Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Becky 2-Belts, Bray Wyatt, Sami Zayn & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Werestling Q&A
Becky 2-Belts, Bray Wyatt, Sami Zayn & More
June 28, 2019

It’s time to do a final Wrestling Q&A for the day and then, guess what? I’ll finally be caught up on the old questions and ready to move on to the new. These come from the ever-so-awesome Jay in CT. Let’s do this…
1.) Was HBK or Angle’s “return” to WWE in-ring the last year or 2 more disappointing?

In my opinion, I’ll say Angle’s was the more full of regret and sorrow. He wrestled, but it was so obvious that he wasn’t what he once was and was just a shadow of himself. He had plenty of matches, but they were sad to watch and it was actually a relief when Angle wrestled his last match against Corbin at Wrestlemania. HBK only came back for one match, looked decent out there in tag action against Kane and The Undertaker and then quickly slid back into retirement. There wasn’t much time to get reinvested in the character and when he performed, he showed that he still could go if needed, unlike Kurt.

2.) And of the 2 who would you say had a better overall career in wrestling?

I can’t really compare the two men so far as their overall careers go. Both exceeded anything that most would expect and became icons and legends along the way. To say anything different would be disrespectful to both Hall of Fame legends.

3.) Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

For me personally, it’s Orange Sherbert, followed by vanilla.

4.) Are you surprised they didn’t carry the “Becky 2-belts” a little longer than they did?

It was a nice little schtick for Becky, but having her holding both titles wasn’t really fair to the other women on the roster and was losing it’s appeal rather quickly. She made history at Wrestlemania and got a great bragging point that she can use for the rest of her career. It was time though to keep the story moving and that meant dropping one of the titles.

5.) Did Ric Flair stop appearing with Charlotte because he was overshadowing her a couple of years ago?

Part of it may have been about Ric overshadowing her when he was around, but the other part is Charlotte is her own woman and her character didn’t need Ric standing in her corner for her matches. It would actually hold the character back in my opinion and Charlotte was better to be allowed to grow and evolve on her own.

6.) Do you like the odd start time (i.e. 2PM Friday) when WWE does ppvs outside of the USA or do you still prefer traditional Sunday evenings?

I definitely prefer the Sunday evenings. Friday afternoon, I’m at work and thus miss most fo the early-start PPV’s and then I have to avoid the internet if I don’t want spoilers to ruin the show for me. Sunday though, I can watch it all as it happens live.

7.) Does WWE still sell ppvs at a $40 price for those who don’t have the network and if so, does anyone actually buy them?

There is still an audience that buys the traditional PPV and yes, WWE does still sell them. Why anyone would spend that kind of money and not just invest $10 for the Network, I have no idea. It’s crazy.

8.) If WWE didn’t have the network today how many buys do you think they would get for $40-50 a show? I know they used to get I believe 200K no matter what but do you think even the hardcore fans would have stopped buying by now for that steep price?

I think they would still be selling enough PPV’s to make money and they’d probably be of much better quality if the WWE had to depend upon PPV buys to pay the bills. But with the Network and also most of the money now coming from TV rights, the shows are not as important. As far as actual numbers goes though, I have no idea.

9.) Is Bray Wyatt ever going to actually wrestle again and if so is WWE just going to treat him like a mid-carder at best?

Eventually, we’ll see Bray back in action in the ring. How the fans will react and how the WWE will use and treat him, that remains to be seen though.

10.) Could you see Zayn ever winning a top WWE title?

I can easily see Zayn as the U.S. or Intercontinental Champion at some point, but so far as WWE or Universal Champion, I just don’t really see that ever happening unless some major changes to the character are made.

And that’s all for me for now. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, give me a shout. Until the next time, take care and I’ll see you at the matches.


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