you consider a night on the town?

Chilling with my friends, grabbing a pizza or something like that, cutting the fool, going home to a quiet house and after a long and hot shower, listening to music and going to bed. Or meeting a hot guy on Grindr and getting some booty. Either works for me.

Which of the “Seven Deadly Sins” are you most guilty of?

Definitely the lust one cause there be some good looking guys around this town and now that hot weather is kicking in, the shorts and muscle-t’s are coming out. Show me that nipple boy! Yum!

If you had to go live with a TV family for a year, what family from what show would it be?

The family from Roseanne / The Conners would be the most realistic and I’d fit right in, but I think living with the Addams Family would be pretty cool too. Just so long as it ain’t the Flintstones, I’m good. Bedrock just seems like it’d be a boring ass place to live.

And there you go. My thanks again to Morgan for the questions. They were quick and fun, just like this guy I met the other night on Grindr. That’s a story for another day though. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, please feel free to drop me a line and give me a shout. Until the next time, take care and I’ll see you later.


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