ROH Best In The World 2019 – Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
ROH Best In The World 2019
Thoughts & Predictions
June 27, 2019

Coming up tomorrow, live on PPV from Baltimore, Maryland, is Ring Of Honor and their 2019 Best In The World event. The show will be carried on all traditional PPV carriers as well asFITE TV and for subscribers of ROH Honorclub. And with an event of this nature taking place, that means it’s time to break out the Sister Cleo robes and the crystal ball. Yeppers, it’s a “Shades of Whoopi Goldberg from the movie ‘Ghost’ moment” as we try and figure out who wins, who loses and who let the dogs out. So let’s get ready and do this, shall we? And away we go…

ROH Champion Matt Taven vs. Jeff Cobb.

With these two men in the main event, this should be as good as or better than anything AEW or WWE has presented as of late. Taven and Cobb are both amazing wrestlers with a tremendous amount of ability to entertain and tell a story in that ring. Taven has been a great champion for ROH and it’s hard to imagine him losing that title anytime soon, but Cobb has really looked great as of late too and my gut is telling me that it’s probably his time to take that top spot and make his mark on the ROH brand. It’ll be a fight for the ages, but in the end, we’re looking at a new champion.

Winner and NEW ROH Champion: Jeff Cobb

ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor vs. Bandido.

Another potentially great match, but with two guys I’m not nearly as informed about and don’t know too him well apart from a few matches on YouTube. Taylor is the current champ and I don’t see him losing at this time. Again, going with the gut instincts and I’ll say no title change here. Look for near falls and close calls, but in the end, Taylor wins and retains his TV title.

Winnerand STILL ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor

Silas Young vs. Jonathan Gresham: Pure Rules Match.

What exactly is a “Pure Rules” match? Does it involve the sacrifice of a virgin or something of that nature? Good luck with finding one of those in Baltimore. Young is a damn good wrestler and everything I’ve seen of this man has impressed me time and time again. Gresham, I’m not too aware of and only know what I’ve read on the sites, but I’m sure he’s a damn good performer or else he wouldn’t be part of ROH to begin with. I’ll just call it for Young. No real reason, but that’s what the gut says so…

Winner: Silas Young

Rush vs. Flip Gordon.

Rush is the name of a drug that people used to do back in my younger days. I’ve always been told to just say no to drugs and thus, I say no to Rush. I like people that are flip-floppy and I’ve at least heard of Flip Gordon so he gets the nod here.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Dalton Castle vs. Dragon Lee.

Why Castle is not the ROH Champion, I have no freakin’ idea. The man is ratings gold and magic in that ring. I love the character. Dragon Lee is impressive as well and this should be arguably the Match of the Night for this event. Castle is the popular heel if I recall right and a win or loss won’t hurt him all that badly regardless of what the result is. I think it’s time for Castle to take that trip to the pay window and collect the lion’s share of the evening’s purse.

Winner: Dalton Castle

WOH Champion Kelly Klein & Jenny Rose vs. The Allure’s Angelina Love & Mandy Leon.

No questions here. If Angelina Love, formerly of the “Beautiful People” is wrestling, her team will win. Bank on it.

Winners: The Allure (Angelina Love & Mandy Leon)

ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions Villain Enterprises vs. Lifeblood’s Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams & PJ Black

Villain Enterprises is one hell of a team and I hate to pull against them, but Mark Haskins is an amazing talent and PJ Black, I’ve been a fan of his since the days of The Nexus in WWE where he was better known as Justin Gabriel. Tracy Williams, I don’t know much about, but if Black and Hoskins are teaming with him, he’s got to be good. Is the six-man tag title on the line here? I’ll assume it is and call it now.

Winners and NEW ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions: Mark Haskins, Tracy Williams and PJ Black

NWA Champion Nick Aldis & TBA vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe.

Aldis’s original partner, Colt Cabana, had to pull out of this match due to injuries so the current NWA World Champion had to find a new partner, who has yet to be announced as he takes on the famed Briscoe Brothers. Regardless of whoever Aldis picks, I’m sure that this will be a ball-busting slobber-knocker of a match and there will be fists and sweat and maybe even some color dominating the picture. It’s going to be a fight for the ages. And though it’s hard to imagine the NWA World Champion not being on the winning team, I think the new partner will be the scapegoat and probably a future challenger for Aldis’s title. So the men standing tall at the end, I have to pull for Jay and Mark.

Winners: The Briscoe Brothers

And there you go. My thoughts and predictions. Check this event out if you get the chance because it looks as if it will be one hell of a show and top notch from bell to bell. What are your predictions and thoughts? Comment and let me know. And with that, I’m out of here. Thanks for reading. Until the next time, take care and have a great one.


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