Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Bischoff & Heyman, Territories, Dewey Robertson & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Bischoff & Heyman, Territories & More
June 27, 2019

My buddy, Jesse, sent me a few questions. Most were sent a few days ago, but the first one came with the breaking news from WWE this morning and was waiting for me when I came home this evening. Let’s get busy and do this…

Thoughts on the appointments of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman as Executive Directors for RAW and Smackdown Live in WWE?

From what I understand, these appointments are real and not story-line and will have Heyman and Bischoff in a position of power over each show, answerable only to Vince himself, much like HHH is with the NXT brand. And my thoughts? It’s a great move by WWE to fix something that has needed twerking and repair for a long time now. Heyman has a style and mind for the business like few others and Eric, while not the creative force that Heyman is, knows about TV production and running a good wrestling product as well. These two men have proven track records of success on a major scale and it’s time to see that, with the proper restraints in place (Vince, HHH and the Board of Directors) if lightning can strike twice. I think this is an excellent move and a definite shake-up of things for the better. Glad to see this happening.

Why did the NWA give Tommy Rich a run with the NWA World Championship?

Because Tommy Rich was a top star in the Georgia area and the promoter, Jim Barnett, realized that if he could promote Rich as a former World Champion, it would increase his value and stock for the company and territory. Barnett had the pull to ask for then-champion Harley Race to drop the title to Rich and Race complied, regaining the belt four days later. Race left the area as champ. Rich was a made man and his stock rose considerably. Everyone wins.

Thoughts on Dewey Robertson?

Dewey, from what I remember when I watched him wrestle here in Carolina, was a talented wrestler and great performer, but was extremely bland and boring. A few years later, he shaved off most of his hair, painted his face green and became a character called “The Missing Link” and became a star. And the rest was, as they say, history.

Should the Seth Rollins / Becky Lynch be used as part of WWE stories?

If they’re cool with it and it can be used in a productive way that makes sense, as it is with the current rivalry with Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans, then why not. Go for it WWE.

Should the WWE bring back Tough Enough?

They have the performance center to use as a training facility and more than enough top talents in Orlando and on the roster that could make great trainers and judges for a show like Tough Enough. It was a good ratings draw and made money, from what I understand, for the WWE so I would say why the heck not?

Thoughts on WWE Stomping Grounds?

It was an okay show. There were some good matches, as is to be expected in any WWE event and it didn’t suck, but at the same time, didn’t really stand out as anything extra special. It was just another show.

Could a territorial system work for professional wrestling today?

I would love to see WWE brand with smaller companies and territories in the different parts of the country and have a type of territory system, kind of like a farm system, for professional wrestling. Imagine five or six territories, covering the US , with local and new talent and two or three WWE superstars headlining the events. The experience and different styles a person could learn would be amazing. Work in Memphis under Jeff Jarrett. Go to Kentucky and work for Jim Cornette. Go to Texas and Booker T’s the boss. In Canada, work for the Harts or Lance Storm. Go to Puerto Rico and work for the Colons. But every territory would be backed by WWE and the WWE would help with financial and logistical support, providing talent and agents. Then after a run in the new territories, learning and soaking up every bit of experience they can, then a talent could advance to NXT and the Performance Center. And from there, it’s the main roster. The territories are the farm / junior teams. NXT is the minor league. And the WWE is the major leagues. It could be done and would be a great way to really build and improve upon the product.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments or any questions, please drop me a line and give me a shout. And now, I’m down and gone. Have a great one and take care of yourself. See you later and stay safe. See you at the matches.


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